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Love Troubles
by Adam Pearlman

Scott awoke to find himself in a room with no entrance of exit. Prowling around the teen looked for an exit and soon realised that there was none and he began to panic and then he heard the noise. Looking up he saw a hole appear in the roof and a hand appeared and began to pull away more of the roof. For a second as the hand reached towards him the light blinded Scott making it difficult for him to see if this was an enemy or friend and he slipped into a defensive stance and then the light faded and Scott saw the face of friend and fellow Ranger.

Scott: Kat.

Kat: You were maybe expecting Lord Zedd.

Scott: Well, the light was blinding me and I couldn't see anything so I didn't know it was you.

Kat: Give me you hand and you can get out of here.

Reaching out Scott grasped the offered hand and climbed out of the hole. Standing up Scott brushed himself down and gave a smile to his rescuer.

Scott: Thanks Kat.

Kat looked at him and gave him a smile that disturbed Scott more than usual and then the next thing that happened surprised him even more when she kissed him.

Kat: I was so worried about you.

Scott leaned forward and was about to kiss her when he heard a beeping sound and touching his communicator he heard the sounds of music. Opening his eyes Scott looked around and with a quick flick of his wrist he switched off the radio. Sighing the teen got up and walked to the Bathroom and took a quick shower. Slowly dressing Scott looked in the mirror and shook his head continuing to wonder why he was having the same dream over and over.

Walking into the kitchen Scott heard a sudden noise which startled him and he looked around for the source of the noise and saw it was his cousin Kim.

Kim: Morning Scott did you sleep well?

Scott: Err, fine Kim.

Kim: Scott what is the matter?

Scott: Nothing is the matter I'm fine.

Kim: If everything is fine why have you been so distracted lately?

Scott: Have I, hadn't noticed. Look I'm going to be late for College if I don't eat breakfast.

Kim started to speak and then thought better about it and returned to her breakfast. Scott shook his head in relief and made his breakfast. Thirty minutes later he was on his way to College and he decided he was going to avoid Kat. Stepping into the main hallway of the College Scott was greeted by friends and then he saw her and immediately started to reverse his direction when she called out.

Kat: Hey Scott.

Fixing a smile on his face Scott turned around and walked towards her.

Scott: Morning Kat.

Kat: Are you avoiding me?

Scott: Wh..What makes you say that?

Kat: Well, that you were about to disappear the nearest exit when you saw me.

Scott: I didn't see you and I'm looking for Adam.

As Scott looked around for some kind of escape a look crossed Kat's face that she was clearly very puzzled by Scott's recent behaviour.

Kat: Scott what's wrong you've been acting weird around all of us for days.

Scott: As I said to Kim this morning nothing is the matter and I wish you wouldn't pry into matters that don't concern you.

Kat: Well, excuse me for being concerned.

Kat immediately turned and headed towards the classroom leaving Scott regretting his words. Scott started to make his way to go and apologise when he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see two of his team-mates Tanya Sloan and his best friend Adam.

Tanya: What was that all about?

Scott: Nothing really she was just concerned about me and I snapped at her when I really shouldn't have. I'll apologise later.

Adam: That's not the first time you've snapped at her or any of us. What is wrong with you and don't tell me to butt out because I won't.

Tanya put her hand on Scott's shoulder and smiled.

Tanya: Adam speaks for me as well, whatever the problem is we can help if you tell us.

Scott gave a crooked smile.

Scott: Somehow I don't think you can help me with this problem. Look come round after College just you two and I'll try and explain.

Tanya: Okay well I've got to go to class I'll see you later Adam.

Giving her boyfriend a kiss the Yellow Ranger turned and entered the classroom that Kat had earlier entered.

Scott: Seeing things are going okay for you and Tanya.

Adam: Thanks to you. If you hadn't bullied me into asking her out.

Scott: You would still be moaning about whether she likes you or not and it was friendly persuasion not bullying.

Adam laughed.

Adam: Come on we don't want to be late for classes.

