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United We Stand
by Adam Pearlman

In the room were the Seven are the only sound apart from their own breathing is that of the constant communication directed at the Planet of Aquitar.

Billy: Rangers of Aquitar this is Billy please respond.

There is only static and the Seven fear for their friends and allies on Aquitar.

Billy: I'm sorry Zordon there just isn't any response. It could be a malfunction in the communication system but I don't think it is.

Zordon: There can be only one explanation.

Justin: The Destroyer has already been to Aquitar.

Zordon: Indeed and the Alien Rangers may not be in any condition to answer our call.

Billy: Then there is one thing to do.

Scott: What's that?

Billy looked at his six friends and before he could speak up Tommy answered for him.

Tommy: We have to travel to Aquitar to find out if they are okay and if they are bring them back here to help defeat the Destroyer.

Adam: Tommy's right we have to help them.

Zordon: Rangers if you go you may be leaving Earth defenceless against the Destroyer. And although the Alien Rangers would wish for your help they would not want you to abandon your planet in it's moment of need.

Scott: That's why I'm going to stay behind while the rest of you travel to Aquitar to enlist the help of the Aquitians.

Tommy: It's a good idea if the Destroyer does launch another attack you maybe able to hold him off until we get back.

Scott: That's what I thought.

Zordon: Very well Rangers then you must go immediately for the Destroyer will surely attack soon.

Scott: Yeah hurry back.

Kat: Well actually all of us won't be needed will we.

Billy: No not really why?

Kat: Well, I would like to stay here and keep an eye on things around here.

The other Rangers all looked at each other offering a slight grin or a raised eyebrow that neither Scott or Kat saw.

Scott: It's a good idea four fists are better than two.

Tommy: Well, we should get going.

Kat: Good luck.

Billy: Same to you.

Scott stepped forward and stood in front of Adam and Tanya.

Scott: Take care out there Bro.

Adam: You too.

Scott: By the way Tanya Thanks.

Tanya: For what!!!

Scott gave her a small smile and then stepped back leaving Tanya to shrug uncomprehending at his words.

Tommy: Okay guys let's do it. Back to Action

Then the five teleported out on their way to Aquitar.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon they will be okay won't they?

Zordon didn't answer and merely looked at them and Kat and Scott shared a look of concern.

Somewhere else in a fortress that now blots out any kind of light. Inside there is even less light and in the middle of the room sits the Destroyer.

Destroyer: My conquest of this planet will soon come to fruition.

Cloak: Not if Zordon and those Power Rangers of his get in the way.

Destroyer: They will not.

Cloak: It may interest you to know that five of the Rangers have left Earth possibly for Aquitar.

Destroyer: Why would they be going to Aquitar? Of course the Alien Rangers they are going to get some help.

Cloak: Well, My Lord this could be your opportunity to seize control of the world.

Destroyer: Yes, it is, but first Cloak tap into Zordon's computer system and drain the files on the Rangers dry.

Cloak: Why if may ask?

Destroyer: I want to know who the Rangers are so I can strike at their friends and family.

Cloak: As you wish Destroyer.

Cloak turned and scurried out of the room and entered a small room and began to push several buttons. Back at the Power Chamber Scott and Kat sat waiting for the next attack

Scott: So Kat why did you stay behind?

Kat: What tired of my company already?

Scott: What of course not I never get tired of being around you.

Kat was about to reply when the alarms went off.

Kat: Zordon what's happening?

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon someone is tapping into our systems.

Zordon: Shut down the main computer Alpha hurry.

The little droid didn't respond and hurried to comply with Zordon's request and in seconds the room darkened leaving the only light in the room from that of Alpha's chest panel and from Zordon's tube. Seconds later the lights again kicked in.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi that was close, but I think we stopped his download.

Scott: Who?

Zordon: The Destroyer.

Kat: Why would the Destroyer want to download the files in the Power Chambers computer and what files where they?

Alpha: According to this readout they were personnel files on you and the other Rangers.

Zordon: And also all those who were Power Rangers before you.

Scott: He's going to go after Kim.

Kat: I still don't understand why?

Scott: Think about if you were hurt we would contact Kim and ask her to take your place. It's same with the others.

Alpha: We have locate Jason, Zack, Trini, Rocky, Kim ...

Kat: And Aisha.

Zordon: Alpha locate the six at once and bring them here.

