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Answers to the Questions
by Adam Pearlman

Scott Crane was stood before them.

Kat opened her mouth and started to speak only to find no words would come out. Instead she crossed the distance between herself and Scott and she kissed him. Scott quickly pulled away from her and then he spoke.

Scott: I am sorry Katherine you mistake me for someone else.

Kat looked at him with tears beginning to well up in her eyes and in a quiet voice she spoke.

Kat: No I don't you are the same person I told I loved them seven months ago. Whether or not you are yourself.

Meanwhile Kim had found her voice and had turned to face Zordon.

Kim: Zordon how is this possible I thought... I mean you told us that Scott was dead.

Zordon: Indeed Kimberly it appears I was in error.

Alpha: Somehow Zedd must have shielded him from our sensors.

Kat: For how long and when did he come back.

Zordon: A month ago.

Kim: The same time the White Ranger appeared.

Zordon: He reappeared in the Power Chamber last month with no memory of who he was and he was close to death. There was nothing Alpha could do to help him. I knew that the power of the Zeo Crystal could save him and so I sent him on a Zeo Quest of which he was successful in retrieving a shard of the Zeo Crystal.

Kat: He came back here and you gave him Zeonisers and the power.

Alpha: Correct except that's when a problem arose.

Kim: Billy!!!

Zordon: Billy came to the Power Chamber to perform some maintenance on the Zords and arrived just as I was bestowing the power on Scott.

Kat: So Billy knew it was Scott but why didn't he tell us, tell me.

Zordon: It was my request that he not tell you. I felt that Scott in his fragile condition and having no memory of his subsequent experience as a Ranger was in grave danger if the forces of evil knew he was alive.

Kim: So Billy set up Scott somewhere safe from the prying eyes of us and Zedd and Mondo.

Alpha: Yes, Billy had been working on an experimental Cloaking Device.

Skull: Like on Star Trek.

Alpha: Using that he set Scott up in a secret place with equipment so he could monitor if there was any trouble.

Kat: Why didn't he tell us?

Zordon: He wanted to very much Katherine he knew how much you care for Scott, but I felt it was important that we find a way to restore his memory.

Bulk: And have you?

Alpha: Yes, that is why we chose to reveal his identity now.

Alpha turned back to his console and picked up a small device and walked towards Scott who had spent the entire time since Kat had kissed him staring at the girl. Seeing Alpha the Ranger turned to face him.

Scott: Yes Alpha.

Alpha: Please step over to the Med table.

The White Ranger nodded and then when he had sat on it Alpha placed the device at his neck and then it hissed.

Scott: What did that do Alpha?

Alpha: Hopefully it will bring back your memory. Ay. Yi, Yi, Yi if it doesn't then we're back to square one.

Just then Scott began to waver and he lay back on the Med Table.

Scott: It's having some kind of effect Alpha I feel really dizzy and suddenly very drowsy.

Zordon: Do not fight it Scott that is its effect.

Within seconds Scott fell silent and in fact fallen asleep.

Kat: What did you give him Alpha?

Alpha: Nothing that will harm him Kat. It will affect the areas of his brain which hold his memory. It is to be hoped that will restore it.

Kim: What do we do now Zordon?

Zordon: All we can do is wait and see if it works.

Kat: What are we going to do about our doubles? They have got the other's.

Zordon didn't answer and Kat glanced at Kim who shared the same concerned look.

Meanwhile back at the cove the Evil Rangers had been joined by Zedd and the rest of the evil bunch.

Zedd: Well, done Ranger's you have captured five of them and the puny Pink one will fall just as easily and then so will the White Ranger.

Mondo: Yes, it is hard to believe that after all this time it is finally over and we have won.

From inside the forcefield Tommy spoke.

Tommy: It's not over yet Mondo.

Zedd: Oh but it is Tommy. You have been captured and your powers are now ours. Soon the world will be ours as well.

Billy: The White Ranger and Pink Ranger will stop you.

E Kat: Don't make me laugh that wimp she couldn't stop a tap.

Justin: You're over confident and that will be your downfall.

E Justin: Shut up jerk and face it you've lost.

Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber.

Bulk: Hey guys I've just had an idea.

Zordon: What is it Bulk?

Bulk: Well, if the other Ranger's are from a universe were they are evil, then won't the people who are your enemies here be there enemies in that universe.

