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Time Troubles
by Adam Pearlman

Kat: You mean we are the only Rangers.

Scott: Yes, unfortunately so.

Justin: Zordon Scott cannot be right can he?

Zordon: I am afraid he is right Justin. Somehow the Destroyer was able to go back in time and then eliminate the nine original Rangers.

Justin: Nine but that means you left one person out because ten of them disappeared.

Kat: There is no Tanya here, because he eliminated them before any of them were Rangers. So Aisha never went to live in Africa and never met Tanya.

Justin: So she never came back to Angel Grove and became a Ranger. So now that we've explained where everyone is why are the three of us still here.

Scott: I can understand why Kat is still with us. After all he had to find a way to keep Kat still here so he could have his Dark Queen, but as to why you and me are still here.

Cestro: Perhaps I can explain, if the time the Destroyer travelled to was before either you or Scott came to Angel Grove then he would be unable to eliminate you.

Scott: It still doesn't explain how we're still here or why we're still Rangers, but let's use this to our advantage and find a way to restore time.

Zordon: Alpha begin a records search from the time Rita was released backwards until we find out when the Rangers were killed.

Alpha: Zordon that could take some time.

Kat: For once Alpha we have all the time in the world.

The little droid shrugged and turned to start his search. Meanwhile in what now remains of Angel Grove stands a Citadel so tall that it blocks out and sunlight. It is the home of the once and now Ruler of the Universe the Destroyer. Standing on a balcony the Destroyer looks out over the wreckage that was once Angel Grove and enjoys his triumph.

Destroyer: Well, Cloak victory is indeed sweet.

Cloak: It is my Lord. Your idea to go back in time and eliminate the Rangers before they were Rangers was simply brilliant.

Destroyer: Of course it was I thought of it. The time has come for Katherine to be my Dark Queen again.

Cloak: How are you going to do that? She is inside Zordon's Power Centre and is protected.

Destroyer: The answer is obvious fool, to anyone with a brain. I will send out a group of Putties and Monsters to attack the remnants of the Human Vermin still in Angel Grove. As she is still a Ranger she will feel obliged to try and help them and then I will capture her and transform her into my Dark Queen..

Cloak: An excellent plan my Lord. I shall implement it at once.

Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber the alarms went off and the Rangers looked around.

Tideus: What is it Zordon?

Zordon: A group of Putties and Monsters have arrived in the city and are attacking the remaining population of Angel Grove.

Scott: We better get out there and stop them.

Delphine: No, Scott you and the other Earth Rangers must remain and find a way to restore time. We shall deal with this threat.

Kat: Are you sure the five of you can handle them alone?

Delphine: We shall not be five. The time has come for you to meet the Sixth Aquitian Ranger.

The three turned to see a figure partially hidden by the other Aquitian Rangers and then they stepped aside to reveal Cestria now clad in a Pink Aquitian Ranger suit.

Cestria: A bit of surprise.

Kat: Definitely, how long have you had the powers of a Ranger?

Cestria: They were given to me shortly after Billy returned to Earth. Although this will be the first time I will use the powers.

Justin: A real baptism of fire.

Cestria: Indeed.

Cestro: We must go.

Scott: Good luck and be careful.

Delphine: We shall. Now It's Morphing Time.

All: Rangers of Aquitar we need full power.

The six teleported out and arrived at the location as shown on the Viewing Globe.

Destroyer: So here are the Aquitian Rangers to try and defends the remains of a civilisation.

Aurico: We know what you did fiend and we intend to change everything back to the way it should be.

Destroyer: How will you be able to do that if you are dead. Putties attack.

From out of nowhere the Putties appeared and attacked the six Alien Rangers.

Delphine: We must hold them long enough for the others to return in time and resolve this problem.

The others nodded and turned and met the charge of the Putties and Monsters. Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber Alpha had finally located the deviation in time.

Alpha: I've done it Zordon. I've located a newspaper article which tells me that nine teenagers were the only casualties during an Earthquake six years ago and the nine teens were the Rangers before they were Rangers.

Scott: Well, that's great Alpha. Now how do we get back to stop them?

Zordon: Alpha retrieve the Wizard's Wand of Deception.

Alpha: Of course it was used to transport the Rangers back in time before. I'll go and get it.

While the droid hurried off to go and get it the Rangers continued to watch the Alien Rangers fight the forces of the Destroyer. At the battle site Cestria was finding herself in serious trouble.

Cestria: Someone I need help.

