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Double Trouble
by Adam Pearlman

Somewhere in Angel Grove a teen sits in frustrated silence.

Billy: Come on it's been a month don't you remember anything.

Teen: No, I've tried, but my past is a blank and it is so frustrating. I see images of faces I feel I should know, but when I try to recall their name it's as if I come across a wall.

Billy: Perhaps if you tell me what the images are I can tell you what they are.

Teen: Well, there are six of them. I do know one of them and that's you. The rest of the people are two girls and three boys, one of the boys is a child and dressed in blue, another is dressed in green with black hair and he's sat next to a coloured girl. The final two people are one dressed in red and the other girl she is dressed in pink and I feel like she is important to me but I can't remember why.

Billy: The five you described are mine and your friends Justin, Adam, Tanya, Tommy and Kat.

Teen: They were friends of mine.

Billy: Yes before you...

Billy stopped as his alarm went off.

Billy: Sorry I am going to have to go. Tommy said he would teach me a new Kata. I will come and see you later.

With that Billy is gone leaving the teen frustrated over his lack of memory. With a quick motion he picks up a book and hurls at the mirror smashing it into a million pieces.

High above the Earth in the Lunar Palace Finster approaches his master with some news that will spell disaster for the Rangers.

Finster: Lord Zedd I have some news that you will find most interesting.

Zedd: Get on with it Finster.

Finster: I have found a way to create a gateway to a parallel reality.

Rita: So what.

Finster: In the reality I have discovered I have observed the instrument of the Ranger's destruction.

Mondo: What exactly is that?

Finster: Themselves another version of the Rangers except this version of the Rangers is pure evil.

Zedd: This is perfect we shall bring those evil Ranger's to our world and use them to destroy the good Rangers.

Finster: I shall prepare for their transportation to our dimension at once.

Mondo: And with their arrival the Power Rangers will be destroyed forever. Ha Ha.

Down in Angel Grove Billy has arrived at the Youth Centre slightly out of breath and totally preoccupied by his dilemma that he didn't notice where he was going and the next thing he heard was his name being called out and then he slammed hard into an object. Sitting on the floor Billy regained his bearings and then turned to see what he had slammed into.

Kim: You should watch were your going Billy?

Billy: Sorry I was just a little distracted.

Kim: What is it with you lately?

Billy: What do you mean?

Kim: Billy remember who you are talking to, don't answer my question with a question.

Billy: There is nothing the matter.

Kim: Billy as I just said remember who you are talking to.

Billy: Leave me alone Kim.

Billy snapped the last words and with that he jumped back to his feet and was gone leaving Kim to slowly pull herself back to her feet and continued to stare at the retreating back of her oldest friend. As she entered the Youth Centre she found Billy had joined Tommy on the practice mats and was warming up. Walking over to the Ranger's regular table she found that Justin, Tanya and Kat were already there.

Tanya: Hey Kim how's it going?

Billy: Fine except for Billy and his blasted stubborn streak, I've been trying to get him to tell me what's up, but he just won't talk.

Tanya: No success either. We've all tried and he won't talk.

Justin: It's almost as if he is hiding something.

Kim: We've established that he is hiding something, it's what he's hiding that we want to know.

Kat: He'll tell us when he's ready.

Tanya: You hope he will.

A sudden beeping from their communicator's made the four look up and find a small corner they were joined by Tommy and Billy.

Tommy: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: Ranger's please teleport to the Power Chamber at once.

Tommy: We're on our way Zordon.

The six hit their teleporters and vanished and moments later reappeared at the Power Chamber and within seconds Adam also appeared.

Zordon: Welcome Power Rangers.

Tanya: Zordon what's the matter?

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi we have a real problem I can't get a lock on the rift.

Billy: Let me help you Alpha.

Alpha: Thanks Billy.

Zordon: Ranger's an event I feared may happen is happening. A rift is opening between dimensions.

Kim: What does it mean?

Billy: It means our dimension is in great danger.

Kat: From what.

Billy: Another version of ourselves, except they could be evil and...

Justin: With the power of the Zeo Crystal in their hands they would be a big problem.

Tommy: Is there any way to close it Zordon.

Zordon: At present we have not found a way. However we shall continue to research for a way to close it and also determine if anything has actually come out of it.