Kim: I don't understand.

Kat: I do. If the Ranger's are evil then it stands to reason that the Mondo, Zedd and the rest are in fact good and maybe we can get there help to defeat the Evil Ranger's and free the others.

Zordon: An excellent idea Bulk. Alpha direct a transmission to the dimensional rift.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. I'll get right on it Zordon. However I will have to make some modification and that will take some time.

Zordon: Very well Alpha, but proceed with all speed, time is of the essence.

As Alpha turned to start the modifications Kim noticed Kat leaving the Main Chamber and with a sigh she turned and followed her. When she caught up with her she found her sitting on a ledge overlooking the valley and as she approached her she heard her crying.

Kim: Kat are you okay?

Kat: I don't know. I grieved for him Kim, for seven months and now I find out he never died and he has been here for a month. I don't know what's worse knowing he was dead or that he's alive but doesn't even know who you are.

Kim: I know how you feel. I've known him for years and for him to not know me or remember everything we did as kids.

Kat: I just hope whatever Alpha gave him works. Because if it didn't I don't know how I could go on.

Kim: You will go on Kat. Because it's going to work and if this doesn't then we will find something else, but we will not give up until we've got him back.

Kat looked slightly shocked at the forcefulness of the words from Kim, but then she smiled.

Kat: You're right no matter what it takes we'll get Scott back.

Kim smiled and hugged the Pink Ranger it was then that both of their communicators beeped.

Kat: Yes Zordon?

Zordon: We've have made contact with the other dimension please return at once.

The two didn't bother to walk back down the tunnel instead they touched their communicators and reappeared a few metres away inside the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Are we ready to try Alpha?

Alpha: I believe so Zordon.

Alpha pressed a control on the panel and then on the Viewing Globe Lord Zedd appeared except instead of the evil presence that they all normally felt when seeing Zedd wasn't there.

G Zedd: What do you want Zordon?

Zordon: I am not who you think I am Lord Zedd. I am the Zordon from an alternate reality in which I and the Rangers fight for good.

Zedd: And our counterparts are evil.

Kat: Yes, they have brought the Evil Ranger's from your universe to ours. We've faced them several times and they have captured five of the Rangers.

Zordon: We require your assistance in combating the evil Rangers.

Zedd: Very well we shall transport ourselves to your dimension immediately.

Kim: Where can we meet them?

Zordon: Do you know the location of the Command Centre.

Rito: Yeah we do.

Zordon: If you transport to these co-ordinates that I am sending on this frequency you will appear in our base.

Mondo: We shall arrive momentarily.

With that the transmission was cut leaving the Rangers alone.

Kat: Zordon are you sure this is a good idea.

Bulk: Well, from the looks of things you need all the help you can get.

Several minutes passed and then a light started to grow inside the Power Chamber and then out of it stepped King Mondo, Lord Zedd, Rito and Goldar.

Zedd: We've come to help you.

Kat: Welcome I'm Katherine Hillard. Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Goldar: Yeah we know who you are.

Zedd: Do you know where the Evil Ranger's are.

Zordon: Yes, they are on Angel Grove Cove. Unfortunately we are unable to get there because of a force field preventing teleportation.

Zedd: I can handle that. Now Katherine are you the only Ranger free.

Kat: No, the White Ranger is also free. Unfortunately he is out cold and won't be much help for a while.

The good version of the people she had been chosen to fight against glanced over at the now demorphed Scott Crane.

Rito: How is this possible? He is the Silver Ranger in our universe.

Goldar: Remember we are in a parallel universe he may have been the Silver Ranger before.

Kat: He was until his powers were destroyed.

Before she could elaborate the alarm went off.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi the evil Pink Ranger has called upon her Super Zeo Zord and is trashing downtown Angel Grove.

Kat: I should get out there and stop them. Have Scott join me once he wakes.

Alpha: Will do Katherine.

Kat: Back to Action.

With that she was gone and reappeared moments later in the city.

Kat: Okay it's time to show this Pink Ranger what I can really do. Super Zeo Zord power up.

At her command the Zord was launched from the holding bay and she teleported aboard. No sooner than she had she received a transmission.

E Kat: Well, I wondered when you would show up. Let's see what you've got.

Kat: Bring it on.