Destroyer: Allow me to help you.

Cestria: What you, noo!!!

As Cestria turned the only thing she saw was the Destroyer's sword being driven towards her and then it passed through her chest and struck her heart killing her instantly. Cestro saw this and with a scream charged towards the Destroyer and knocked him away from the body of Cestria.

Cestro: You murderer, you shall pay for this.

Destroyer: Come on then face me if you dare.

Cestro didn't ask for another opportunity and launched himself at the Destroyer with a force that none of the other Rangers had ever seen, but it was not enough and the Destroyer reached out grabbed him by the neck.

Destroyer: You Alien Rangers are an interesting challenge, but you cannot stop me.

The Destroyer continued to squeeze and then a crack was heard and Cestro head just lolled to the side showing he was dead. Back at the Power Chamber Justin had started to turn a shade of green and Kat had turned around and was now facing away from the scene of death on the Viewing Globe. Scott glanced over at her and started to go over to comfort her when he changed his mind and turned to face Zordon.

Scott: Zordon we have to go and help them.

Zordon: Rangers you must continue with your mission...

Kat: But Zordon...

Zordon: When you succeeded the Alien Rangers will be fine because these events will never have happened.

Scott: Of course by going back in time and restoring time to normal, the Alien Rangers will never go to fight The Destroyer and not be killed.

Zordon: That is correct Scott.

Just then Alpha reappeared carrying the Wand of Deception and he handed it to Scott.

Alpha: Here you go.

Scott: Let's do it.

Zordon: Good luck Rangers and may the power protect you.

The three nodded and edging closer to Scott they watched as he activated the wand and then the Power Chamber disappeared in a glow of white light and when the light faded they found themselves in a dark cavern.

Justin: Where are we?

Kat: The Power Chamber.

Scott: Hating to state the obvious Kat, but this does not look like the Power Chamber.

Kat: I mean it will be the Power Chamber in six years.

Scott: Of course we've only travelled in time to the same place we were before.

Justin: So how do we get out of here and find the others and save them.

Scott: Well, according to the Newspaper article the Earthquake hit about 5.00pm.

Justin: Well according to my watch it's about 7.00am. So all we have to do is split up and find the others and keep an eye on them until 5.00pm.

Kat: We should keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. We don't know if the Destroyer is not already here.

Scott: Good idea Kat now let's teleport out of here and do our job.

The three nodded and with that the three teleported out. Meanwhile in the city of Angel Grove a teen awoke to a rather rude surprise of a skeleton hanging from the ceiling just in front of her. Letting out a brief scream the teen stood up and quickly left her room and banged on the door next to her's.

Kim: You little jerk, you'd better get out here and take that thing away before I kill you.

The only response was that of her little brother dissolving into laughter. With a sigh Kimberly turned and went to get dressed. Across in the city of Stone Canyon three teens were packing the car preparing for a trip. The girl dressed in yellow smiled as she watched one of her friends laughing and joking with her other friend.

Rocky: Man this is going to be such a blast.

Adam: Yeah, it will be a great chance to meet other Martial Artist's.

Aisha: And to get some shopping in. After all there is more to life than Karate.

Adam: Like what!!!

Rocky: Girls for instance.

The three laughed and then turned and got into the Car and started to drive off. As they did they were unaware that they were being watched. The figure raised his hand to face and pressed the device on his wrist.

Justin: Guys this is Justin, I have found Rocky, Adam and Aisha and they are heading to Angel Grove. I'm going to teleport back there and wait along the road into Angel Grove from Stone Canyon.

Scott: Okay well I've found Kim. She's appears to be on her way somewhere in a great hurry.

Kat: Guys this is Kat I've found Tommy and god does he look young. I'm going to follow him.

Scott: Okay but keep in touch.

Scott signed off and cautiously started to follow Kim staying within sight of her. When she turned around and looked straight at him. For a second he hoped she hadn't recognised him, but that hope was dashed when she started to walk towards him.

Kim: Scott Crane is that really you.

Scott: Hello Kim it's been a while.

Kim: About a year and you have definitely changed in a year. The last time I saw you, you looked like a kid.

Scott: Well, I've done some growing up since you last saw me.

Kim: So why are you here?

Scott: Well, I just happened to be in the area.

Kim: I bet you heard about the Martial Arts demonstration and you're here for that.

Scott sighed and then replied.

Scott: You caught me that's why I'm here.

Kim: Well, you should have told me you were coming.