The two friends turned and headed for their classroom. Soon lunch time came and Scott walked into the cafeteria when he saw Tommy and Kat already there holding hands and he started to look for another table when Tommy waved him over. Sighing Scott walked over and joined them.

Tommy: Hey Scott how's it going?

Scott: For the last time nothing is the matter.

As he said that the people who were in earshot looked at him strangely.

Tommy: I was only asking how psychology is going I know you dislike it.

Scott: Oh, sorry and before I forgot Kat I'm sorry for snapping at you this morning.

Kat: It's already forgotten.

Scott: Yeah well you were just being concerned about me I shouldn't of snapped.

Kat: So do you want to talk about what is bothering you?

Scott: So where is everyone?

Tommy looked a little surprised at the change of subject but he then answered.

Tommy: Kim has gone to use the gym before afternoon classes, Adam and Tanya are in the study hall.

Scott looked at his lunch and with a disgusted look put it away.

Scott: Man I don't why I made these sandwiches. Look I've got some studying to do so I think I will join Adam and Tanya.

Scott got up and without another word took off. Tommy looked across at Kat.

Tommy: There is something really wrong with him at the moment.

Kat didn't respond she was to busy staring at the back of the rapidly disappearing Scott and Tommy once again wondering what was also going on in the head of his girlfriend.

Later that same day Scott met up with Adam and Tanya and the three walked back to Scott's home. Opening the door Scott found that Kim was also there.

Kim: Hey guys what's up?

Tanya: We're about to find out what's bothering Scott.

Kim: How did you manage that I've been trying for days.

Adam: He volunteered to tell us.

Scott: Well you are all probably wondering why I called you here.

Kim: Scott cut to the chase.

Scott: Okay just promise me that what I am about to tell you will not leave this house.

The three looked surprise but nodded.

Tanya: Okay Scott what is it?

Scott: I guess there is only one way to say this.

Adam: Say what?

Scott: I think I'm falling for Kat.

The shocked silence that followed soon turned to laughs and Scott looked baffled.

Scott: Did I say something funny?

Adam: No it's not that Scott it's just we've known you liked Kat for a while.

Scott: How did you know?

Tanya: Well, let's face it Scott the way you look at Kat and act around her you would have to be pretty blind not to notice.

Scott: You mean Tommy knows I like his girlfriend.

Adam: Well, he isn't really that sure but he did say he thought you seemed very interested in her.

Scott: Oh god this is such a mess.

Kim: Yes, it is. So what are you going to do about it?

Scott: The only thing I can do avoid Kat totally that way I won't have to face or see her.

Tanya: That's not going to help Scott.

Scott: Look Tanya I've never been in this situation I don't know what to do?

Up on the moon Rita Repulsa watched all of this with glee.

Rita: Zeddy this is perfect our former Dark Ranger has fallen for little Katherine.

Zedd: So?

Rita: We can use this to split the Rangers apart.

Zedd: Yes, we shall maintain our surveillance of the Rangers and then we shall destroy them all.

Later that evening Tommy was walking Kat home from their date when he noticed she was very distracted and once again he knew what she was thinking about.

Tommy: Kat we need to talk.

Kat: I guess we do. What's on your mind?

Tommy: Well, this is the first time in two weeks you have agreed to go out with me, now I think I deserve some explanation as to why you are giving me the cold shoulder.

Kat: First I want you to know I never meant to hurt you, but I think I'm in love with someone else.

Tommy: I already know.

Kat: Y... You do!!!

Tommy: Yes, I've seen how you look at Scott. The only time I've seen that look is the way Kim used to look at me.

Kat: I hope we can still be friends.

Tommy looked away and then looked back at Kat.

Tommy: I don't know Kat after all we've been through I can't suddenly switch off my feelings for you and forget I ever had them, maybe in time I'll accept that you dumped me for one of my friends.

By now Kat was beginning to cry and then without another word she turned and went into her house and straight to her room. Tommy shook his head and made his way home unaware that the events transpiring now were the source of great delight for Alien eyes.

Rito: Oh this is better than a soap opera.

Goldar: Will you put a cork we have to tell Zedd and Rita about this development.