With that the Evil Super Zeo Zord sent a solid punch into the chest of the good Zord and sent it crashing back.

Meanwhile in the Power Chamber.

Zedd: I believe we can now get through the forcefield. We shall go and face off against our counterparts.

Then they were gone leaving Kim, Bulk, Skull, Alpha and Zordon alone with the still unconscious Scott.

Back at the battle site the two Zords continued to fight when out of nowhere a bolt of energy struck Kat's battered Zord and it stumbled back.

E Kat: I guess this fight is over.

With that the energy formed in the centre of the Zord and struck the other sending it tumbling backwards and Kat to be thrown out of the Zord. When she landed she was in the centre of the city with her evil counterpart stood over her.

E Kat: As I said it's all over there is no-one who can save you now.

Meanwhile as this fight continued the White Ranger continued to dream. For weeks now he had tried to find something that was familiar and restore his memory. Now he finds a jumble of images and faces that he now knows. Looking up he sees the wall that seems to prevent him from remembering most things. Then he notices something strange. Unlike before there appears to be a loose brick. Running up to the wall he tugs and pulls at the brick and then with one big pull it is out of the wall and in his hands. Pleased with his success the teen continues to pull bricks away from the wall until it collapses. As it collapses the teen feels a sensation that he cannot really name and then he remembers what it is and who bring that feeling out in him and he calls her name.

Scott: Kat.

Hearing him speak Kimberly rushes to her side.

Kim: Scott how do you feel? Do you know me?

With a grin Scott takes his cousin into a hug.

Scott: It's been a while Kim.

Kim: I'll take that as a yes.

Scott: Yeah I remember you and I remember everything else as well.

Zordon: Welcome back Scott.

Scott: It's good to be back Zordon.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Kat's is in trouble.

Scott: Then I'm out of here.

Zordon: Good luck Scott may the power protect you.

Scott: It's Morphing Time.

With a quick shake of his wrists the two Zeonisers appear and then he brings them together summoning the Zeo Crystals power.

Scott: Zeo Ranger VII. White.

With that he was transformed into the White Ranger and he was gone. In the city following her fall from the Zord, Kat had found herself under strong attack from her counterpart. Then with a quick kick to her chest and she was slammed hard into the ground her head striking it with such force that even through her helmet she felt the impact.

E Kat: Now I shall finish you off.

Stunned and barely conscious from the last blow Kat couldn't even raise her hands to defend herself. As the evil counterpart brought her sword out and started to drive it towards Kat a sudden noise distracted her and she looked up.

Scott: Hold it not so fast.

E Kat: You again what do you want?

Scott: To stop you.

With that he threw himself into the air and knocked the evil Pink Ranger away from Kat.

E Kat: You may have saved her, but your friends are doomed.

With that she was gone. Turning back to Kat he gently went over to her and picked her up and then he spoke into his communicator.

Scott: Alpha can you teleport us to a secluded spot.

Alpha: You got it Scott.

With that he felt the sensation of teleportation and then they were near the lake. Putting her down on the floor he pulled off her helmet and waited for her to regain consciousness. As she did he pulled off his own helmet and put it down next to hers.

Kat slowly felt herself returning to consciousness and as her blurred vision cleared she looked into the face of Scott who's was looking at her with nothing but concern.

Scott: Kat are you okay?

Kat didn't answer and instead pulled herself into a sitting position and she promptly put her hands to her head.

Kat: I'll tell you once my head stops spinning.

Scott: Perhaps Zordon should check you out.

Kat: I think you're right.

Helping the Pink Ranger to her feet Scott touched a button on his communicator and the two vanished in pink and white light respectively and moments later reappeared inside the Power Chamber.

Scott: Alpha can you run a scan on Kat just to check she is okay.

Alpha: Anything you say Scott.

The little droid turned away and returned moments later holding a small scanner that he pointed at Kat and then he pulled it away from her and looked at the readings.

Kat: Well am I okay?

Alpha: Yes, you are. I would suggest resting, but I know you will not listen to me.

Kat: Zordon where are Zedd, Mondo and the others?

Zordon: They managed to dissolve the field around the beach preventing entry by anyone else and have gone to face their counterparts and your counterparts.

Scott: Let's get out there and finish this then.

Kat: I'm with you Scott let's finish this.