Scott: Hey it was a snap decision. So I didn't want to bother you.

Kim: Hey seeing my cousin is no bother. Well, look I've got to meet some friends so why don't you come with and meet them.

Scott: Well actually Kim I have something to do, so I'll maybe see you later.

Without another word he turned and raced off in the opposite direction and once he was out of sight he waited for her to turn and start walking again. Then checking the coast was clear he spoke into his communicator.

Scott: Guy's this is Scott we have another problem.

Kat: What now?

Scott: Kim's seen me and I had to speak to her.

Justin: Well, done you've made a bad situation worse.

Scott: Shut up Justin, I managed to bluff my way through the situation and say I was here for a Martial Arts demonstration.

Kat: What about the fact that your six years older than you should be.

Scott: Well, I hadn't seen Kim for a year so I told her I'd just changed a lot. Hold everything I've got an idea.

Justin: My god another idea, two in as many hours.

Scott: Meet me at the Command Centre.

Kat: Scott we can't go there wouldn't we be altering time ourselves.

Scott: The Destroyer is going to do that anyway and maybe with Zordon's help we can keep track of the other's without getting into more trouble.

Justin: I'm on my way.

Kat: I'll see you there.

Scott touched his communicator again and then looking around touched his teleporter and vanished in a silver light. Moments later he arrived in the Command Centre and seconds after him so did Justin and Kat. For Justin and Scott this was the first time they had seen the original Command Centre. However even as they looked around alarms were going off and the small droid in the centre of the room was getting increasingly agitated.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi, Zordon intruder alert.

Justin: Alpha calm down. Zordon we need your help.

The droid immediately stopped talking and the floating head in the centre of the room turned his full attention to the three newcomers.

Zordon: How is it that you know our names and have been able to gain access to the Command Centre.

Scott: We have come from six years in the future Zordon in an effort to save the lives of nine teenagers whom you will select to become the Power Rangers.

Zordon: How where they killed and by whom?

Kat: According to a newspaper article they were killed during an Earthquake sometime today, but we know that a man called the Destroyer came back in time and is probably responsible for their deaths.

Zordon: The Destroyer he has returned.

Justin: With a vengeance, we've barely been able to stop him or any of his goons even with the Alien Rangers help.

Zordon: The three of you are either very good actors being used by one of my enemies or you are telling the truth.

Scott: You want proof Zordon. Well here it is.

Without a second hesitation the teen pulled out his morpher and power coin allowing Zordon to see it.

Zordon: You possess a power coin, but I do not recognise it's markings.

Scott: It was, I mean it will be created by you in six years time allowing me to help the Zeo Rangers battle the forces of evil.

Zordon: Zeo Rangers then you possess the power of the Zeo Crystal.

Kat: We do now, you see the power coins were lost forever during an incident and we all went looking for the Zeo Crystal and we became the Power Rangers: Zeo.

Zordon: Very well your words ring true and I sense the goodness in you. What do you need from me?

Scott: We need to use the sensors to locate the nine so we can keep track of them without being seen or causing more problems than we already have.

Alpha: What do you mean more problems than you already have.

Scott: That's my fault, while I was watching my cousin she kind of saw me and came up to me.

Zordon: It would seem a problem is a minor understatement.

Scott: Well hopefully she will just decide she's seen her cousin in town and won't wonder why he's suddenly just turned up.

Justin: You hope.

Kat: Maybe you should go back in to the town and meet up with her. That way she won't get suspicious that you suddenly vanished and maybe call your home and talk to the younger you.

Scott: Good idea Kat I'll do it now. Contact me the moment you locate the Destroyer or anything odd.

Alpha: Will do Scott.

Justin: Be careful Scott.

Scott: What is this concern for my welfare?

Justin: No just that you might screw up the timeline even more.

Kat: Justin can't you and Scott not fight for one minute.

Justin: He started it.

Scott: No I didn't.

Kat: Grow up the two of you. Scott be careful.

Scott: I always am.

With that he teleported out in a flash of silver light and moments later he arrived several minutes walk from the Juice Bar. Taking a deep breath Scott started to walk towards the Juice Bar when without warning he walked straight into a tall Asian girl with long jet black hair. The girl picked herself up and offered a hand to Scott who slowly got to his feet and then took several steps back when he realised who the girl was.

Scott: Trini!!!

Trini: I'm sorry do I know you.

Scott: My cousin Kim's told me about you.

Trini: Oh you're here to see Kim.