Billy: Why don't you guys go back to Angel Grove and I'll stay and help Alpha monitor the rift.

Tommy: Okay contact us the moment something happens.

Alpha: You can count on it.

The six again touched their communicator's and vanished leaving Billy alone with Zordon and Alpha.

Billy: Zordon I think I should alert the White Ranger to the problem, just in case we need his help.

Zordon: Good idea Billy, do so now.

With that Billy was also gone.

Alpha: Oh Zordon I can't get any clear readings from the rift.

Zordon: Keep trying Alpha we must know if anything comes out of it.

Alpha: Right.

Alpha turned back to his console and started to work. Meanwhile Billy teleported into the small hiding place he had set aside for the White Ranger who looked up in surprise at Billy's sudden arrival.

White: Billy why are you here?

Billy: We may have a problem. The Power Chamber sensors have detected a dimensional rift. We think that Zedd and Mondo may be planning to bring evil Rangers from another reality. I thought you should know just in case there is trouble and we need your help.

White: I will be prepared to assist you at a moment's notice Gold Ranger.

Billy: Well, I should be going I need to help Alpha monitor the rift.

With that he was gone leaving the White Ranger alone. Meanwhile on the moon Finster and Klank made some adjustments to their device.

Rito: Are you sure this is going to work?

Finster: Yes, it will if you will get out of the way.

Rito: Gee what a grouch.

Rito turned and left without another word.

Klank: There you go I've finally got a clear path between the dimensions.

Finster: Well, let's bring the evil Ranger's here and destroy the good Rangers.

With a twist of the dial a glow emanated from the machine and it continued to grow and then it expanded and entered the main chamber of the palace.

Mondo: What is going on?

Even as he asked the question the glow started to fade and before them were stood the seven teens that comprised the Power Rangers.

Tommy: What's going on? How did we get on the Moonbase?

Kat: We'd better morph or these do-gooder's will try and stop us.

As the Evil Ranger's brought out their Zeonisers, Lord Zedd raised a hand.

Zedd: Wait we are not the people who you think we are.

Tanya: What's that supposed to mean?

Mondo: You are in another dimension in which we are as evil as you are.

Tommy: If you are evil why have you brought us here?

Zedd: We need your help to remove a small problem of ours.

Scott: Let me guess Power Rangers.

Rita: You!!!

At her remark Zedd and Mondo stared at the teen.

Scott: What is the matter, you're looking at me as though I have two heads.

Zedd: My apologies in this universe you are dead.

Scott: Interesting how did I die?

Zedd: At my hands.

Scott: Perhaps I should kill you for taking my opportunity to destroy my good counterpart.

Mondo: You may not get the chance to kill yourself, but there is a White Ranger who is a dangerous threat to us all and you can destroy him.

Justin: Why should we help you?

Zedd: If you help us, we will help you destroy our good counterparts. Do we have a deal.

Tommy: Yes, we do.

Zedd and the evil Tommy shook hands.

Mondo: Now go down to Earth and deal with the Power Rangers.

With that the seven were gone and then Zedd turned to Mondo.

Zedd: Once they have destroyed the Ranger's here we shall help them destroy their enemies and then we shall destroy them and we shall rule two dimensions.

Mondo laughed and soon the whole palace shook with the laughter of evil. Meanwhile the seven Evil Ranger's landed in the park.

Kat: So now what do we do?

Adam: Wait for the good Rangers you brainless airhead.

Kat: Don't call me an airhead.

Adam: If the shoe fits wear it.

With an angry snarl the evil Kat launched herself at the evil Adam and even as they fell to the ground the girl clawed at Adam's face leaving claw marks and a bit of blood dripping from his face. Angrily Adam forced the girl off him and he pulled a knife from his boot when that was kicked from his hand by Scott.

Scott: Back off or you'll answer to me.

Adam: Ooh I'm so scared.

At the Power Chamber the Ranger's watched this entire exchange with extreme fascination.

Adam: Great I'm the Teen from hell.

Kat: Join the club.

Tommy: We'd better get out there and see what they want.

Kim: Maybe I should come with you, after all there are seven of them and only six of you.

Billy: Okay Kim, but if they morph you'd better come back here.

Kim: As soon as they morph I'll teleport out of there.

Justin: Let's go meet our evil twins.