Alpha: I'm on it Zordon.

Scott: If it's any help Alpha, Kim is back in Florida and Rocky is in Stone Canyon

Alpha nodded and began to furiously push the buttons on his console and with two flashes of white Kimberly and Rocky materialised in the Power Chamber.

Kim: Scott, Kat what am I doing here?

Zordon: I shall explain once the others arrive Kimberly.

Within minutes three of the former Rangers had also arrived in the Power Chamber and for Zack and Trini it was there first time in the Power Chamber.

Zack: Man this place is incredible but what happened to the old Command Centre.

Zordon: It is a long story Zachary which the Rangers may tell you at another time.

Jason: I think some introductions are in order. This is Kat the current Pink Ranger and I am afraid I don't you.

Scott: Oh I'm Scott the Silver Ranger.

Greetings where quickly exchanged between the seven.

Scott: Alpha have you located Aisha yet?

Alpha: I am afraid I've only been able to pinpoint her village for some reason I cannot locate her.

Scott: Then one of us will have to go and find her.

Kat: I'll go.

Scott: No way it might be dangerous.

Kat: And the Destroyer might attack again and your needed here and I know Aisha.

Scott gave a small nod and Kat reached over and gave him a quick hug.

Kat: I'll be okay.

Alpha: I'm going to teleport you to just outside the village.

Kat: Thanks Alpha.

Zordon: Good luck and return to us soon.

Kat: I will Zordon.

Alpha touched the teleport console and Kat disappeared in a pink light.

Trini: Zordon what is going on, where's Tommy and Billy.

Jason: Billy's on Aquitar.

Scott: By now all of them should be on Aquitar.

Zack: Why are they on another planet and why would Billy be on another planet?

Zordon: I will attempt to answer all of your question. Billy and the other Rangers have travelled to Aquitar to check on the condition of the Alien Rangers. We believe that Aquitar may have been attacked by the Destroyer.

Rocky: Who's the Destroyer?

Scott: He's this guy who once ruled the universe before Zordon and whole load of good guys and bad guys stopped him. Unfortunately it appears it wasn't a permanent solution and twelve hours ago his spacecraft landed in the park. I was on my way to the Beach Club when I saw it land and investigated. I found myself in deep trouble and facing off against the Destroyer. I was no match for him and he used me as a punching bag.

Kim: I wondered why your face was covered in bruises.

Scott: Anyway after he left me for dead I contacted the others and we came here and while I went to see Ninjor about my powers the others faced off against the Destroyer.

Zordon: They were unsuccessful in stopping him and the Zords proved useless against him.

Scott: Even with my new Ninja powers we're seriously outmatched by this guy.

Zordon: We brought you here because the Destroyer discovered your identities and we knew he would destroy you.

Scott: So that's the full story guys.

Rocky: Anyway we can help we will.

Jason: Zordon where's Trey in all this shouldn't he be here helping us.

Scott: Of course, only Kim and Rocky knows.

Trini: Knows what?

Scott: That Billy is now the Gold Ranger.

Jason: I thought because of the Anti protons in his body the Gold power resisted infusion in to him.

Scott: Trey told me it was his destiny to be the Gold Ranger and now was the time that he would the receive the powers.

Trini: So how did you become a Ranger?

Scott: I came to Angel Grove and I was transformed into the Dark Ranger and I almost killed Kat and the others. After feeling slightly guilty for all of that Rita and Zedd used that against the Rangers and created a Clone of me with no decent emotions. He almost killed the Rangers before Zordon discovered it wasn't really me. He gave me the Silver power coin and we destroyed my Clone and for the last month and a half I've fought alongside the team.

Zack: Man some story.

Scott: Yeah it was, Alpha any word from Tommy or the others.

Alpha: None as yet.

Scott: Well, keep trying.

Alpha: I will.

Zordon: Scott you must be patient. Tommy will communicate with us when he can.

Scott nodded and settled down to wait. Meanwhile the aforementioned Rangers had arrived on Aquitar.

Justin: Look at this place. It looks as if I've been here.

Billy: Come on this way we have to find the Alien Rangers.

Following Billy the four turned and didn't see a figure cloaked in darkness raise a gun and point it at them. Without warning the figure fired and only quick reactions by the Rangers enabled them to avoid being hit by the weapon.

Tommy: Hold it, it's us, the Power Rangers.

Voice: Billy are you here?

