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The Dark Queen
by Adam Pearlman

His words hung in the air as the others stood there in disbelief in what they had just heard.

Justin: No way you have to be wrong.

Scott: I'm not I wish I were, but Kat is now the Dark Queen and any good that was in her is either gone or buried deep within her.

Tanya: We cannot just accept that Scott. Zordon we have to find a way to help her.

Zordon: As much as I wish there were a way to help Kat there isn't. If the Destroyer has used his powers to transform Kat then I am afraid Scott is correct and Katherine and the Pink Zeo Powers maybe lost forever.

Billy: Zordon you said that maybe Kat is lost forever. Then there might still be a chance to bring her back.

Zordon: Yes, Billy there is one chance but it is very slim.

Scott: Whatever it is Zordon I will take it.

Adam: Hold on I thought you had given up on Kat.

Scott: Not as long as there is chance to save her.

Tommy: Zordon what do we have to do to save Kat?

Zordon: The opportunity to save her lies within her itself.

Billy: The Pink Zeo Crystal.

Zordon: Correct Billy the power of the Pink Ranger is still within Katherine if we had a way to access it we could maybe use it to destroy the evil that now inhabits Kat's body.

Justin: And how do we do that exactly?

Zordon: One of you must confront her and attempt to bring Katherine's true personality back. If that person is successful then her Ranger powers will be restored and so will she.

Scott: I have got your volunteer right here.

Tommy: No way Scott you're hurt and need time to recover. I'll go.

Scott: Tommy I got her into this mess in the first place I have to straighten it all out.

Tommy reluctantly nodded and shook his hand.

Tommy: Okay, but just be careful out there.

Scott: I will. Okay Zordon I'm ready to go.

Alpha: I'm afraid we can't teleport you yet Scott.

Scott: Why not?

Billy: With all the long distance teleportation we have been doing in the last few days the system has broken down and it's going to take a while to repair it.

Scott: Billy, Kat might not have long.

Cestro: Do not worry in a couple of hours the teleportation system will be back to normal.

Scott: I hope so I really do.

Meanwhile in the Antarctic fortress of the Destroyer. He along with his new Queen survey the destruction that has already been brought to Angel Grove.

Kat: Is it not a beautiful sight my Lord.

Destroyer: Indeed it is my Queen. However it is only buildings I intend to bring total darkness to the city of Angel Grove.

Kat: How do you intend to do that?

Destroyer: Quite simple I will destroy all the Power station's in Angel Grove thus leaving its citizens without power and heat.

Kat: Excellent my Lord but what about the Rangers?

Destroyer: Perhaps I will let you destroy them. After all you are there friend and they would not harm you.

Kat: I would like that very much, my chance to prove my undying loyalty to you.

Destroyer: You shall indeed Cloak come here at once.

At his command the cloaked figure entered the room and bowed before his master.

Cloak: Yes, master you summoned me.

Destroyer: I did. You will take a squadron of Putties to one of Angel Grove's power stations and destroy it.

Cloak: Master if I may say so. The Rangers will undoubtedly interfere.

Destroyer: Of course fool and when they come you will fight them but only for a while and then you will retreat and attack the second target.

Cloak: Master I do not understand?

Destroyer: There are several power stations I want you to attack each one and wait for the Rangers to come. When they come you will fight with them, but then you will leave and go to another one which will make them follow you and you will follow the same pattern.

Cloak: Yes, I understand we will use this tactic to tire the Rangers out and then they will be easier to destroy.

Destroyer: Yes now you understand. Now go and do not fail.

Cloak turned and scurried out of the room.

Kat: He will fail the Rangers are more powerful than him or those Putties.

Destroyer: Exactly that is when you will go and destroy them all.

The Destroyer began to laugh and Kat joined in. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber while Billy and Alpha continued to work on the teleportation system Scott found himself wandering out of the Chamber and out onto the mountainside were the only light was from the end of the tunnel leading back to the Chamber. Standing there in the total darkness knowing that Kat's time is running out. Suddenly footsteps behind him make him turn to see his cousin Kim and slightly further back Adam.

Kim: Hey how you doing?

Scott: Oh I'm fine considering I've got a broken arm and badly bruised ribs.

Kim: I didn't mean that and you know that.

Scott: Oh I know what you really meant, but I don't want to talk about it Kim.

Kim: Come on Scott I know you blame yourself.