Rito: Oh all right you big lug. Hey Sis, Ed we got some news for you.

The Emperor of Evil entered the room along with his wife Rita and sitting on his throne Zedd turned to Rito.

Zedd: So what is your news Rito and don't call me Ed.

Rito: Sorry Ed!!!

Rita: Get on with it Rito.

Rito: Oh well Tommy and Katherine have split up because the Pink Ranger is in love with Scott and boy is Tommy angry at his friend.

Zedd: Yes, this is perfect the Red Ranger is now angry at his friend, but knowing Tommy he will not do anything about it.

Rita: Let me guess we're going to persuade him to take revenge on the one who stole his girl.

Zedd: Better than that Rita we shall place a spell on Tommy making him believe that Scott Crane is still working for us and he is weaving a magic spell upon Katherine that is meant to destroy him, when in fact there is no spell and they will destroy each other and there powers.

Rita: Yes, by this time tomorrow the world will be ours.

(Editor's note: Yeah Right!!)

Zedd: I shall wait until Tommy is asleep and then I shall cast the spell that will destroy the Power Rangers forever and there is nothing that Zordon can do about it.

Zedd and Rita began to laugh at that thought of the Rangers destruction. The following morning, after another restless night, Scott Crane awoke to find he was slightly late for school. Scott immediately dressed and raced into College several minutes after the bell had gone. Entering the classroom the teacher gave him a disapproving look as he entered and took his seat next to Adam.

Adam: You're late.

Scott: Really I thought I was early for tomorrow.

The teacher again looked at them and the two shut up and went on with their studies. After the lesson Scott and Adam walked out of the room to see Tommy at his locker with a very unhappy look on his face. Scott turned to walk over to him when Adam put his hand on Scott's shoulder.

Scott: What!!!

Adam: Tommy and Kat split up last night and Tommy is not happy at all.

Scott: Let me guess, if I go over there it would be like throwing a lit match into a room filled with gas.

Adam: That's a mild way to put it. If I were you I would add Tommy to your list of people to avoid.

Scott: Adam you're not funny.

Adam: I'm very serious Scott, Tommy is very angry with you.

Scott: What have I done?

Adam: Would you like a list or just the main point.

Scott: Give me the list.

Adam: Well, there is the fact that you've tried to kill him twice...

Scott: That wasn't my fault.

Adam: And finally you are in love with his girlfriend.

Scott: Oh that!!!

Adam: Don't look now but here comes Kat.

Kat: Hey Adam, Scott.

The two turned to greet the Pink Ranger.

Adam: Hi Kat, we heard about you and Tommy and we're really sorry.

Kat: Yeah well I think it was going to happen anyway.

Scott: Well, I'm really sorry.

Even as he said the words part of Scott knew he didn't really mean them and he felt deeply ashamed and decided to leave as soon as possible.

Scott: Well, I have to go and see the Lecturer about my psychology report so I am out of here.

Kat: Do you get the feeling he just said that to get out of here.

Adam: No, he does have to go and see his Teacher.

Kat looked at him and Adam felt awful that he was lying to her.

Adam: Well, look at the time I've got to go, bye.

Adam turned and without another word made a discreet exit leaving Kat stood in the middle of the hallway feeling very irritated at several of her friends. Later that same day she and Tanya were making there way to the Youth Centre to join Kimberly and Billy when she saw Scott also walking into the Youth Centre, calling out the Silver Ranger stopped at the sound of her voice.

Kat: Scott I want to talk to you in private.

Tanya nodded and as she walked towards Scott she made a signal that said he was in trouble.

Scott: So what's up Kat?

Kat: That was going to be my question to you. Now I want to know what is going on, why are you avoiding me?

Scott: I'm not avoiding you.

Kat: Well, why is it every time I appear somewhere you seem to always take off.

Scott: I've just got a lot of things on my mind Kat, it's nothing to do with you really.

Kat seemed to look at him as if she was staring into his heart to see if he was telling the truth and Scott maintained a the total picture of innocence.

Kat: Okay, I believe you, just stopping avoiding me.

