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A Learning Experience
by Adam Pearlman

It was an unusually hot day in Angel Grove and most of its population had retreated to a beach or the park and this was no different for the teens who comprised the Power Rangers. Even Trey had been persuaded to join them and much to everyone's amusement he had been surrounded by several admirer's. Everyone was having fun except for one teen. The newest member of the Power Rangers was stuck with a problem of this responsibility which had suddenly been thrust upon him.

The others had noticed his discomfort, but so far no-one had been willing to talk to him. However on the moon forces were conspiring to use that against him.

Mondo: So we have a new Ranger and he is unsure of himself and whether he can handle the responsibility of being a Ranger. Well, by the time I am finished he won't ever have to worry about it again.

Machina: What is your plan my husband?

Mondo: I will capture the other six Rangers and leave the Silver Ranger to fend for himself and alone he will fall.

Machina: Oh what a brilliant plan my husband.

Mondo: Yes, the end of the Power Rangers is at hand.

Back at the beach the others had started to play volleyball and even Trey after a quick explanation was getting involved and having fun.

Trey: This game of volleyball is most interesting.

Justin: It's not supposed to be interesting, it's for fun.

Tanya: Are we going to play this game or talk.

Adam: We can't actually play, we're one short.

Tommy: Yeah, what happened to Scott?

Billy: He walked off a few minutes ago.

Kat: I'll go talk to him.

Kat then quickly jogged off in the direction that Scott had gone. Several yards away Scott was so lost in thought he did not here Kat calling his name and then it was only when she was on top of him did he turn around.

Scott: Sorry Kat were you talking to me.

Kat: I was just trying to get your attention.

Scott: Guess I was miles away. What's up?

Kat: Nothing, but what's up with you?

Scott: Nothing is wrong.

Kat: Scott there is something wrong and it's blatantly obvious. So if you want to talk about it then I'll listen.

Scott: I was just thinking about how my life has changed so much in a few weeks. Losing my Parents and now I'm fighting to protect this planet from evil. I just wonder did Zordon pick me, because it was me you were fighting and he knew I wanted revenge or was it something else.

Kat: None of us know why Zordon chose us to be Rangers, but I don't think Zordon would have chosen you to be a Ranger if all you wanted was revenge against Rita and Zedd. Both Tommy and myself have been used by them and we've set aside thought's of revenge and we're just determined to protect Earth.

On the moon.

Mondo: Cogs get down there and destroy those two.

Back at the beach.

Scott: Thanks Kat I appreciate the pep talk, I guess it will take a while to get used to the responsibility, but I don't think Zordon would have asked me to be a Ranger if he didn't think I could have done it. Now, lets go join the other's I'm ready to play some volleyball.

Kat laughed and the two turned and started to head back towards the others when.

Cog: Destroy the Rangers.

Scott: What the!!!

Kat: Cogs.

Kat didn't waste another second and hit her communicator.

Kat: Tommy we've got trouble over here.

The reply came, but Kat didn't here as she ducked out of the way of a punch.

Scott: Who are these guys?

Kat: They serve the Machine Empire.

Justin: Well, let's send them back to the Machine Empire.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

The seven teens quickly called on their powers and in seconds the teenagers were gone and the Power Rangers had taken their place.

Adam: Okay let's have some fun.

Five of the Rangers waded into the Cogs while the two newer members of the team held back and allowed the Cogs to come to them.

Scott: Okay let's see what you've got.

Scott quickly went forward and met the attacks of the Cog only for one punch to send him back.

Scott: Tough aren't you, well I'm tougher.

With that he was up and once more he dived into the fray. For seconds it seemed like he was gaining the upper hand and then a Cog simply smashed him away like he was a rag doll. Before the Silver Ranger could react a group of Cogs appeared in front of him.

Scott: Oh dear.

Adam: Hang on Scott.

Scott: I'm in a lot of trouble here I can't hang on.

Adam didn't reply and instead launched himself like a missile at the group of Cogs.

Adam: Hi, mind if I cut in.

Scott: Be my guest.

Adam then attacked the Cogs and soon all that was left were scattered parts.

Scott: Thanks Little Brother.

Adam: Any time and who are you calling Little.

Underneath his helmet Scott laughed and then the two joined the others.

Tanya: So much for the Cogs. I wonder what this attack was all about.

Tommy: Probably just to remind us that they are still around.

Kat: We should check in with Zordon.

Tommy: Okay guys, let's teleport.

With that the seven teleported away from the beach and towards a mountain range in the desert near Angel Grove. On top of the mountain is a lone structure. Formerly at the top of the mountain the Command Centre resided and now the Power Chamber. Since its discovery the Chamber has been destroyed and rebuilt, but one constant remains it is a home away from home for the Power Rangers and now those seven arrive at the Chamber.