Scott: It was my fault. I should of done something, instead I let her be transformed into the Dark Queen.

It was then that Adam spoke up.

Adam: Scott you know as well as I do how powerful the Destroyer is. There was no way on your own you could have stopped him.

Scott remained silent for a long time and both Kim and Adam shared concerned looks when Scott began to laugh.

Scott: You know it's weird a year ago I would not have cared what happened to someone as long as I wasn't affected.

Adam: What happened to change you into the person you are now.

Scott: My Parent's deaths. I've always wondered in the back of mind if there wasn't something I could have done to prevent it happening. So when I became a Ranger I decided that I would do anything I could to prevent any of you being hurt or worse being killed.

Adam: I always wondered why you where so reckless.

Scott: Reckless me. I don't think so.

Adam: So jumping into a travel portal after Kat was thrown into it by a madman just to rescue her and you don't call that reckless.

Scott looked over at him and was about to reply when their communicators beeped.

Scott: Yes Zordon.

Zordon: You and Adam are needed you must return here at once.

Adam: We're on our way Zordon.

The two turned and followed by Kim made their way back into the Power Chamber were all the Rangers with the exception of Kat were already assembled.

Tommy: We've got big trouble guys. The Putties have reappeared near one of Angel Grove's Power Stations.

Tanya: If they destroy that they could blackout part of the city.

Zordon: I am afraid we have another problem Rangers. Please observe the Viewing Globe.

The group turned to look at the globe and to their surprise they saw a couple of familiar faces.

Adam: Gaskett and Archerina. What are they doing here?

Billy: Who knows but they couldn't have appeared at a worse time.

Zordon: Rangers both situations require your immediate attention.

Tommy: We will have to split up.

Zordon: Scott you must go to the Power Station and deal with the Putties. Tommy you and the Alien Rangers must go to the city and battle Gaskett, Archerina and the Cogs.

Tommy: We can't let Scott go off on his own.

Scott: I won't be on my own. I'll call on Ninjor and if that's not enough you guy's are only a teleport away.

Billy: In which time you could be killed.

Scott: Gee Billy you sure know how to make people feel confident.

The Gold Ranger blushed and turned away.

Tommy: Well be careful Scott we don't know what the Destroyer has planned.

Scott: You too.

Tommy: Right let's do it. Back to Action.

The Ten teleported out leaving Scott with the former Rangers and Alpha.

Zordon: Scott the reason I asked you to go on your own to the Power Station is that Katherine is there and I believe you can reach her and bring her back from the darkness.

Scott: I will do my best Zordon.

Zordon: I know you will Scott.

Kim: Scott are you sure your up to this?

Scott: No I'm not, but for Kat's sake I have to try.

Jason: Good luck and may the power protect you.

Scott: I hope it does. Back to Action.

With that cry Scott teleported out of the Power Chamber and arrived at the Power Station to find it totally deserted. Starting to walk deeper into the area Scott couldn't help but feel he was being lured into a trap.

Scott: Come out, Come out wherever you are.

Kat: We're right here Ranger.

Whirling around at the sound of Kat's voice Scott finally located the transformed girl stood on the top gantry of the Station. Before Scott could even start to speak Putties descend from everywhere and they attacked him.

Scott: Kat don't do this.

Kat: I am the Dark Queen it is my duty as the Evil Empress of the Universe.

Scott: Kat you're not evil, your a Power Ranger you fight for good against evil not the other way around.

Kat: You try to confuse me. Putties destroy him.

Again the Putties attacked and Scott found himself outnumbered.

Scott: I hope the others are having better luck than me.

Meanwhile in the city the Rangers had arrived to confront Gaskett.

Gaskett: Ah so you have arrived as my new Master knew you would.

Tommy: What are you up to Gaskett?

Gaskett: I believe you humans have an expression. Yes, that it, we are here as pest control.

Justin: Pest Control I think the delusions of being the leader of the Machine Empire have gone to your head.

Gaskett: Not quite Power Brat. I have given up my efforts to rule the Machine Empire and have joined the Destroyer. After all he will give me millions of planets to rule instead of the pitiful few my Father rules.

Delphine: Not if we have anything to say about it.

Archerina: You shall not. Now as the Destroyer has commanded you must be destroyed.

Gaskett: Cogs...

Gaskett paused in his command as a bolt of light appeared between the two factions and a group of Tengas appeared alongside.

Billy: Goldar, Rito.