Kim: Scott be careful we don't want to lose you again.

Scott: I'll be careful. Now, Back to Action.

Then the two were gone leaving Kim alone with Bulk and Skull in the Chamber. Quietly she whispered a prayer to whatever god was listening to keep her returned cousin and her friends safe.

Moments later the two reappeared on the beach a short distance away from their counterparts.

Kat: We have to free the other's and then help Zedd and Mondo's counterparts.

Scott: Saba can free the other's while you and I distract the other's Rangers.

Kat: Let's do it.

Scott: Just like old times. Okay Saba you ready?

Saba: I am on my way White Ranger.

With that the Sabre was gone from his hand and was making his way towards the forcefield that imprisoned the Rangers. As Saba did this the two Ranger's stepped out from their hiding place. As they did the Silver Ranger turned and saw them.

E Scott: Hey guys look who is here. It's the remaining Ranger pests.

E Kat: Like lambs to the slaughter.

The two Rangers started to walk towards them when there was the sound of cutting and suddenly the forcefield that had surrounded the captive Ranger's dropped.

Tanya: We're free.

Scott: Good job Saba. Now let's take care of business guys It's Morphing Time.

The five nodded and bringing their Zeoniser's together the five were once more transformed into the Power Rangers Zeo.

Tommy: Let's teach these guys a lesson.

Scott: Wait we can't fight them like we did before. If we do we will only reach a stalemate.

Justin: Then what do you suggest we do. Stand here and let them kill us.

Scott: Nice to see you haven't changed in seven months Justin.

The other's all looked at the White Ranger curiously and underneath his helmet Scott grinned.

Scott: What we have to do is swap opponents. Instead of facing off against our counterpart fight one of the other's.

Billy: I see and if we do that we can beat them.

Tommy: Everyone ready.

E Tommy: Yeah is everyone ready to be destroyed.

Adam: The only one who is going to be destroyed is you.

The evil Ranger's laughed and then charged towards their counterparts, each intending to attack their counterpart. However the Ranger's were ready for this and each one changed position and went after one other evil Ranger's. Scott found himself face to face with the Red Ranger.

Scott: Okay you want a fight. Well, I will give you one.

Tommy did not reply and instead pulled his Sword from its pocket dimension and attacked the White Ranger who produced Saba and met his charge.

The battle raged for many minutes and each of the Ranger's found themselves slightly better than before in that they were facing someone other than themselves. At the Power Chamber Alpha looked up from the console and turned to Zordon.

Alpha: Zordon I have done it.

Skull: Done what?

Alpha: Found a way to return the Evil Ranger's to their universe.

Kim: How Alpha?

Alpha: By matching energy reading of the old portal I can now open one right on Angel Grove Cove and the Ranger's can send their counterparts through.

Zordon: Proceed at once Alpha. I shall contact the Ranger's and inform them at once.

Alpha nodded and then turned back to the console. Meanwhile back in the cove Billy heard his communicator beep.

Billy: Yes Zordon.

Zordon: Billy we have found a way to get rid of the Evil Rangers. We are going to open our own dimensional portal near your position. Your job is to get them through.

Billy: We'll take care of it Zordon.

Billy looked up and once again he met the charge of the Evil Green Ranger except this time he was ready and he met the charge with a kick to the chest and then a roundhouse kick to the helmet. Before the Ranger could retaliate he grabbed the Ranger and threw him into the opening portal.

Billy: One down six to go.

As Billy looked up he saw Zedd's monster making its way towards him.

Ultimate: Time to die Gold Ranger.

Billy: I don't think so. Golden Power Staff now.

At his command the staff appeared in his hand and the Gold Ranger attacked.

Across the battlefield the Gold Ranger's first success was continued as the Evil Ranger's fell. Quickly Scott dispatched Tommy back into the portal and his own dimension. Looking around he saw that Kat, Tommy, Justin and Tanya had gone to assist Billy while Tanya was attacking Adam who was not fighting back.

Adam: Please Tanya I don't want to fight you.

E Tanya: Pathetic simply because I remind you of your girlfriend. Well, you may not want to hurt me, but I on the other hand do.

Scott: Hold it there Tanya. My little Brother may not want to fight you, but I will.

E Tanya: Like you could.

Scott: Actually I don't have to fight you.