With a smile the seven teleported out and moment's later the seven found themselves in the park face to face with themselves. The evil Ranger's stepped forward and walked towards their good counterparts.

E Tommy: So you're the me when there is no evil. You don't look so tough.

Tommy: Why don't you try your luck and you'll find out how tough I really am.

The evil Tommy laughed but it wasn't a pleasant sound. The two Tommy's turned to observe their companions. As Tommy glanced across at Kat he could see the tears in her eyes as she stared at the other version of Scott. With his attention distracted on someone else the evil Tommy struck slamming his foot hard into the chest of Tommy who taken by surprise was flung backwards. The other's looked on as the Evil Ranger's attacked.

The Ranger's defended themselves as best they could against their evil counterparts. However as they tried to fight honourably the evil Ranger's used every dirty trick they could. Despite this the Ranger's managed to hold their own. Unfortunately Kim with all her gymnastic skills was no match for the karate abilities of the evil version of her cousin.

E Scott: You know something cousin you're pathetic, you don't have the skill to stop me.

Kim: Maybe I don't have the karate skill to stop you, but I can give you a hard time until one of the other's can stop you.

The evil Scott laughed and started to walk towards when out of nowhere Kim slammed her foot hard into his chest causing him to slightly double over and then she followed up with another shot that took him off his feet.

Kim: I told you I could stop you.

The evil Scott glared at her and then without warning he picked up some the dirt from the floor and threw it in her face. Temporarily blinded Kim stumbled backwards and then he struck with a quick blow to her head she fell to the ground.

E Scott: Now we shall have some fun.

Kim started to back away from him when out of nowhere Tommy appeared and struck Scott.

Tommy: Back off.

E Scott: What are you going to do if I don't?

Tommy: Let's just say it won't be pleasant if you don't.

E Tommy: I think it's time to up the stakes. It's Morphing Time.

As the evil Ranger's complied the other Ranger's regrouped.

Adam: Kim you'd better get out of here.

Kim: I'm on my way.

With that Kim teleported out leaving the six Rangers.

Tommy: Okay let's do it guys. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

Within seconds the two sets of teens were gone and there stood were two sets of Rangers. As the two groups circled each other they were unaware of two other sets of eyes watching them.

Skull: I don't believe it Bulkie.

Bulk: I know Tommy and his friends are the Power Rangers and there are now two sets of them fighting against each other.

Skull: I think we should get out of here Bulk.

White: I would agree with that this is not a safe place.

The two teens froze in place when they heard the voice speak and both turned and started to back away when they saw the White Ranger.

Bulk: Who are you?

White: Do not worry I will not hurt you I am a friend. You must leave this area at once.

Skull: You don't have to tell us twice.

The two Detective's turned and started to walk away quickly, but when the White Ranger's back was turned the two took up another position and began to watch the fight again.

Above the fight the White Ranger watched and knew that it was time for him to enter the fray.

White: I guess it's time for me to even up the odds of this fight.

With that he dropped from where he was stood to the floor in front of the Evil Silver Ranger.

E Scott: So you're the White Ranger that has Mondo and Zedd so scared.

White: Yes, I am and they should be scared of me, as you should be.

E Scott: Big words but can you can back that up with fighting.

Pulling a dagger from his belt the Silver Ranger charged towards the White Ranger who side-stepped his charge and knocked him to the floor. As the White Ranger looked up he saw that the fight was fairly even between the other Ranger's and their counterparts. With his back turned the Silver Ranger charged again towards the White Ranger and slammed hard into him a with a flying kick.

E Scott: You should watch your back or else.

The White Ranger was up in a flash and then he heard a voice and he looked around confused.

White: What did you say?

E Scott: I said you should watch your back or else.

Without warning Cogs dropped from the trees and knocked the White Ranger down again. Again the White Ranger stood and again he heard the voice, but this time he repeated the words.

White: Zeo VII Sabre power up.

There was a glow and then in his hand was a Sabre on its hilt was a face of a Tiger.

Saba: It's about time.

White: You can talk. Who are you?

Saba: I am Saba the advisor of all White Ranger's.

White: So all this time it was you telling me what to do.

Saba: Yes, and if I might tell you what to do now.

White: What's that Saba?

Saba: You should defend yourself.