One of the Tengas turned and started to make his way towards the Rangers when Goldar stopped him.

Goldar: Remember Lord Zedds command no Ranger is to be harmed by us. For the moment we have a common enemy.

Gaskett: So you think you can stop us do you.

Rito: Go ahead make our day.

Gaskett: If you insist. Attack.

The two henchmen of Zedd and the Tengas ran forward and began to fight with the Cogs leaving the Rangers very confused.

Tanya: Are they saying we are on the same side?

Billy: Remember what Zordon told us.

Adam: Yeah he fought alongside Rita and Zedd the last time the Destroyer was around. It makes sense that the Destroyer would want revenge on them as well.

Justin: So do we join in this fight or let the two forces beat each other senseless.

Delphine: They may have been our enemies in the past and undoubtedly in the future they will again, but for now as they said we have a common enemy.

Tommy: This goes everything I have fought for as a Ranger, but Delphine is right. Let's do it guys.

The ten Rangers quickly ran into the fight and attacked the Cogs. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber Zordon, Alpha and the others had watched this development with interest.

Alpha: Zordon I'm receiving a transmission from the moon. Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi it's Lord Zedd.

Zordon: What do you want Zedd?

Zedd: Just contacting you for a friendly chat. As you might have noticed I have sent Rito and Goldar along with the Tengas to aid your Rangers. This means until the Destroyer is destroyed we have a truce and neither of our forces will attack each other.

Jason: We'll keep our side of the truce, but I don't trust you to. I think you'll switch sides as soon it looks like things aren't going your way.

Zedd: I'm hurt Jason after all this time I've known you and yet you still don't trust me.

Zordon: And he has every right to do so Zedd. I don't trust you either, but you're help maybe the factor which allows us to defeat the Destroyer.

Zedd: Excellent I shall contact you every so often for an update on our progress and your plans to defeat him.

Zedd's image faded from the Viewing Globe and as it did Alpha began shake his head.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Allied with Lord Zedd. What's next?

Zordon: I do not know Alpha, but it was the right thing to do. Now contact the Rangers and inform of this new development.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

The little droid bent down and started to communicate with the Rangers while Zordon looked over at his former Rangers whom all had angry looks on their faces.

Zordon: I know what you are thinking Rangers.

Kim: Well, you should tell the Rangers to watch out or they might find a knife stuck in their back when this over.

The other Rangers all looked shocked at the surprising remark from their normally peaceful friend.

Trini: Kimberly what are you saying?

Kim: I'm saying I think Jason is right. Zedd is not trustworthy, back when he found the Shogun Zords he held me prisoner draining away my energy as well as my life so that the other Rangers would pilot the Zords for him. He said he would have freed me, but he didn't it was left to Tommy to risk his life to save me.

Rocky: I remember, man those few weeks were some of the baddest we had as Rangers.

Zordon: Rangers I realise you all have reason to hate Zedd and Rita for their actions, but we need their help.

Aisha: Zordon's right with the extra help we might be able to stop the Destroyer.

Rocky: Yeah I mean this has reminded me of an old proverb. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer.

The others all nodded even if they still did not like the idea of working with their mortal enemy. Meanwhile back at the Power Station Scott was finding it hard work to deal with the Putties as well as try and help Kat.

Scott: Ninjor I summon you.

With that cry the Ninja Master appeared beside him.

Ninjor: I am here Scott.

Scott: I need you to keep the Putties occupied while I try and get through to Kat.

Ninjor: Just watch me stop those Putties.

The Ninja Master turned and waded into the onrushing Putties and Scott smiled under his helmet. Looking around he saw the object of his search and he quickly turned and started to climb the steps when in front of him another group of Putties appeared.

Scott: Can't you find somebody else to bother.

The Putties shook their heads and started to attack Scott who simply grabbed the first Putty and threw him into the rest knocking them down and he continued on. As he made his way onto the third gantry he saw the bomb.

Scott: Oh no if that goes off this whole place will go up. I have to see if I can switch off.

As Scott walked towards it he was suddenly thrown from his feet and the Ranger turned to see Kat stood behind him with her eyes and hands glowing.

Kat: Do not touch that bomb Ranger.

Scott: Sorry Kat I'm not going to let you blow this place up.

Kat: How will you stop me? You are outnumbered.

Scott: I'm not going to be the one who stops the bomb you are.

Kat: Me how do you figure that out?