The evil Tanya turned to see the good Zedd, Mondo, Rito and Goldar walking towards her. Realising she was outnumbered Tanya turned and jumped through the portal and back to her own world.

Scott: You should go as well. I don't know how long the portal will remain open.

Zedd: We shall go, but one day when our universe is safe from the Ranger's tyranny we shall return and help you.

Scott: I look forward to that day when we meet again. Under better conditions.

With that they were gone leaving them alone. Scott turned and helped Adam back to his feet.

Scott: You okay?

Adam didn't answer at first and then.

Adam: Yeah I'm fine thanks for the assist.

Scott: Anytime, now let's help the other's.

Adam nodded and then he watched as the White Ranger ran to join the other Ranger's. Adam looked at him and whispered.

Adam: Scott is that you?

With that he followed the White Ranger and joined the other's.

Tanya: Hey what kept you?

Adam: Just your counterpart and I think I know who the White Ranger is.

Tanya: You do. How?

Adam: He called me Little Brother.

Tanya: There was only person who called you that and he's dead.

Adam: Is he?

Tanya: We'll answer that question later. Now let's help the others.

Adam nodded and then he joined the other's in attacking the monster. As they fought with the monster the Ranger realised that even though they were seven and the monster was only one they were no match and without much effort the monster had grabbed both Kat and Tanya by the throat.

Justin: What are we going to do now?

Tommy: I don't know. If we attack he could snap their necks before we get within a few metres of him.

Scott: I'll take care of it. You just be ready to attack.

Tommy nodded and then the White Ranger turned and walked towards the monster who was several metres away from him. When suddenly the White Ranger wasn't were he originally was and in fact was now stood behind the Ultimate.

Scott: Excuse me your shoe lace is untied.

Ultimate: Huhh.

The monster looked down as he did and was greeted by a roundhouse kick that caused him to drop both Ranger's.

Scott: I cannot believe you fell for that. Kat, Tanya are you two okay?

Both Kat and Tanya nodded and were already heading back into the battle. Even with Scott's little trick the Rangers were still no match and again the Ultimate threw them away with ease.

Billy: This is not going well.

Scott: Stay back guys. I'll finish this.

Kat: Be careful.

But he was already gone. Producing Saba he attacked the Ultimate and also defended himself from his attacks. After one such attack Scott stepped back.

Scott: It's time to finish this. Zeo VII. White Lightning Strike.

At his command his whole body seemed to change into a bolt of lightning and it struck the monster leaving in its wake nothing but rubble.

Justin: Man that was amazing.

Adam: Now let's find out who he is. Or rather if he is the person I think he is.

The others nodded and started to walk towards the White Ranger who turned and faced them.

Tommy: Nice work. Thank you for helping us.

Scott: That's not what you really want to say Tommy. You want to know who the White Ranger really is. Although Adam already knows, or suspects.

Adam: How do you know I suspect who you are?

Scott: When I called you Little Brother. I knew then you would work it out.

Adam: So I am right. You are Scott.

The White Ranger didn't answer and with a quick motion removed his helmet revealing the bearded face of Scott Crane.

For a second there was silence and then Kat spoke almost too softly to be heard.

Kat: Are you really yourself.

Scott: Take a wild guess.

With a couple steps Scott crossed the distance between himself and Kat and then kissed her.

Tanya: Scott's definitely himself, he's not lost his flair for the dramatic.

Scott: Thank you Tanya.

Then the Ranger's gathered around the returned Scott. They didn't notice Klank and Orbus appear nearby.

Klank: Now while they are distracted.

Orbus: Yeah let's make the Ultimate bigger.

With that Klank swung his smaller companion around his head and flung him at the wreckage that was Ultimate. With a blast of energy the monster was reborn and arose to a great height. On the ground the Ranger's saw the danger.

Tommy: I guess our reunion had better wait. Let's do it guys.

All: Right.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord Power Now.

At the command the five Zords were discharged from the Holding Bay and flew towards the Cove. Teleporting onboard them the Five prepared for battle.

Ultimate: Okay let's see what you've got.

The Ranger's complied and with that the five attacked the Monster using all their attacks and weapons on the monster. However this onslaught caused little damage to the Ultimate who laughed.

Ultimate: You guys are pathetic. How did you get your reputation in the first place.

Justin: Must have been the press.