Scott: Yeah and to take care of something very important.

The girl looked puzzled by Scott's comment but then shrugged and turned and started to walk into the Juice Bar closely followed by Scott. As they entered Scott looked around and smiled for although it was six years before he would actually enter this place for the first time it looked no different than when he would first enter it. Suddenly his reverie was interrupted by Kim who had seen him enter and had walked over to him and had grabbed him by the hand and was now pulling him forward.

Kim: Come on Scott you have to meet my friends.

Scott: Well, you don't have to yank my arm out of it's socket.

Kim gave her usual small smile.

Kim: Sorry Scotty.

Scott grimaced as she led him to this table which three other teens were sat around.

Zack: So Kim who's your friend?

Kim: This is my cousin Scott. He here to visit me and for the Martial Art's demonstration. These are my friend that's Jason, Zack and Trini. Another friend Billy should be here, but I don't know where he is.

Scott: Probably in his lab.

Even as he said the words Scott tried to pull them back.

Jason: How do you know Billy has a lab?

Scott: Oh Kim wrote to me and told me all about you.

Zack: I hope it was only good things she told you about us.

Scott: Mostly.

Scott said it so seriously that the four began to look at Kim when he started to smile.

Jason: So you're here for the demonstration.

Scott: Yeah and just to see Kim.

Jason: So how good are you?

Scott: I'm good, but some of my friends are even better and from what Kim has told me about you she says your not bad either.

Jason: Care to see how good?

Scott: I'm not really dressed for it and besides I've got more important things to do besides have karate matches.

Zack: What could be more important than a friendly karate match unless...

Scott: Unless I'm scared. Which I'm not it's just the more important thing I have to do is more important than you could ever imagine.

Kim: Y'know Scott I don't remember you being so mysterious as this.

Scott: Oh I've changed a lot since I last saw you.

As he finished Scott added silently under his breath.

Scott: A lot more.

Just then a noise was heard coming from the entrance way and the small group turned to see Bulk and Skull bent over another figure who for a second Scott didn't recognise and then he did when the larger of the two figures called out his name.

Bulk: Watch were you're going Billy.

Billy: My apologies Bulk it was my fault. I was preoccupied by this scientific conundrum and as a result was unaware of where I was going.

Bulk: Well, don't let it happen again.

Before Billy could even react the bully had slammed the magazine hard into his stomach and Billy crashed back down to the floor. As Trini got up to help him another figure appeared and started to help him to his feet.

Kat: Here let me help you.

As Billy straightened his glasses he turned to the sound of the voice and looked straight into the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

Billy: Thank you I am most grateful for your assistance.

Kat: It was no trouble at all Billy.

Trini: Billy are you okay?

Billy: I am fine Trini thanks to this person.

Trini: Hi I'm Trini, this is Billy and you are.

Kat: I'm Kat.

Trini: Why don't you come and join us?

Kat: Sure why not.

Kat followed Billy and Trini back to the table and as she walked into view of Scott he smiled.

Scott: Kat what are you doing here?

Kat: Oh I came looking for you. Our mutual friend is concerned about something.

Kim: Excuse me do you two know each other?

Scott: Yeah this is a friend of mine from school, she came with me and another friend for the demonstration. Look at the time I have to go. Bye.

With that Scott grabbed Kat by the shoulders and basically pushed her out of the Juice Bar. The five watched extremely puzzled by the events of the last few minutes.

Zack: Man did you see that girl.

Jason: Yeah what a body.

Trini: Honestly guys and when they see a pretty girl. Kim I don't mean to be rude but is your cousin always that weird.

Kim: No, that is what's so puzzling. Probably something to do with that girl.

The five quickly returned to their conversation. Meanwhile the two Rangers arrived back at the Command Centre in a flash of Pink and Silver light.

Scott: So what's up?

Justin: We've detected a surge of temporal energy about ten minutes ago and the Destroyer appeared and then he disappeared.

Scott: Do we know where they went?

Zordon: No we don't and we won't know were they are until they reappear.

Scott: Well, at least we know where five of them are at the moment. We had better just keep on monitoring them and the others.

For the next few hours the three monitored the nine soon to be Rangers until.

Justin: Hold on they are moving.

Scott: What about Adam and the others?

Justin: Adam, Rocky and Aisha are in the park. We have not been able to... hold on I've found Tommy he's in the park as well.

Kat: Where in relation to Adam and the others?

Alpha: He is less than half a kilometre away from them.