Billy: Cestria is that you?

The figure stepped out of the darkness and into the light revealing it to be Cestria Billy's Aquitian girlfriend.

Cestria: Where are you?

Billy: I'm right in front of you.

Cestria: Please come towards me.

Tanya: Cestria what's wrong?

Cestria: I'm blind I can't see anything.

Billy: How?

Cestria: It all happened yesterday. I was helping the Alien Rangers with some minor modification to the computer when we were attacked. The Rangers morphed and defended themselves against our attacker but they were no match and he defeated them. I wanted to help so badly that I grabbed a prototype weapon and when I tried to fire it at him and it exploded in my face leaving me blind.

Billy: Cestria I am so sorry I should have been here.

Tommy: Don't blame yourself man there was nothing you could have done. This Destroyer is a powerful enemy.

Cestria: The Destroyer.

Adam: Yes, was he covered in armour all over his body.

Cestria: Yes, he was.

Justin: First he came here and then he is now on Earth, but why come here first.

Cestro: To eliminate any offer of help from us to you.

The five Rangers turned to see their friends the Alien Rangers stood there and the five found themselves smiling with relief.

Billy: Cestro is right, The Destroyer probably anticipated we would contact the Alien Rangers when he appeared so why not take out the help first.

Justin: Well, since the Aquitian's are okay I say we all go to Earth and kick the Destroyer's butt.

Delphine: I am afraid your enthusiasm maybe premature. The Destroyer is by far the most powerful you and we have faced and he is now more powerful than ever. We will need a serious plan to stop him and not just a rash attack.

Justin: Hey I was only trying to lighten the situation.

Delphine: This is a dangerous situation and is no time for levity.

Justin was about to reply when the look on Delphine's face made him think twice.

Tommy: We had better get back to Earth. We left Kat and Scott behind and they may need our help.

Cestria: Please Billy can I come with you?

Billy: Of course maybe we can find something that will cure your blindness.

Cestro: Thank you our attempts to restore Cestria's sight have all met with failure so far.

Tommy: Okay guys we have a long journey ahead of us.

Tanya: Let's do it.

The eleven turned and disappeared in their signature colours and headed back to Earth. Meanwhile Kat had arrived in Africa just out of sight of the Village. Looking at the small map Alpha had given her she began to walk in the direction of the Village. As she did she didn't notice that a sets of eyes where upon her.

Destroyer: As soon as she finds the former Ranger. Send in the Putties and kill them both. No change that kill the former Ranger and bring Katherine to me.

Cloak: May I inquire why My lord?

Destroyer: I have been too long without companionship and I think Katherine would make an excellent Dark Queen.

Cloak: I shall lead the attack myself.

Destroyer: See to it then.

Cloak: Yes, sire, by nightfall Katherine shall join the dark side forever.

Destroyer: Yes finally everything is going according to my plan.

The Destroyer began to laugh. Meanwhile back in Africa Katherine had arrived at the village to find everyone been unhelpful when she heard someone come up behind her and she turned and found herself face to face with an old woman.

Woman: Welcome child is there something I can help you with?

Kat: You speak English.

Woman: Yes, my name is Ishala and you are?

Kat: I'm Katherine but everyone calls me Kat. I've come here to find Aisha.

Ishala: I am afraid my child she is not here.

Kat: Do you know where she is. It's imperative that I find her. She is in danger.

Ishala: I shall take you to her at once.

The Woman turned and started to walk out of the village and Kat found herself struggling to keep up with Ishala's pace.

Kat: How far away is she?

Ishala: Not far and it will not take long for us to find her.

Kat nodded and continued to follow Ishala. Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber the alarms suddenly started to go off.

Rocky: Alpha what is it?

Alpha: Oh no Putties they are following Kat and that woman.

Scott: We had better warn them.

Alpha: I'm already on it.

Alpha bent over the console and began to play with the controls when he suddenly looked up at Zordon.

Alpha: Zordon I can't get through our communication frequencies are been jammed.

Scott: You mean we have no way of contact Kat.

Zordon: It would appear so.

Scott: Then there is no other choice I have to morph and teleport there.

Alpha: Oh no we've got another problem.

Rocky: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: Our teleportation system has been drained.

Zack: Meaning there is no way to teleport anyone here or to their location.

Alpha: Yes, I'm afraid so.

Scott: Alpha there has to be a way. I'm not going lose Kat.