Scott: Because you are a caring person who wouldn't hurt a fly and destroying this Power Station will hurt millions in Angel Grove.

Kat: I do not care about anyone, they are all beneath me.

Scott: Think about all the little kids in the hospitals who need the power to keep their little heart beating or their lungs going and then think about what happens without power. Their hearts will stop beating and the lungs will stop going and they will die painfully. Can you live with all of that I know I couldn't.

As Scott said the words he saw that they were having an effect on her and the strain on her face as she struggled to reassert her real personality.

Kat: No, I am the Dark Queen I am feared by everyone and I don't care about little children I don't.

Suddenly Scott knew how he would finally get through to her. With a quick motion of his hand he removed his power coin allowing him to demorph and stand in front of Kat no longer as the Silver Ranger but as Scott Crane.

Scott: Kat come back to me I care for you a great deal more than as friend in fact I love you.

As Scott said the words part of him immediately wished he hadn't and then he looked in her direction and saw she was know collapsed onto her knees and then she screamed a short and sharp cry and then she passed out on the gantry way. Running to her side Scott carefully rolled her over onto her back and raised her head.

Scott: It's going to be okay Kat I'm here.

The young woman moaned and then her eyes opened and for a second she looked around as though she didn't know where she was and then she focused on Scott.

Kat: Scott where are we?

Scott: You mean you don't remember being the Dark Queen and kicking my butt.

Kat: The last thing I remember is the illusion that we had escaped and then we were back in our cell.

Scott: Kat that was almost five hours ago. We've been trying to find a way to rescue you.

Kat: Well, you brought me back, but what did you say?

Scott: I just appealed to the side of good in you and it worked.

Kat: Thank you anyway.

Scott: Oh no the bomb.

Kat: What bomb?

Scott: Oh the one you planted to destroy this place.

The two Rangers quickly ran towards where the bomb was sat and the numbers ticked down towards zero.

Kat: Scott lets go quickly before it blows.

Scott nodded and the two quickly started to run and then the bomb hit zero and the placed exploded and Scott and Kat vanished in the smoke from the explosion.

Meanwhile back in the city the Rangers were finding themselves struggling to contain the Cogs.

Tanya: Tommy we need some help.

Tommy: Maybe Scott can teleport to help us. Zordon this is Tommy can you contact Scott and ask him to come here we need his help.

Zordon: I am afraid we have not been able to contact Scott and we have just detected a massive explosion at his location.

Tommy: We're on our way Zordon. Guys we have to go.

Justin: Why what's up?

Tommy: Zordon's lost contact with Scott and they detected an explosion at the Power Station.

Adam: What about the Cogs?

Tideus: We shall deal with them. Go and help your friend.

Tanya: We're out of here.

The five teleported out and then the Alien Rangers returned to the fight. Moments later the five appeared in the remains of the Power Station.

Tanya: Look at this place, do you think Scott's okay?

Adam: Knowing Scott he's probably come through this without a scratch.

Tommy: What's that over there?

The five turned to see where their Leader was pointing.

Justin: It looks like a blue hand.

Both Adam, Billy and Tommy looked at each other.

Billy: Ninjor!!!

The three former Ninja Warriors ran forward and started to clear the wreckage away from their friend and finally they cleared the last piece away to reveal a very battered looking Ninjor. Reaching out the Rangers helped Ninjor back to his feet who seemed very surprised to see the five.

Ninjor: Rangers what are you doing here?

Tanya: Zordon detected an explosion here and he's lost contact with Scott. Do you know where he is?

Ninjor: He was on one of the gantries with Kat.

Tommy: Kat she's here?

Ninjor: Yes, she and the Putties had planted a bomb and I was keeping the Putties busy while Scott tried to free Kat from the Destroyer's spell. I believe he was successful when the bomb went off and I lost track of the two.

Tanya: Can you find them?

Ninjor: Yes, with Scott's connection to the Ninja power I think I can. That way Rangers.

The five quickly followed the Ancient Ninja who ran towards the centre of the Station. The six looked everywhere for a sign of their two friends when Tanya stopped.

Tanya: Guys over here.

The five turned and joined her and saw what she saw.

Justin: Blood do you think it's there's.

Tommy: We'll know in a few minutes, let's dig them out.

The six started to pull the debris away and as they did more patches of blood appeared and the Rangers began to quicken their pace until finally they found.

Adam: Kat, Scott.