Looking up the White Ranger saw the advancing Cogs and without another word the Ranger waded into the Cogs using Saba to slash and strike the Cogs and soon the Cogs were gone.

E Scott: So you stopped some Cogs, you cannot stop me.

Then he attacked and the White Ranger again defended himself. Across the park the other Ranger's still defended themselves. However Kat soon found herself outmatched by her obviously stronger double.

E Kat: Give it up Katherine I am stronger than you. If you give up I will make you death quick.

Kat: I will never surrender to evil. I may not have the fighting skills that you do, but I can beat you. Zeo Ranger I. Pink Firecloud.

At her command the Firecloud formed and she sent it flying towards her duplicate who had fired her Firecloud and the two hit each other and dissipated. Across the park the battle between Adam and his opposite was more evenly matched.

E Adam: You know something Adam you're pretty good. We could make a good team you and me ruling the Earth with our respective Tanya's at our side.

Adam: Sorry not interested.

For a second the Evil Adam stopped and then he shrugged.

E Adam: So be it, then die Green Ranger.

Then once again the battle was joined. For a few more minutes the battle raged and then both sets of Ranger's regrouped.

E Tommy: Well, it seems that you wimps are not as easy to beat as I thought you would be.

Tommy: You'll find we're full of surprises.

E Billy: Let's see how you deal with this one. I think it's time to crush the Rangers.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord Power Now.

At the command from deep within their dimension the Zords heard the command and then they flew through the dimensional rift and the five evil Zeo Rangers teleported onboard.

E Tommy: Time to die Rangers.

Tommy: That's what you think. Okay guys let's show them what the real Super Zeo Zords can do.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord Power Now.

At their command the five Zords left the holding bay and the five teleported onboard. On the ground the Evil Gold & Silver Ranger faced off against Billy and the White Ranger.

E Scott: Guess now we'll find out how good you are.

The White Ranger didn't say a word and instead met the Silver Ranger's attack. Behind him Billy also was quiet as he defends himself from himself.

Above them the ten Zords squared off against each other. As before when the groups had faced off against each other themselves the Zords were evenly matched. Using his internal communicator the Evil Justin spoke to his leader.

E Justin: This is not going well we need to up the stakes.

E Tommy: Do not tell me what we need to do.

E Justin: Or what you're going to come over and here and kick my butt.

E Tommy: If you want me to.

E Justin: I would love to see you try.

E Tommy: I will, later you little squirt. Let's do it we need Super ZeoMegazord now.

At the command the five Ranger's transformed their Zords and where five were once stood there was now one. The other Ranger's watched as this happened and then for the first time since they had seen their evil counterparts Justin spoke.

Justin: Uh oh I think we've got big trouble.

Tommy: Not for long. We need Super Zeo Megazord power now.

At that moment on the moon Zedd and Mondo watched the incident and then as the Power Ranger's started to bring their Zords together.

Zedd: Oh no you don't. This should make things a little more entertaining.

Extending his staff towards Earth and he fired a bolt of energy which struck the five Zords as they came together. When the dust had cleared the Zords were lying battered and broken on the ground and the Ranger's were left on the floor in a heap.

Adam: Oh Man that was not good.

E Tanya: And it's not going to get any better Romeo.

The five looked up to see their evil counterparts stood there with their power weapons poised to strike.

E Tommy: For what it's worth you put up a pretty good fight. Now however it's time you died.

The five looked and watched as the five came towards them ready with the final blow when they felt themselves being lifted into the air and moment's later they were back in the Power Chamber along with Billy and the White Ranger. The six removed their helmets and then turned to see the White Ranger stood there looking at them extremely curiously. Kat put down her helmet and walked over to the White Ranger and placed her hand gently on his arm.

Kat: You can take off your helmet, you can trust us.

The White Ranger hesitated and for an instant as he stared through his helmet at the bluest set of eyes he had ever seen something deep within his mind a memory stirred and even as he tried to recall it the fragment was gone. With that he stepped away from Kat and turned his attention to Zordon. As the other's did Kim noticed a strange look cross Kat's face which just as quickly vanished.

Tommy: Zordon what are we going to do?

Justin: Yeah those evil versions of ourselves were almost unbeatable.

White: Everyone is beatable, even yourself.