Trini: Alpha drain energies from the non essential systems and channel it into the teleportation system.

Alpha: Yes, that might work. Good idea Trini.

For a few minutes the only noise was that of Alpha working at the console.

Zordon: Well Alpha.

Alpha: The teleportation system is ready to go.

Scott: I'm on my way. It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

With that Scott teleported out of the Power Chamber and to the plains of Africa. Meanwhile Kat and Ishala had finally found Aisha.

Ishala: Aisha I have a friend of yours here with me.

The former Yellow Ranger turned around from where she was stood and gasped in surprise and then her surprise turned to delight as she ran over and hugged her friend.

Aisha: Kat what are you doing here?

Kat: I came to find you. Your life is in danger I've come to bring you back to the Power Chamber.

Cloak: Hers is not the only life in danger Pink Ranger.

The three women turned to see Cloak stood there and behind him a whole group of Putties.

Cloak: You should be proud Katherine you have been selected to be the Dark Queen.

Kat: You will forgive me if I decline your generous offer.

Cloak: Oh you do not have a choice. Putties kill Aisha and the old woman and bring Katherine to me.

The Putties bowed and started to advance toward the three when a beam of silver light appeared between them and the girls.

Scott: Not so fast Putties. You want Kat then you are going to have to go through me first.

Cloak: Hardly a challenge.

Scott: That's what your boss said and I'm still here.

Cloak: Not for much longer. Destroy the Silver Ranger.

The Putties stopped the slow motion toward the three girls and charged towards Scott who was already moving towards them and then he was upon them in blur of movement.

Aisha: Man that guy is amazing.

Kat: He certainly is. I'd better help him. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Bringing her Zeonisers together the young woman was transformed into the Pink Zeo Ranger and she quickly joined in the battle, but it was to no avail for the two Rangers were outnumbered and more Putties were arriving as they took one down.

Scott: We've have to get out of here.

Kat: What about Ishala?

Scott: We will have to take her as well.

Kat nodded and the two ran beside the two women.

Kat: Okay let's teleport.

The four teleported out just as the Putties lunged forward in another attack and moments later the four found themselves back in the Power Chamber.

Rocky: Guys your okay!!!

Aisha: We are thanks to the Silver Ranger.

Scott: Name's Scott and your welcome.

Kat: Good thing you turned up when you did. I wasn't ready to become the Destroyer's Dark Queen.

Scott: Anytime.

Kat smiled and she gave a quick peck on the cheek that made Scott blush slightly.

Zordon: I am pleased to see that the two of you are safe and sound and I am pleased to welcome Aisha back and her friend Ishala.

Aisha: How do you know her name?

Zordon: I have been monitoring you since you left the Rangers just in case you need our help.

Ishala: That was a very wise thing you did. Could you send me back to my Village?

Zordon: As you wish. Alpha.

As Alpha prepared to transport the old woman back home Aisha gave a small look of concern.

Ishala: Do not worry child I shall be fine. Now if you wouldn't mind.

Giving Aisha a quick hug Ishala nodded to Alpha who teleported her home.

Scott: Zordon has there been any word from Tommy and the others.

Zordon: Unfortunately not Scott and I am know becoming very concerned for the other Rangers well being.

Rocky: Well, worry no longer Zordon they are teleporting in now.

The eleven teleported in and materialised in the Power Chamber and were surprised when they saw all the former Rangers.

Tommy: Guys what are you doing here? Zordon why are they here?

Scott: The Destroyer tapped into our computers and identified all the former Rangers making them targets for him to attack.

Kat: Alpha teleported them all except for Aisha whom I went to get only to get attacked by the Putties and fortunately thanks to Scott we made it back here.

Scott: Yeah and we have another problem the Putties seemed even stronger than our first encounter and the Destroyer seems to have a unhealthy interest in Kat.

Billy: Why what does he want with you?

Kat: He wants me to be his Dark Queen.

Delphine: Well, we shall make sure that never happens.

Meanwhile the Destroyer was learning of Cloak's failure.

Destroyer: Unbelievable you had the girl right where you wanted and you let her get away.

Cloak: It was most unfortunate that the Silver Ranger came upon the scene. It seems that he too has an interest in Katherine.

Destroyer: It would seem that way. However your incompetence does not matter. I shall still have me Dark Queen. Summon Demon and send him to Angel Grove with the instructions to bring Katherine to me and destroy the rest.