Billy: Man am I glad to see you're all okay. When I scanned the Cogs I discovered they were stronger than ever before.

Justin: So who are the Machine Empire.

Zordon: They are a group of Machine's who are bent on conquering the galaxy. They came to Earth's Moon in an effort to conquer Earth.

Alpha: They would have done it. Except for one thing or five something's.

Scott: The Zeo Rangers.

Tommy: Correct, their arrival was the same time the four of us received the powers of the Zeo Crystal. We fought them for about a year alongside Trey and then just after Trey took back the Gold Ranger Powers from Jason the Machine Empire disappeared.

Adam: We later learned that they had been destroyed by Rita and Zedd. It was about that time Divatox showed up for the first time and we became the Turbo Rangers.

Tanya: We found out a few weeks ago after we became the Zeo Rangers again that the Machine Empire had been rebuilt.

Justin: And now they are back and ready to try again.

Scott: So that makes Rita, Zedd and this Machine Empire out to destroy us. Anyone else who wants to destroy the Power Rangers whom you haven't mentioned.

Kat: Just Divatox.

Tommy: Billy, is there any sign of a monster.

Billy: None at the moment, but that could change at any moment.

Justin: There is another problem. Scott's powers seemed to be useless against the Cogs.

Zordon: As I feared the energies of the power coins are not enough of a match for the forces of the Machine Empire.

Scott: Then my powers are useless.

Billy: At their current level, I'm afraid so. However I've been working on a way to enhance your powers to a level that will make them a match for the Machine Empire.

Adam: How?

Zordon: By using the powers of your Zeonisers and the Golden Power Staff you can give a portion of your powers to Scott that will enhance his power levels.

Scott: Will it have an effect on the other's powers.

Billy: I don't think it will, but it may have an effect.

Scott: Then we can't risk it.

Tommy: We need the seventh Ranger and I'm willing to take the risk.

Scott: But, if you do and your powers are drained and then you get hurt I couldn't forgive myself.

Kat: Tommy's right we're a team and we stand together.

Scott: I'm not going to win this argument am I.

Tanya: No.

Scott: Okay let's do it.

Tommy: So what do we do Billy?

Billy: Simply concentrate on calling forth your powers and focusing it towards Scott.

Justin: Let's do it.

The six grouped together and then for a minute they concentrated and then a beam of light appeared from each of them and flew towards Scott. For almost a minute it continued and then the beam ceased.

Scott: Well, did it work?

Billy: Hold on a second, Alpha.

Alpha quickly picked up a scanner and aimed it at the Silver Ranger.

Alpha: Yes it worked, Scott's powers have been increased by seventy-five percent.

Scott: Now I should be a match for whatever the Machine Empire has to throw at us.

Tommy: Definitely. Now, is there any sign of any monsters.

Zordon: Not, at the moment, however that could change. Return to Angel Grove Rangers I shall contact you when a monster appears.

Justin: Let's get back to that volleyball game.

Tommy: Good idea Justin.

Billy: I'll stay behind and help monitor for any activity.

Adam: Okay catch you later.

Then the seven Rangers were gone.

Zordon: Billy there was no need for you to remain. Alpha and I are perfectly capable of monitoring for monsters.

Billy: I know Zordon, I just don't feel like playing volleyball.

Zordon: It's something else as well Billy.

Billy: I don't know what you mean Zordon?

Zordon: I believe you do Billy. You feel as you no longer possess Ranger powers that you belong on the team or to take part in their activities.

Billy: How did you know that?

Zordon: I've known you for a few years Billy and I have come to know you quite well. Go and join your friends Billy.

Billy: I will Zordon and thank you.

Then he too was gone.

Zordon: You are welcome Billy.

On the moon King Mondo watched the return of the Rangers and then saw them return to their previous activity.

Mondo: Perfect they are distracted. Now is the perfect time to attack.

Drainer: I will capture the Zeo Rangers and leave the Silver Ranger as you command King Mondo.

Mondo: Very well, Quadrafighters attack now, while the Rangers are distracted.

Back at the beach the Rangers had settled into a game of volleyball when a shout from nearby made them look up.

Billy: Quadrafighters.

Adam: Guess King Mondo decided to make his move.

Scott: Time for us to do our own moves.

Billy: Good luck guys.

Then he was gone back to the Power Chamber.

Tommy: Time to make some moves of our own. It's Morphing Time.

Kat: Zeo Ranger I. Pink.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo: Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Trey: Gold Ranger Power.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

Then the seven were gone and in their place were the Power Rangers.

Drainer: Impressive Rangers. Now Cogs.

At the monsters words Cogs appeared all around the Rangers.

Scott: Time to see if this power boost worked.

Tommy: Come on let's take these guys.