Scott nodded and followed Kat into the Youth Centre all the while wishing he didn't have to lie to Kat. Walking into the Youth Centre he saw that Kat had joined Billy and Kim and Adam was waiting for him so they could start their workout.

Adam: Hey I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you?

Scott: Kat stopped me.

Adam: Oh!!!

Scott: Oh is right but I managed to stop her suspicion about why I'm avoiding her...

Tommy: Why bother we all know why your avoiding her.

Scott: Tommy I'm really sorry about you and Kat breaking up.

Tommy: Yeah right as if you're sorry I know how you feel about her.

Scott: I don't know what you mean.

Tommy swivelled on his heel and then suddenly he turned back and shoved Scott backwards. Surprised Adam didn't notice some kind of energy pass from Tommy's hands and into Scott and then Scott's eyes glow.

Scott: So that's the way you want to play this Tommy.

Tommy nodded and dropped in a martial arts stance which Scott also did.

Adam: Guys what are you doing?

Tommy: Get out of the way Adam I'm going to teach this guy a lesson.

Scott: Come on then if you dare.

By now the whole of the Youth Centre's attention was on the confrontation between Scott and Tommy and the other Rangers had made their way down to alongside Adam.

Kim: What are you two playing at?

Tommy: Stay out of this Kim, this is between me and Scott. I'm going to kick your butt back to Seattle.

Scott: As if you could.

Tommy: I can and I will.

Scott: I've taken you down before and if I have to do it again to make you see sense then I will.

Kat: Tommy, Scott please stop fighting.

Tommy: Take his side why don't you. Well, I'm out of here but this isn't over traitor.

With that the Tommy turned and stormed out of the Youth Centre leaving the baffled Rangers to wonder what was going on.

Tanya: Scott what is going on?

Scott: I wish I knew for a second I felt like I wanted to kill Tommy, but now I don't.

Billy: A spell.

The Rangers turned to look at the Gold Ranger.

Billy: A spell, he must be under a spell and somehow he transferred some of it to Scott.

Justin: We should get to the Power Chamber and talk to Zordon.

The seven teens quickly left the Youth Centre and found a deserted area and teleported to the Power Chamber. On the moon Zedd and Rita watched in delight over the first confrontation between The Red and Silver Rangers.

Zedd: Yes, this is going perfect and an added bonus is Scott Crane is somehow being affected by the spell.

Rita: How?

Zedd: I do not know, but it does not matter as soon as the two Rangers destroy each other our new and improved Hate Master will destroy the rest of the Rangers with ease.

At the Power Chamber the seven arrived to find Alpha at one of the consoles.

Alpha: Hello Rangers is this a surprise visit.

Billy: I'm afraid not, we have a problem.

Alpha: Oh Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Is the Machine Empire up to something.

Justin: Not that we know of but they maybe responsible for what is happening to Tommy.

Zordon: What has happened to Tommy?

Kim: We think he is under a spell.

Alpha: How can you tell?

Adam: Well, he has been acting weird all day.

Zordon: Weird in what way.

Kat: That is my fault Zordon. You see we broke up last night and although he seemed hurt, he now seems to have lost control and he attacked Scott.

Scott: Yeah well I was ready to give as good as I got. After he shoved me it felt like he had transferred some of his anger to me.

Zordon: Please scan Scott to determine if what Scott says is correct.

Alpha picked up a small scanning device and within moments he had completed his scan and he handed the results to Billy.

Billy: According to the scan there does appear to be some residue of a spell in Scott but it seems to be dissipating quite rapidly.

Kat: Someone should find Tommy and try and talk to him.

Scott: I'll go.

Adam: No way, he want's to kill you at the moment in case you hadn't noticed.

Scott: Maybe I'll find a way to break the spell before he kills me.

Kat: That's not funny Scott.

Scott: Wasn't meant to be. Alpha locate Tommy and teleport me to his location.

Alpha: You got it Scott.

The little droid touched the console and Scott teleported out and arrived in the park to find Tommy in a secluded spot.

Scott: Tommy.

Tommy: You what.... what are you doing here? How did you find me?

Scott: Alpha teleported me to your location, we need to talk.