The two Rangers looked up at their friends and smiled.

Kat: What kept you guys?

Tommy: Oh just a little bit of trouble with Cogs. Are you two okay?

Kat: I'm okay just a little shaken, it's Scott who needs help.

Justin: I've been saying he needs help for weeks.

Scott: Justin you are not funny.

The Rangers quickly helped Scott and Kat climb out of the wreckage.

Billy: So what happened?

Kat: It's a bit vague really. I think Scott grabbed me and jumped over the side before the bomb went off and he then took the brunt of the falling debris.

Scott: It feels as if the whole of the gantry fell on top of me.

Adam: It probably did. Come on let's get the two of you back to the Power Chamber.

The eight teleported out and moments later arrived at the Power Chamber. With a big smile Kim turns and ran over and gave Scott a hug.

Kim: Thank god you're okay.

Scott: I'm fine Kim, it's hurts too much to be dead.

Kim: Kat are you okay?

Kat: I'm fine now thanks to Scott.

Zordon: Rangers I am pleased to see that you are all safe. Scott you and Katherine must remain here and recover from the explosion, while the rest of you must return to the fight.

Tommy: We're on our way Zordon. Back to Action.

The five Rangers along with Ninjor disappeared back to the fight.

Kat: Well, if everyone will excuse me I think I am going to go and take a shower. Kim could you go to my house and get me some clean clothes.

Kim: Sure Kat I'll do it right now.

Kim teleported out to quickly perform this errand while Kat hurried to use the Power Chamber's shower. Meanwhile Alpha tended to Scott new cut's and bruises.

Scott: Alpha how's Angel Grove coping with the destruction of the Power Station.

Alpha: Part of the city is on emergency power, we have picked up a transmission that the hospitals are using any generator they can find to keep their equipment working.

Scott: Man if I'd been a little quicker that might not have been necessary.

Trini: You don't know that, but at least you and Kat are safe.

Scott: I suppose that's one good thing that I've... I mean we've got Kat back. Zordon I have to get back out there the other's may need my help.

Zordon: What you need to do is rest Scott. After all you've been through in the past day or so has left you tired and you are still recovering from your injuries.

Scott opened his mouth to protest when Zordon spoke again.

Zordon: If they need your help I shall allow you to go, but until or if they even require your assistance you must remain here and relax.

Scott was about to say something when he realised Zordon was right, he was tired.

Scott: Okay I'll, but if they need me I'm going to help them.

Meanwhile back at the battle the return of the Five Rangers and Ninjor had again shifted the tide of battle in their favour.

Cestro: Your arrival is both fortunate and timely. Were you able to find Scott.

Billy: We did the good news is that Kat's been freed from the Destroyer's spell and is okay, unfortunately the power station was destroyed.

Cestro nodded and then he and Billy returned to the fight. Somehow during the fight Tommy found himself battling Cogs and Putties alongside Goldar.

Goldar: This is just like old times Green Ranger.

Tommy: I prefer to only look towards the future and forget my time as Green Ranger.

Goldar: That is a shame we were a perfect team.

Tommy started to reply when out of nowhere he was thrown from his feet by an arrow which had landed and exploded within centimetres of his feet and the Red Ranger looked up to see Archerina stood there and her bow now turning into a sword.

Archerina: I think it's time to make this even more up close and personal.

Tommy responded by calling for his power weapon and met Archerina charge. Across from him Billy was now facing off against Gaskett.

Gaskett: Give it up Gold Ranger your friend Jason could not defeat me, so neither could you. Surrender your powers to me and I will ask the Destroyer to let you live.

Billy: Sorry I was never very good at falling on my sword.

Gaskett looked puzzled by Billy remark allowing the Gold Ranger to push Gaskett back. Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber the others watched as the battle continued to rage.

Scott: Zordon the situation getting worse out there. I have to go and help them.

Zordon: I agree go now and let the power protect you.

Scott turned and was about to pull his morpher from behind his back when the door to the outer chamber opened and Kat stepped through. Although her hair was still damp she was now back in her normal colour of pink and any trace of the Dark Queen was gone.

Kat: Count me in.

Scott: Are you sure you're up to this?

Kat: No, but the others need our help.

Scott: Then let's do it. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

The two teleported out and landed in the city and quickly ran to join the others.

Kat: Hey Tommy need a hand.

Tommy: I wouldn't say no to a helping or two.