Justin: Yeah, let's do some damage.

Then the youngest Ranger was gone racing off into the fray. Kat called for him to come back, but he didn't hear.

Adam: Let's get to it guys.

The others quickly dived into the fray alongside the Blue Ranger. The fight quickly changed from one group battle to a separate battle as the Cogs began to crowd the Silver Ranger away from the others.

Drainer: Quickly Cogs, separate the Silver Ranger from those Zeo Rangers.

At the Power Chamber Billy had noticed the movement by the Cogs were desperately trying to get in contact with the Rangers.

Billy: Tommy, can you here me the Cogs are trying to separate you from Scott.

The only answer he received was that of static, he punched the console in frustration and then attempted to contact one of the others.

Back at the beach. The Cogs had now separated the Rangers and Scott found himself facing off against several Cogs.

Scott: Okay guys, let's see what you got.

Scott waded into the Cogs with punches and kicks and was rewarded in seeing them go down.

Scott: Man this is great.

Then a noise, not unlike a tear made him look up. Even as he did look up the six Zeo Rangers were sucked into the vortex and then that to disappeared.

Drainer: Excellent the Zeo Rangers are now the prisoners of King Mondo.

Scott: Release them monster.

Drainer: Oh and who's going to make me.

Scott: I will.

Drainer: Come on then little Ranger let's see what you've got.

Never one to back down from a challenge Scott lunged forward and attacked the monster. Before the monster could even react he got in several punches and kicks only for them to appear to have little effect.

Drainer: Was that the best you've got. Well, here's mine.

The monster struck out and Scott was sent flying back. Even as he struggled back to his feet he saw the monster disappear.

Scott: Great, I blew it. Better get back to the Power Chamber and hope Zordon knows were the Rangers are.

Then he teleported out. In another dimension the six Rangers found themselves still morphed but unable to move and something strange happening to them.

Kat: Tommy, what's happening to us?

Tommy: I don't know, but we'll get free.

Mondo: Don't count on it Red Ranger. You are held fast by a forcefield that is unbreakable and as to what is happening to you. That is simple, you are being drained of your powers and when that is done your life force will be drained as well.

Adam: Don't bet on it Mondo. The Silver Ranger is still out there.

Mondo: Should I be scared. Even if he does find a way to come here, it will be his undoing for anyone who enters this room will be drained of energy. I for one hope he does come for then I will have all of your powers and I will be unbeatable.

Trey: It will not happen Mondo, Zordon will find a way to defeat you.

Mondo: He can try, but this time I have won.

Then he was gone leaving the Rangers alone.

Tommy: I think we're in trouble.

Back at the Power Chamber Scott told Zordon about what had happened.

Scott: And that's the story Zordon it looks like they were deliberately trying to keep me from the others.

Billy: The question is why?

Zordon: To see what the newest Ranger is capable of. King Mondo already knows what the Zeo Rangers can do, but he has not met the Silver Power Ranger and doesn't know his capabilities.

Scott: Do you know where they are?

Zordon: I'm afraid so.

Scott: Why are you afraid that you know were they are?

Zordon: Observe the Viewing Globe.

Almost afraid to turn around Scott reluctantly did so and then stopped and had to choke back the fear he felt as he saw the Rangers predicament.

Scott: What's happening to them?

Billy: As far as we can tell the machines in the room are draining their powers and their life force.

Scott: Meaning?

Alpha: The machines will suck them dry of their life energy and powers until they are dead.

Zordon: And when that happens King Mondo will have the power of the Zeo Crystal in his hands and will be unstoppable.

Scott was silent for a long time and then almost as if he had just thought of it.

Scott: It won't happen Zordon. I'll get in their and save them.

Zordon: At the moment that is not possible. We can observe, but we cannot find a way to teleport into the dimension. Billy and Alpha are working on it, but it may take some time.

Scott: Time which the others might not have.

Zordon: Indeed we believe they will have about two hours at the current rate of their powers being drained.

Billy: Zordon I've got a energy pattern which might be the dimension in which they are held in. It's going to take me about forty-five minutes to lock on to it.

Zordon: Good work Billy. Proceed with caution. Scott for the moment there is nothing you can do.

Scott: I'll take a walk, contact me the moment you've got a lock on the others.

Then he teleported out and Billy got to work. Inside the Machine Skybase the ruling family of the Machine Empire watched as the Power Rangers struggled to get free.

Sprockett: We've finally done it. Those Power Ranger have been beaten.

Mondo: Not yet Sprockett, until they are dead and their powers are mine and the Silver Ranger is gone, then I we will have won.

Gaskett: You are a fool Father, you should destroy the Rangers now, before it's too late.

Mondo: If I didn't know better, I would say you are scared.