Scott: So he is within visual distance. Guys the five have just entered the park and are also heading in the same direction that Adam, Tommy and the others are.

Justin: Extremely coincidental that they are all in the same place at this moment in time.

Kat: According to the Newspaper report the Earthquake took place... or excuse me will take place in the next five minutes.

Scott: We should teleport down to the park and keep a closer eye on them. I've have to feeling that the Destroyer is about to make his move

Zordon: Good luck future Rangers and may the power protect you.

Kat: Let's teleport guys.

The three teleported out in their signature colours and reappeared out of sight of the nine Rangers.

Scott: Okay guys let's get a little closer.

Justin: Careful we don't want to be seen.

The other two nodded and made their way a little closer to the Rangers who were all still walking towards each other.

Kat: Guys the Earthquake is going to hit in one minute.

Scott: Okay everybody get ready.

The words were barely out of his word when the Earthquake began. Behind him Justin was thrown backwards and fell out of sight. Kat stumbled and although she at first maintained her balance a second shake threw her from her feet and she fell into Scott sending both Teens crashing to the floor. For a few minutes the shaking continued and then it stopped. Looking around Scott cautiously got to his feet and helped Kat to her feet.

Scott: Kat are you okay?

Kat: I think so. Justin are you okay?

When there was no response from the Blue Zeo Ranger the two looked around and made there way towards the lake were they saw the young Ranger sat on the edge of the lake soaked to the skin.

Kat: Justin are you all right?

Justin: No I am not. I'm soaked to the skin.

Behind her Scott had begun to laugh and she joined in. Their laughter was cut short when Justin started to splash water at the two. The two quickly stopped laughing and started to walk towards Justin and picked him up and dropped in the water. Before Justin could even speak again a scream was heard by the three and they quickly ran up the little hill to see the Destroyer and his Putties menacing the nine soon to be Rangers.

Scott: What's this Destroyer picking on people who can't fight back.

Destroyer: You three how is it possible you are here?

Justin: Let's just say whatever you came back in time to do. It did not work fully.

Kat: You're not going to succeed Destroyer we'll stop you.

Destroyer: Really, Putties destroy them.

The Putties began to advance towards the twelve when Kim spoke up.

Kim: Scott what is going on?

Tommy: Yeah I was just walking along when this guy appears out of nowhere and wants to kill me.

Adam: Why does he want to do that?

Scott: It's a little too complicated to answer. I think it's time guys.

Kat: We can't morph, what about them?

Justin: We don't have a choice if we want to protect them.

Scott: Guys let's do it. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

The two brought their Zeonisers together and were transformed into the Pink and Blue Zeo Ranger's respectively. Beside them Scott reached behind to take his Morpher in his hand and call upon the power of the Silver Ranger when his expression changed and he remained in his civilian clothes.

Kat: Scott what's wrong? Why didn't you morph?

Scott: I tried, but it didn't work. I think my powers have failed again.

Justin: Scott you really know how to make a bad situation worse.

Scott: I think it's about to get worse.

The two looked to see a monster had now appeared beside the Putties.

Kim: Oh my god that thing is too weird.

Billy: It's absolutely amazing.

Time: I am the Time Slayer I am your destroyer.

Jason: Guys we'd should get out of here.

Rocky: I think you're right this is too weird.

Destroyer: You're not going anywhere. Destroy them all.

The Putties attacked the two Rangers and they defended themselves from the attack. Meanwhile a small group of Putties had passed them and were now making their way towards the ten powerless teens.

Scott: I have got to try once more or we are all dead.

Aisha: Try what!!!

Scott: Ninja Ranger power now.

At his command Scott attempted to summon the power of Ninja and again nothing happened.

Destroyer: You are pathetic Scott Crane admit it you are powerless to stop me.

Scott: My powers may have failed me again, but I will die before I let you kill these nine people.

Destroyer: So be it.

The Destroyer made his way towards Scott who attacked him using his Karate, but as before in his own time Scott was no match and the Destroyer simply picked the teen up by his shirt and flung him across the park and into the lake where he sank quickly. The only sound as he disappeared was that of a sharp scream from Kat.

Kat: Scott!!!

Destroyer: He is dead and so are these nine and soon you will be mine.

Kat: Never I will never be yours.