Scott: Well, you got them right here. The Silver and Pink Ranger are back in action.

Tommy was about to speak when a booming voice interrupted him and the three turned to see the Destroyer stood there.

Destroyer: Back in action in time for me to destroy the lot of you and reclaim my Dark Queen.

Adam: Not if we have anything to say about you won't.

Destroyer: I've defeated your Silver friend twice the lot of you are no match.

Tommy: Maybe just us and the Alien Rangers, but can you handle the assistance of Zedd and Rita's goons.

The Destroyer looked puzzled and looked around and seeing his puzzlement the Rangers looked around too see Goldar, Rito and the Tengas were nowhere to be seen.

Adam: Great they've taken off.

Destroyer: You have bigger things to worry about Power Rangers.

As the ground began to shake the Rangers turned to see a gigantic form before them.

Monster: Surrender Rangers before my power.

Tommy: Sorry we don't respond well to threats.

Monster: Then you will die.

Justin: Let's call on the Zords.

Tommy: Hold on Justin. Yes Zordon?

Zordon: Rangers this monster may prove more powerful than both the Zeo Megazord or the Shogun Megazord. Fortunately I have anticipated this problem and thanks to Billy the two Megazords can now combine to for the Zeo Shogun Megazord and it is ten times more powerful than either individual Megazord.

Tommy: Right Zordon. Okay guys let's do it.

All: We need Zeo Zord power now.

The five Zords responded to the commands and the five travelled to the city.

Tommy: Okay guys let's do it Zeo Megazord power now.

The five Zeo Zords combined to form the Zeo Megazord. Meanwhile Scott called for the Shogun Zords and the five quickly arrived and formed the Shogun Megazord.

Scott: Okay Tommy lets take this guy out.

Tommy: Right behind you buddy.

The two Megazords surged forward and attacked the Monster who was stunned by the ferocity of the attack and was pushed back.

Destroyer: You fool, you have more power than them. Destroy them.

The Monster nodded and began to fight back and despite the two Megazord's power they were pushed back and both crashed to the floor.

Tommy: This isn't going well.

Scott: I think it's time to combine.

Tommy: Right okay guys. Here goes nothing. Zeo Shogun Megazord transformation begin.

At Tommy's command the ten Zords separated and then recombined now in a different form.

All: Zeo Shogun Megazord power up.

Monster: Oh how nice you have a new toy. Doesn't matter I'll just break it anyway.

Tommy: Not this time. This fight is over. I call upon the power of the Zeo Shogun Sabre.

With that a gigantic sword dropped into the Megazord's outstretched arm and with a quick swing the Monster was struck and then it blew up into a million pieces. The Six Rangers dropped out of the Megazord and joined Billy and the Alien Rangers who was facing off against the Destroyer.

Destroyer: You Rangers are really beginning to get on my nerves.

Justin: Well, why don't you surrender?

Destroyer: Never. You have denied me my Dark Queen, but in time she shall be mine again for you will not be here to stop me.

The Destroyer began to laugh and with that he vanished.

Tanya: What did he mean by that?

Delphine: I have no idea, but we must be on our guard.

Billy: We should get back to the Power Chamber.

The twelve quickly teleported out and moments later they had returned to the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Welcome back Rangers of Earth and Aquitar and congratulations on a job well done.

Scott: I would hardly call letting one of the Angel Grove Power Stations destroyed a successful job.

Tommy: No, but you got Kat back and we've stopped the Destroyer's plan for the moment.

Zordon: Only for the moment, who knows what he is up to next.

Billy: Yeah Zordon is right we can't...

Justin: We can't what. Billy where are you?

Kat: It's not just Billy, Tommy, Adam, Tanya and the other's are all gone.

Alpha: Zordon my sensors detected a temporal fluctuation and indications of someone going back in time.

Scott: Oh no I just worked out what the Destroyer meant. He said that Kat would be his Dark Queen because no-one would be here to stop him doing so.

Justin: Scott I still don't understand what you're talking about.

Scott: I didn't expect you would Justin. After all they don't teach time travel at Kindergarten.

Justin was about to reply when a warning look from Kat made him swallow his words.

Kat: Scott please this is no time for you two to be squabbling like children. Now can you explain what you meant?

Scott: What I meant is the reason the others are not here. Is because they never were Rangers. Someone went back in time and altered it and unless we find a way to go back in time and change time back too normal. The Destroyer will have won.

The End... for now