Tommy: There is nothing to talk about, if she had never left Angel Grove she wouldn't have dumped me and none of this would have happened.

Scott: Tommy what are you talking about?

Tommy: Kim, if she hadn't gone off to Florida she wouldn't have met Duncan and then dumped me and then I wouldn't have fallen for Kat and then she dump me for you.

Scott: Tommy I still don't understand what you are rambling on about?

Tommy: No you probably don't traitor, anyway it doesn't matter because you're not going to be around much longer.

Scott: What are you saying Tommy?

Tommy: I'm saying it's time for the Silver Ranger to meet the end that he should have as Dark Ranger.

Bring out his Zeonisers Tommy brought them together.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Calling out Tommy became the Red Ranger and quickly he called for his power sword and he started to advance towards Scott.

Tommy: Morph now or I'll cut you down where you stand traitor.

Scott: And if I do.

Tommy: Then when you are morphed it will be a fair fight and I will still destroy you.

Scott: I don't want to fight you Tommy, but if have to bring you to your senses I will. Now It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

At his command Scott was turned into the Silver Ranger and before he could even get his bearings Tommy lunged at him and the young Ranger barely avoided the thrust of Tommy's sword.

Tommy: Stand still Silver Ranger so I can destroy you.

Scott: Tommy do you really think that I'm stupid enough to do that.

Tommy: If the cap fits, wear it.

He again lunged at Scott who brought out his dagger and parried the blow from the sword.

On the moon Rita and Zedd watched the confrontation with great delight.

Rita: This is going perfect my evil husband. Tommy will destroy Scott because the Silver fool won't fight back.

Zedd: Yes, Tommy's anger towards Scott made him the perfect tool for the Rangers destruction.

Rito: Hey Ed what are you going to do about the rest of the Rangers?

Zedd: Once Scott Crane is destroyed I will send down the Hate Master and allow him to destroy them all and DON'T CALL ME ED!!!

Rito: For once a plan is working.

Goldar: Now you've done it.

Zedd: No, Rito is right normally something has screwed up our plans by now, but not this time. This time the Rangers are finished.

Zedd began to laugh and turned back to watch the fight. Inside the Power Chamber the Zordon and the other Rangers watched horrified as Tommy attacked Scott.

Adam: Zordon what can we do Tommy is going to kill Scott because Scott won't fight back.

Zordon: There is nothing we can do Tommy must break the spell himself.

Kat: This is all my fault.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Kat don't say that. It's obvious that Zedd and Rita cast a spell over Tommy and that has nothing to do with you.

Kat: You don't understand Alpha if I hadn't of split up with him then Rita and Zedd wouldn't have used him against Scott.

Kim: Kat you don't know that they might have planned this all along.

Kat: Maybe, but I can stop it.

Before anyone could stop her she touched her teleporter and teleported to the location of the battle. Arriving at the scene she found Scott still on the defensive as he would not fight back against his friend.

Kat: Tommy stop fighting.

The Red Ranger turned to see Kat stood there and for a second he stopped allowing Scott to scramble back to his feet.

Scott: Kat get away from here.

Kat: No, I've come to stop this insanity.

Tommy: For once the traitor has a good idea.

Scott: For the last time stop calling me that, I'm not a traitor.

Tommy: Oh so you didn't plan any of this then.

Scott: Plan what, I didn't know this was going to happen.

Tommy: No, you're lying your still working for Rita and Zedd.

Kat: He's not Tommy you only believe he is. It's you that's under the spell.

Tommy: No that's not possible I'm fine I'm not acting strangely.

Kat: Then why do you want to kill one of your friends.

Tommy: Because he's responsible for us splitting up. It's all part of Zedd's plan to destroy us.

Kat: He's not Tommy, I'm responsible for us splitting up, not Zedd and not Scott. It was going to happen Tommy you don't love me you still love Kimberly and I love someone else as well.

As she said the words Tommy let his sword drop to the ground and he removed his helmet and Kat walked over to him and hugged him.

Kat: It will be all right Tommy.