The Destroyer merely shrugged and watched as the Putties and Monster continued to assault the two Zeo Rangers and then he turned to face the nine. Meanwhile Scott found himself being dragged down by the force of his fall and he hit the bottom hard causing him to swallow even more water. Looking around the teen saw something that was shining even in the mud at the bottom of the lake and he swam towards and then he reached out and took hold of it and then a bright light emanated from it blinding the teen. Back on dry land the Destroyer was celebrating his victory the two Zeo Rangers were now collapsed on the floor in front of him and the nine teens were now stood helplessly before him.

Destroyer: And so it ends.

Tommy: Why are you doing this?

Destroyer: Why Tommy. The answer is simple with you dead, I can rule the universe once more.

A sudden noise distracted the Destroyer and everyone looked to see a bright light now covering the whole lake and then a figure burst forth from it surrounded by an aura of white and then the figure dropped to the floor. Kat smiled underneath her helmet and Justin muttered a prayer of thanks. The Silver Ranger was stood before them, but not as before. The suit he now wore was more heavily armoured and a chest piece now covered the top half of the suit with a picture of his Ninja Spirit the Hawk emblazoned on the middle.

Scott: I'm back and ready for action.

Destroyer: Why can't you be a good boy and just die?

Scott: Because then you would win and I won't let that happen.

Destroyer: Destroy him and bring his head to me.

The Putties acknowledged there Master's command and attacked the Silver Ranger who shrugged off their attack easily and retaliated with several punches and kicks that took a few of them down. Pulling his dagger from its holster Scott set about the Putties and soon they were all gone leaving Scott to face off alone against the Monster.

Slayer: Well kid it's just you and me.

Scott: Go ahead make your move.

The Time Slayer flicked his wrist and disappeared from view and Scott looked around and started to turn when he heard a shout from Kat and suddenly the monster was behind him and he felt himself being launched across the park. Sliding to a halt Scott looked around and saw the Time Slayer again was nowhere to be seen and then again he was struck from behind and hurled back to the floor. Painfully pulling himself back to his feet Scott pulled his dagger from his belt and then as all watched it began to change shape and then Scott turn around and with the dagger extended in his hand watched as the Time Slayer reappeared with the sword buried deep with in his chest.

Slayer: You have beaten me.

With those final words the Time Slayer screamed and exploded. Letting a quick sigh of relief out of his lips the Silver Ranger ran to join his friends who were facing off against the Destroyer.

Scott: It's three against one Destroyer admit it your plan has failed.

Destroyer: You have destroyed my monster. For that you shall pay, but not here I will destroy you in your time after all you cannot stop me.

With that the Destroyer vanished and then Scott brought his communicator up to his face.

Scott: Go ahead Zordon.

Zordon: We have monitored the Destroyer re-entering the time stream.

Kat: Great that means the future is back too normal.

Justin: Yes, we did it.

Scott: Now let's get back to our time.

The three quickly teleported to the Command Centre and quickly thanking Zordon and Alpha for their help Scott picked up the wand and the past disappeared in a flash of light and when it faded the three were once more stood in the Power Chamber with a group of very puzzled Rangers.

Tommy: Scott what's going on? Why have you got the Wand of Deception.

Scott: It's a long story Tommy and think it will take a little time.

With that Scott favoured his two time travel companions with a smile and then he began to explain. Meanwhile in the Antarctic the Destroyer had returned to his fortress in a bitter and angry mood and was taking it out on his own forces.

Destroyer: Those Rangers have had it I will tear them limb from limb myself. This fight is not over I will rule the Universe and I will destroy the Power Rangers before this day is out.

Back at the Power Chamber.

Tommy: So the three of you teleported into the park and rescued us by Morphing and stopping the monster, but why don't we remember?

Zordon: Unfortunately Alpha and I are unable to answer that question?

Kat: Zordon there is something else I don't understand.

Zordon: Yes Katherine?

Kat: What happened to Scott and his suit?

Zordon: As with the question about why the others cannot remember this incident I am unsure. However as a result Scott's powers have been increased, but are now even more unstable than before. Alpha and I will have to run some tests to determine if we can stabilise them.

Scott: Well, whatever happened to my powers I feel more powerful than before and I think this is going to be a big help when we face the Destroyer again.

Delphine: And that will be soon my young friends. You foiled his attempt to change history and now he will be even more determined than before to destroy you.

Zordon: Delphine is correct. Although we are at full strength I fear that will be not enough to stop the Destroyer.

Adam: We will stop him Zordon no matter what it takes. Right guys.

The others nodded and although they tried to look confident deep inside each Ranger feared the worst.

The End... for now