Zordon: The White Ranger is correct. You must each look for a weakness that you know you have and exploit it.

Tommy: You mean if we have a problem with one manoeuvre then we force our other self to make it and we can take them down.

Zordon: Exactly Tommy.

Meanwhile on the moon the Evil Rangers had returned to the Lunar Palace.

Zedd: I do not believe it, you had the Ranger's at your mercy and you let them escape.

Tommy: It wasn't our fault they were teleported out.

Mondo: There is always some excuse. Now get back down to Earth and destroy them.

Zedd: You'll will not go alone. Take the most powerful monster I have. Behold the Ultimate. More powerful than anything the Ranger's have ever faced.

The monster stepped out of the shadows and joined the seven Ranger's and then the eight were gone back to Earth.

Mondo: Excellent the Ranger's will tire themselves out defeat their evil counterparts and then our Ultimate will finish them off.

The two again began to laugh and then the two turned to watch the unfolding drama below them. Inside the Power Chamber the alarms started to go off.

Tanya: What is it Zordon?

Zordon: As I feared the Evil Ranger's have reappeared and they also have a Monster with them.

Justin: Let's get out there and stop them.

Tommy: Right. Back to Action.

With that the seven were gone leaving Kim alone with Zordon and Alpha.

Kim: Can they win Zordon?

Zordon didn't answer and Kim turned away and looked at the Viewing Globe.

Meanwhile near Angel Grove Cove the Ranger's rematerialised except the White Ranger was not with them.

Kat: Wait a minute where's the White Ranger?

The voice that answered was not one of her friends and in fact came from above and from the evil Silver Ranger.

E Scott: I'm sorry we couldn't allow any pure good in here so Zedd erected a force field preventing that Ranger entering this area.

Adam: I think we're in serious trouble.

E Adam: Indeed you are. Outnumbered, surrender and we may let you live.

Tommy: Not on your life.

E Tommy: Attack Ranger's, take them down but do not kill them.

The Seven Rangers leapt from the top of the cliff and dropped into the floor and then they attacked. Surprised the Ranger's defended themselves as best they could. The Red Ranger found himself in serious trouble as both his evil counterpart and the Silver Ranger attacked him. Calling for his power sword Tommy defend himself from the two, but were he was a match for one he was no match for two especially one who knew his every move and within seconds the sword was torn from his hand and he was demorphed.

The two Ranger's laughed at the now helpless Tommy and then without warning the evil Tommy smashed his fist into the face of Tommy sending him into the pit of blackness.

The two turned and then assisted their counterparts and soon five of the Ranger's were left defeated and unconscious on the floor.

E Kat: Well, Kat it just you. Why don't you surrender and make it easier on yourself.

Kat: Never I will never surrender to evil.

Kat touched her belt buckle and was surprised to find herself unable to teleport.

E Billy: Problems. Well, it's like this the field that keeps the White Ranger out also keeps you from teleporting out.

Kat: Maybe so, but that doesn't mean I can't still try and escape.

Then she turned and breaking free of her counterparts grip the teen began to run as fast as she could. The seven Ranger's watched in amusement as she did.

E Kat: Guess this make it interesting. I'll be back with her in a few minutes. Why don't you deal with the rest of the trash.

The other's laughed and then the Evil Pink Ranger was gone chasing after Kat. Above them the Evil Ranger's were unaware that two other set's of eye was watching this whole event in horror.

Skull: Oh no the Ranger's have defeated themselves, but which ones won.

Bulk: Since the other Ranger's have a monster with them I would have to say it's the evil ones.

Skull: We have to help them.

Bulk: Yeah let's do that. Oh sorry I left my superhero costume at home. What are we supposed to do.

Skull: We have to think of something or the Power... I mean the people we know will be killed and the whole world will be in danger.

Bulk: Since when did you care about that lot?

Skull: I realised that I don't have to be such a jerk for people to talk to me.

Bulk: Well if you have a plan then let's hear it.

Skull: I don't, but we'll come up with something after all we've gotten the Ranger's out of situations before remember.

Bulk nodded and then the two former bullies continued to watch as the Evil Ranger's placed the unconscious good Ranger's inside a forcefield.

Meanwhile the evil Pink Ranger had caught up with her good self and was now facing off against her.