Cloak bowed and turned and scurried out of the room. Back at the Power Chamber the twelve Rangers were relaxing when the alarm went off.

Justin: Zordon what is it?

Zordon: As I feared the Destroyer has begun another assault on Angel Grove.

Tideus: The Demon.

Adam: Who?

Aurico: The Demon was one of the Destroyer's most feared warriors. If he has released him on Angel Grove then he intends to destroy all life in the city.

Scott: Let's get out there and perform an exorcism.

Delphine: We must combine our forces.

Tommy: Right Back to Action.

Delphine: It's Morphing Time.

All: Rangers of Aquitar we need full power.

The twelve Rangers arrived in the city to see more Putties and the Demon menacing people.

Demon: Ah welcome Rangers to your doom.

Kat: The only one who is going to their doom is you.

Demon: You should feel proud Katherine you have been giving a choice to live and rule by the Destroyer's side.

Scott: As I said before, you want Kat you're going to have go through me... I mean us.

Demon: If you insist. Destroy them Putties and bring Katherine to me.

With an wave of his hand the Putties attacked the twelve Rangers and they found themselves under assault from every side and the Rangers were surprised by the strength of the assault.

Adam: Man these guys are even worse than before.

Scott: Don't worry we can handle these clayheads.

Aurico: I hope you are right my young friend.

The three returned to the fight and meanwhile with the other Rangers distracted he walked towards the distracted Pink Ranger and grabbed her.

Demon: Hello Katherine care to go for a little trip.

Kat screamed and Scott turned to see The Demon stood over her and some kind of portal forming.

Scott: Hold on Kat I'm coming.

Demon: Restrain him Putties.

As Scott made his way towards the two, Putties grabbed him from every side and tried to prevent him from moving and slowly he was pulled down as the Putties attacked him.

Kat: Scott help me.

From deep within himself Scott suddenly found the strength to fling the Putties off him and continue his charge to Kat's rescue.

Demon: Too late Ranger.

The portal fully formed and the Demon picked up Kat and flung her into the portal and with that it began to close. Putting every ounce of strength into his next move Scott dived towards and through the portal before it closed. Adam watched the actions of his friend.

Adam: Oh man, Zordon this Adam. Kat and Scott have just disappeared through some kind of portal.

Zordon: We just lost them on our sensors. We shall continue to look for them, but for now continue the fight.

Tommy: I think we're in serious trouble without Kat we can't form either Megazord.

Billy: Don't worry the remote system I developed will activate the Pink Zeo Zord and Super Zeo Zord even without it user around.

Tommy: Great work Billy because I think we're going to need it.

Demon: Rangers the time has come to face the power of the Demon.

The Demon suddenly glowed brightly and then tendrils of energy exploded from him and the ten Rangers were knocked off their feet.

Tommy: Billy, Delphine and the rest of you distract him while we bring together the Power Cannon.

Billy: Distraction getters coming up.

The six Rangers ran towards the Demon making him now divide his attention among the ten.

All: Zeo Power Cannon.

Justin: Okay Demon you're going down.

With that they fired the Power Cannon and it struck the Demon with such force that he was sent crashing backwards through one of the abandoned buildings.

Tanya: Yes, another one bites the dust.

Tideus: I do not think it's over yet Tanya look.

The ten looked and suddenly the ground began to shake and suddenly the Demon was towering above them.

Demon: Now you insects shall pay.

Delphine: We better call the Battle Borgs.

All: Battle Borgs the Alien Rangers of Aquitar call upon you now.

With their command the five Battle Borgs appeared.

Delphine: Let's do it.

The five Alien Rangers ran forward and there Borgs attacked the Demon and for a few moments it seemed like they were winning and then the Demon struck with force and the Battle Borgs were flung to the floor and the Rangers themselves were knocked to the floor and lay their motionless.

Tommy: Alpha teleport the Alien Rangers back to the Power Chamber.

Alpha: Right Tommy.

The five teleported out and back to the Power Chamber leaving the five Rangers alone.

Tommy: Okay guys it's up to us. Super Zeo Zord power now.

The five Zords came and the four Rangers teleported aboard them.

Tommy: Okay guys we need to go straight to full strength. We need Super Zeo Megazord power up.

The five Zords transformed and merged into the Super Zeo Megazord.

Justin: Okay Demon you're going down.