Ultimate: That's a good idea Zeo Ranger III. Why don't I press something?

Without warning the Ultimate had grabbed Justin's Zord and lifted it above his head.

Ultimate: Okay Ranger's how about we play a little game.

Tanya: Sorry we don't play by your rules. Now release Justin.

Ultimate: If you insist and I hope you can catch.

With that he threw the Zord towards the four other Zords sending two of them crashing to the floor and their pilots Tanya and Adam falling to the ground beside Billy and Scott where they were joined a moment later by Justin.

Billy: Are you all right?

Justin: Once my head stops spinning I'll let you know.

Scott: Billy I think it's time to up the stakes.

Billy: Right. I call upon the power of Pryamdias.

At his command the great Zord appeared Billy teleported aboard.

Ultimate: Oh I'm so scared.

Billy: You will be. Pryamidas fire.

At his command the Pyramid fired the full force of its power at the monster who was blown off his feet. On the ground and in the Zords the Ranger's cheered.

Kat: Billy you did it.

Billy: I don't think I did. Look.

Everyone looked and saw the Ultimate getting to his feet.

Ultimate: That was your best effort. Well, get ready for a shocking time.

Out of nowhere things left the Ultimate's body and attached them to the three remaining Zords.

Tommy: Billy what are those things?

Billy: I don't know, but we should get them off.

Ultimate: Too late Zeo Ranger.

With that the Ultimate fired a bolt of energy at the three Zords and then everything started to go crazy.

Kat: What's going on? My controls are going crazy.

Tommy: Mine too. Billy what about you?

Billy: Same here. He must be using those devices to control the Zord's we have to get out of here.

The other's both acknowledged and with that they teleported from their Zords and joined the other's. As they did they watch as the three Zords were consumed by explosions and they collapsed to the floor.

Adam: He's totalled our Super Zeo Zords.

Tanya: We have to call the other Zeo Zords.

Billy: That wouldn't do any good Tanya. The Super Zeo Zords and stronger than the original ones. Use them and they would be stopped just as easily if not quicker.

Scott: Well, I guess it's time for me to see what my Zord can do.

Justin: Scott you have a Zord?

Scott: Yes, when I received the power I knew about it, but I haven't had to use it before now.

Tommy: Well, NOW's as good a time.

Scott: Okay here goes. I call upon the power of Colossus.

Somewhere above them in space a star begins to move towards the planet Earth. As it approaches we realise it's isn't a star but a giant machine.

On Earth the Ranger's watch as it lands.

Scott: Man that is incredible.

Saba: I suggest we take care of business.

Scott: Right Saba. Let's do it.

With that he leapt aboard into the small control room and sat down in the chair and activated the controls on the Zord as though he had been doing this for years instead of his first time at it's controls.

On the moon Zedd and Mondo watched aghast at the return of Scott Crane and the appearance of his Zord.

Zedd: I think I am getting one of Rita's headaches.

Mondo: I know what you mean.

Back on Earth the Ultimate slowly walked towards the new Zord.

Ultimate: So you've got a nice shiny Zord. Give five minutes and it will be a nice shiny wreck.

Scott: I'd like to see you try. Okay let's see what you can do.

With that he touched one of the controls and was surprised as the whole Zord lurched forward.

Scott: Man talk about sensitive controls.

Then he didn't have a chance to think as the Ultimate was upon him and he found that his Zord was being pounded on and forced backwards.

Ultimate: Well so much for the new Zord.

Inside the Zord Scott was almost thrown from the seat by the next blow.

Scott: I think it's time to stop playing around and show this monster what this Zord can really do.

Colossus: I wholeheartedly agree young Ranger.

Scott looked around puzzled at where the voice had come from.

Scott: Saba did you say that?

Saba: It was not me White Ranger.

Colossus: It was me. I will answer your question's later. However I suggest you finish this fight.

Scott: Right I call upon the power of the White Lightning Strike.

At his command the Zord transformed like it's operator into a bolt of lightning and struck out against the Ultimate and when the smoke had cleared the only thing there was the Zord.

Scott: So much for the Ultimate monster. Now who are you?

Colossus: I am Colossus. In answer to your next question I am a living presence that inhabits and brings life to your Zord.

Scott: So how did you get like this?

Colossus: I died.

Scott: Oh!!!