E Kat: Give it up you can't win.

Kat didn't say a word and instead attacked herself. The battle continued to rage and then Kat remember Zordon's words about making them make a mistake you make and acting on it. Putting all her weight into her next punch the evil Kat watched it come and started to avoid it and in doing so was slammed backwards by the oncoming foot which she had never seen. Kat let out a small sigh of relief and once again started to run to where the White Ranger was stood. When she was within one hundred yards of the White Ranger she slowed down and then he barely had time to yell a warning as her duplicate slammed into her hard sending them both crashing to the floor in front of the White Ranger. The two quickly got back to their feet and one of the Pink Ranger's ran to his side.

Kat: Let's get out of here before she calls the rest of her team.

Kat: Get away from her she is the evil Pink Ranger.

Kat: Don't listen to her she's only trying to trick you, you have to kill her.

Kat: I would never trick you. If you are who I think you are then you know who the real Kat is.

White: Yes, I do.

With that Saba appeared in his hand and blasted the Pink Ranger who was stood next to him and watched as the blast lifted her up into the air and back into the shield which had kept him out. Extending his hand the White Ranger helped Kat back to her feet.

White: We have to get out of here.

Kat: Let's get back to the Power Chamber.

The two quickly teleported away leaving the evil Pink Ranger to slowly walk back to her evil friends. Moments later the two Ranger's reappeared in the Power Chamber.

Kim: Kat you're okay.

Kat: Thanks to the White Ranger. How did you know which one was the good me?

White: When she said that I should kill you I knew that you as a Power Ranger would never kill another living being.

Kat: Thank you. Zordon what are we going to do the other's are in trouble.

Zordon: Alpha is working on a way to penetrate the shield. However we have another problem. Please observe the Viewing Globe.

The two Rangers and Kim turned to see the events that had unfolded while the drama with Kat had taken place.

Kim: How did they get there?

Kat: We have to help them?

White: Alpha can we teleport them here?

Alpha: I believe so.

Zordon: Then do so at once Alpha.

Alpha didn't need to be told twice and the two teen turned into a grey light and moment's later were deposited on the Power Chamber floor.

Bulk: What just happened?

Alpha: I teleported you to safety.

The two Detective's turned around and saw Kat and Kim stood there as well as the White Ranger and a small droid even as they began to speak another voice spoke.

Zordon: Welcome Bulk and Skull I am Zordon of Eltare mentor to the Power Rangers. The little robot is Alpha Five my assistant and I believe you already know Kimberly and Katherine.

Skull: Yeah we do?

Kim: Before you ask we are the Power Rangers or rather I was a Power Ranger. I gave the Pink Ranger powers to Kat when I went to Florida.

Skull: I already knew you were the Pink Ranger.

Kim: What!!!

Skull: Give me some credit I'm not that stupid. I figured it out a while ago. You see the Pink Ranger suddenly gained a few more inches in height and from what I could tell she was about the same height as Kat and before she was more your height Kim. The other thing there aren't that many people in Angel Grove with Australian accent's. The other thing was that first off there were five Power Rangers and then the Green Ranger showed up at the same time as Tommy did. And when the Green Ranger disappeared so did Tommy and when the White Ranger showed up so did Tommy again.

Kat: You knew and you didn't say anything.

Skull: Yeah you obviously wanted your identities to remain secret so I kept my mouth shut.

Bulk: Even from me.

Skull: Even from you Bulk.

Kim: It seems we've underestimated Mister Skullovitch.

Kat: Indeed. Now Zordon what are we going to do about the Evil Rangers.

Zordon: First things first Katherine. The time has come to reveal to you the true identity of the White Ranger.

The four turned to look at the White Ranger who stood there with his arms crossed.

White: I have decided to trust you with my identity and since Billy says you are my friends then I must trust you.

Kat: Wait a minute you mean Billy knew all along about the White Ranger.

Zordon: I will explain in a moment Katherine.

Then the White Ranger lifted his hands to his helmet and slowly pulled off his helmet. The four stood there in shock as he did. Both Bulk and Skull had turned paler and where trying to get words out. Kim had also paled and looked as though she was about to pass out. Kat on the other hand had her eyes closed and so had not seen the reactions of her friends and then she opened her eyes and gasped.

Scott Crane was stood before them.