Demon: Come on then give it your best shot.

Tommy: Okay guys let's do it.

All: We call upon the power of the Super Zeo Zord Sabre.

At the command the two swords became one and swung directly towards the Demon who merely reached out one hand and stopped it.

Demon: Well, that was good.

Adam: Billy we need some help.

Billy: Right I call upon the power of Pryamida's.

At his command the Golden Power Staff appeared in his hand and shot a beam of golden energy into the heavens and the giant Zord appeared and Billy teleported inside.

Billy: Okay Pryamida's power up.

Demon: I will trash your Pyramid like I did the Alien Rangers Battle Borgs.

Billy: That's what you think. Pryamida's fire.

The beam of golden light struck the Demon and the Demon was sent crashing backwards.

Demon: That won't stop me, but this will stop you.

Firing a bolt of energy it hit the Super Zeo Megazord and sent it crashing to the floor and knocked Pryamida's backwards.

Tommy: Begin Zeo Ultrazord transformation now.

At Tommy's command the Pryamidas's began it transformation and the Super Zeo Megazord entered it completing the transformation.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

The energy gathered in the centre of the Ultrazord and it fired sending the Demon back to the floor and this time he was hurt.

Demon: You may have won this time but I will be back and the ultimate victory will belong to the Destroyer.

Adam: Quick let's fire again.

Tommy: Right let's do it.

But before any of the Rangers could act the Demon vanished.

Justin: Rats we almost had him.

Billy: We'll stop him next time.

Tanya: Let's get back to the Power Chamber maybe Zordon has found Kat and Scott by now.

The five teleported out and sent the Zords back to their hiding place and moments later arrived back at the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Welcome back Power Rangers I am pleased to see that the five of you are all safe.

Tommy: We're fine Zordon but what about the Alien Rangers and Scott and Kat.

Alpha: The Alien Rangers are fine. I teleported them to the nearest body of water so they could rehydrate and we have also managed to restore Cestria's sight.

Billy: How did you do that?

Jason: We used eye drops.

Billy: I wouldn't have thought of that.

Rocky: That because you think of complex solutions to problems.

Billy: Are you okay now Cestria?

Cestria: My eyesight is still a bit unfocused and blurred but I am feeling much better all the time.

Adam: Well, we needed some good news, but what about the others.

Zordon: I am afraid we have been unable to locate them and we have no way of finding them at present.

Tommy: There has to be something we can do Zordon?

Alpha: I'm afraid not Tommy. Wherever they are it is blocking any of our communication frequencies with some kind of jamming shield.

Justin: Can't you find a way past the shield to locate them.

Alpha: No we can't because we don't even know where it is coming from.

Adam: So unless they find a way to signal us or get past the jamming shield they are on there own.

Zordon: Yes, that is correct I am afraid that Katherine and Scott are lost somewhere on Earth with no way for us to help them.

Justin: Man what do we do now?

Tommy: I don't know Justin, I just don't know.

Meanwhile as for the aforementioned Rangers they have found themselves in a dark room with no windows and no doors.

Scott: Where are we?

Kat: Scott you came after me?

Scott: Of course I did I... I mean I'm a Ranger we look after each other don't we.

Kat: Yeah now let see if we can contact Zordon and get out of here.

Touching her communicator she spoke into it only for her to receive static.

Destroyer: Your communication device will not work here and you will never leave this place.

Scott: Wrong Destroyer one way or the other we are leaving. Kat let's teleport.

Kat: Right.

The two touched their teleporters and instead of teleporting out they stayed where they were and to farther compound their dangerous situation they demorphed.

Destroyer: As I said you will not leave unless I wish it and I do not.

Kat: What do you want Destroyer?

Destroyer: Why Katherine I am so glad you asked. I want you to be my Dark Queen.

Scott: No way as I said to your goon if you want Kat you're going to have to go through me.

Destroyer: As you wish.

The Destroyer moved so fast that Scott did not even have chance to scream as his right arm was broken by the sheer force of the Destroyer. Dropping to the floor holding his now useless arm Scott watched as the Destroyer turned to Kat.

Destroyer: You have seen how easy it was for me to break his right arm. I will break another bone in his body every hour unless you agree to be my Dark Queen and then I will let him live. You have one hour before I break his leg choose fast Katherine or risk watching your friend die in pain. Ha Ha Ha.

The End... for now