Colossus: I tire of this. We shall speak again White Ranger.

With that the voice fell silent and Scott touched one of the controls and sent the Zord back to the Holding Bay while he teleported back to the Power Chamber to answer the questions.

On the moon Zedd and Mondo watched as their carefully constructed plan fell apart.

Mondo: That White Ranger is really beginning to get on my nerves.

Zedd: Indeed, but now we know who he is and I have a plan that will destroy Scott Crane.

Rita: What is it Zeddie?

Zedd: Soon I will tell you and when I do so will the Power Ranger's fall.

Back at the Power Chamber a reunion was taking place. Zordon and Alpha watched from their positions as the Ranger's talked and welcomed back their friend.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon this is so emotional.

Zordon: Indeed Alpha. I too am overjoyed that Scott is alive and now reunited with his friends.

Suddenly Justin stopped and the other Ranger's glanced to see that he now had a concerned look on his face.

Scott: Justin what's wrong?

Justin: I've just thought of a minor problem.

Adam: Oh?

Justin: How do we explain that Scott is suddenly back. I mean everyone believes he is dead.

Kim: That's a problem

Scott: What did you tell people? I mean it's a little coincidental that I disappeared at the same time as the Silver Ranger and return just as a new Ranger appears.

Tommy: We told people that you and Kat had been in the park when an attack had happened and you had been unable to get out of the area. The seven Rangers appeared and protected you and during the fight the Silver Ranger went down and you went to his aid and even as you did an explosion consumed both of you.

Billy: The official report on your death was that you had been vaporised by the explosion and the only things left where a few scraps of clothing and a bit of blood.

Scott: Well, how about this. When the explosion struck the Silver Ranger triggered his teleportation device just as it hit and I was teleported away. When I recovered consciousness I had no memory of who I was or even where I was from. So I wandered around the country, until my memory returned.

Billy: Highly plausible.

Bulk: But how did you come to be back in Angel Grove?

Scott: My memory finally returned and I found myself near Angel Grove. So I made my way back here. When I bumped into you guys.

Skull: It's a good story. The question is will people believe it.

Tanya: Only one way to find out.

Tommy: Let's go to the Youth Centre.

The ten teleported and arriving a short distance from the Youth Centre they began their walk towards it. As soon as they walked in people looked up and seeing Scott stopped what they were doing. Across at the Juice Bar Ernie and Detective Stone were talking when they both looked up and saw him.

Ernie: Scott, but you're dead.

Scott smiled and then proceeded to explain the story of his disappearance and his return to the surprised crowd. Shortly after the crowd dispersed and the three Detective's returned to work leaving the Ranger's alone.

Adam: I can't believe it Bulk and Skull, know who we are and want to help us.

Billy: That's not the surprising thing. That Zordon asked me to make communicator's for the two of them so they can help us when there is an emergency. That's the surprise.

The group laughed and then all stopped as they saw Ernie was stood several metre off from them. Seeing them he walked over to them and then started to talk.

Ernie: So Scott you're the White Ranger now.

Scott who was taking a sip from his drink started to cough as he slowly put the drink down.

Scott: You think I'm the White Ranger, that's not possible he's been around a month and I've only been back a few hours

Ernie: Scott you don't need to hide your secret from me. I know you and the other's here are Power Ranger's.

Kim: How did you know and how long?

Ernie: Long before you left to go to Florida, but before Tommy showed up. People may think I don't notice what goes on around here, but I do. It was a bit strange that there would always be trouble in the city and you would disappear and then reappear after it was over. I didn't really think much of it until one day I saw the six of you teleport out of the Youth Centre and then I knew that I was right.

Tommy: So what are you going to do now that you know?

Ernie: Nothing your secret is safe with me and it always will be.

The big man turned and laughed leaving the Ranger's slightly shocked.

Kat: This has certainly been a week of surprises. What with Scott's return and now Bulk and Skull and Ernie learning our true identities.

Scott: Indeed I think you'll find life is still full of surprises. Some of them will be good and some undoubtedly bad, but you know what I think we can handle whatever life throws at us. I know after what I've been through I can.

Kat: You know something Scott. After everything that we've all been through lately I think we can handle everything that life throws at us.

Scott laughed and then the other's joined in. As they did part of Scott knew that the nightmare of what he had been through was not over.