Tommy hugged her a little tighter and glancing across at the now helmetless Silver Ranger he extended a hand which Scott took. On the moon Zedd watched in disbelief as again his plan was falling apart.

Zedd: Hate Master destroy the Pink Ranger.

Hate: As you command Lord Zedd.

The Hate Master materialised near the three Rangers and with their attention elsewhere he fired a bolt of energy toward the Pink Ranger who in the last split second turned and was lifted backwards down the hill by the blast. The Rangers ran down the hill and ran to her side.

Scott: Kat are you okay?

For a second there was no response from her and Scott feared the worst when he saw her hand move and then her eyes opened slowly.

Kat: I'm a little shaken but I think I'm okay. What hit me?

Tommy: The Hate Master. Alpha this is Tommy teleport Kat back to the Power Chamber, Scott and I have some cleaning up to do.

Kat disappeared in a flash of pink and the two saw that the Hate Master was coming towards them.

Hate: Time to die Rangers.

Scott: I don't think so. Ready partner.

Tommy: Ready friend.

Scott gave a small smile as the two once more donned their helmets and jumped back to the top of the hill and attacked the onrushing Hate Master. Before the Hate Master knew what was hitting him he was being pushed back and then he sent a similar bolt of energy which knocked the two down.

Scott: I think we could use some help.

Back at the Power Chamber the five Rangers knew that it was time for them to enter this fight.

Billy: It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

The five morphed and before the Hate Master could attack again the five joined there two friends.

Tommy: Man are we ever glad to see you.

Adam: It's good to see you fighting together.

Scott: Yeah whatever, well let's finish this guy off.

Tommy: Rangers bring together the Zeo Blaster.

The five brought their individual weapons together and formed the Blaster and blew the Hate Master apart. On the moon Rita and Zedd watched and with a quick glance the two brought there staffs together and fired a bolt of energy down towards Earth making the Hate Master grow.

Hate: Well now I'm in the big leagues.

Tommy: Not for long. Let's do it, we need Zeo Zord Power now.

At there command the five Zords arrived and the five quickly formed the Zeo Megazord.

Hate: So you've joined the big leagues as well, but it doesn't matter I still destroy you.

Tommy: That's what you think. Red Battlezord now.

At his command the Red Battlezord came to battle scene and he took control of it.

Billy: I call on the power of Prymadias.

Summoning the Golden Power Staff Billy sent a bolt of energy upwards to the sky and Prymadias appeared and he teleported inside.

Billy: Okay Zeo Ultrazord transformation begin.

At his command the seven Zords merged and became the Zeo Ultrazord.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

The Zord sent bolts of energy towards the Hate Master and it was staggered but didn't fall.

Adam: We need more power.

On the ground Scott watched and knew it was time.

Scott: I call upon the power of Shogun Megazord.

Answering his summons the five Zords appeared and formed the Shogun Megazord and with one swing of its sword the Hate Master screamed once and then exploded.

Inside the Power Chamber Kimberly, Alpha and Zordon watched delighted as the Rangers were once again victorious. On the moon the mood was less jubilant.

Rito: I hate to say I told you so.

Zedd: Well, don't.

Rito: Okay, I told you so.

Zedd: I swear on all that is evil one day I will destroy the Power Rangers.

Rito: I've heard that somewhere before as well.

Rita: Oh shut it.

Rito: What!!!

The following day the Rangers met up at the Youth Centre to find Tommy and Scott sparring. The two upon seeing the others made their way over to them.

Tanya: Well, it's good to see that the two of you aren't trying to kill each other.

Tommy: Yeah well we had a talk last night about things and sorted something out. There won't be anymore trouble between us.

Scott: I couldn't agree more Tommy. Things are going to get back to normal.

Justin: Oh so that means you're going to stop avoiding a certain person who shall remain nameless.

Scott: Justin.

Justin: Yeah.

Scott: Shut up.

The others laughed and Justin and then Scott joined in, all the while he kept discreetly looking at Kat.

Somewhere out in space.

Figure: Soon there will be no-one to stand in my way and once again the Universe will be mine to rule. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

The End... for now