Gaskett: I am not scared of those pathetic Earthlings, it is that I have had them in the palm of my hand and they have still escaped. Destroy them now and be done with it.

Mondo: You do not have a say my son. Remember I have only just forgiven you for your sins against me. If you wish to remain functional then I suggest you do not argue with me.

Gaskett: Of course Father I was merely attempting to show my point to you.

Mondo: I understand, but nothing will go wrong. Everything is going according to my plan.

Back at the Power Chamber.

Billy: Zordon I've got a lock on the dimension and we can now teleport Scott in.

Zordon: Good, Alpha please contact him and have him return here at once.

Alpha nodded and turned back to the console. He touched the button that would send out the signal to Scott's communicator and waited for a reply. Several minutes passed and there was no reply. Alpha pushed the buttons again and waited once more for reply.

Billy: Something has to be wrong.

Alpha: According to my scanners, everything is fine, he just is not answering his communicator.

Zordon: Billy please teleport to his location and talk to him.

Billy nodded and teleported out. The teleportation beam deposited the former Ranger in the park. Looking around he finally located the figure of Scott. Quickly he made his way to the Silver Ranger's side.

Billy: Scott what are you doing?

Scott: What does it look like I'm doing Billy?

Billy: We beeped your communicator twice, we thought something was wrong when you didn't answer.

Scott: I heard it, I just didn't feel like answering.

Billy: That's stupid and irresponsibly. The others need your help and you want to sit here and ignore your communicator.

Scott: Maybe I don't want the responsibility of being a Ranger. Did it ever occur to you that maybe when Zordon offered me the power coin I took it so I could get revenge of Rita and Zedd.

Billy: It occurred to us, but we realised after the recent changes in your life, that you needed some kind of purpose.

Scott: Changes, you mean my parents dying. I don't need people trying to find things for me to do I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Billy: That's pretty obvious. You've been given a great honour and responsibility and all you can do is walk away from it.

Scott: That's rich coming from you.

Billy: What's that supposed to mean?

Scott: Surely with your superior intellect you can work it out. You're jealous of me.

Billy: Jealous of you, don't be ridiculous.

Scott: Really, then look me in the face and tell me you weren't upset that Zordon gave the Silver power coin to me instead of you.

Billy didn't look at and instead looked at shoes.

Billy: Okay, maybe I was jealous, but I guess Zordon had his reasons for not giving me the powers and giving them to you. I've accepted that I will never be a Power Ranger again, but you have to accept you are a Power Ranger.

Scott: That's the problem you are a Power Ranger Billy. Even without your powers you are a Power Ranger. Maybe you are not out on the front lines anymore, but from what I've been told you've saved the Ranger lives with your devices.

Billy: So, do they appreciate it, have they ever said thank you for a device that has saved them.

Scott: They do appreciate it Billy, they respect and love you like a brother. It's you that's made you think you're unappreciated. You gave up your powers and distanced yourself from the others, it's no wonder you felt as if you were unappreciated.

Billy: You know something, you should be come a Psychiatrist instead of a Journalist.

Scott: And listen to all those problems, I'd go crazy. Now were you saying something about finding a way into that dimension.

Billy: Yeah, I've found a way to teleport you in.

Scott: Well, let's get to it then.

The two teleported out and moments later reappeared in the Power Chamber.

Scott: Okay Billy, what do I have to do?

Billy: Just morph and I'll teleport you in.

Scott: Right. It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

Zordon: Good luck Scott, remember you must act quickly or you too will become a prisoner of King Mondo's.

Scott: I won't let you down Zordon. Ready Billy.

Billy: Here goes. Good luck.

Then Billy hit the teleportation controls and Scott was gone in a flash of silver. The Silver Ranger reappeared moments later in a deserted corridor with the only source of light coming from underneath a doorway.

Scott: Well, this is too easy. Surely Mondo knows I tried to rescue the others. Which means it's probably a trap and there a load of Cogs behind that door.

Looking around something caught Scott's eye's and underneath his helmet he smiled. Inside the room the six Power Rangers continued to struggle although those struggles were steadily becoming weaker. Watching as they were drained the Energy Drainer along with his master King Mondo watched as the Rangers power slowly became his.

Mondo: Stop struggling Rangers and accept defeat.

Tommy: Never Mondo.

It was then that the door was blown in. Looking around King Mondo saw no-one.

Mondo: Cogs investigate.

Two of the Cogs lurched forward towards the doorway and looked around outside.

Cog 1: There is no-one here.

Cog 2: It must have been an accident.

It was then a voice spoke.

Scott: No accident, I did it on purpose.

Dropping down from his position at the top of the ventilation shaft Scott struck and destroyed the two Cogs.

Scott: Nice place you have here, needs a little decorating and guess what I'll gladly do it for you.

Mondo: Silver Ranger you should not have come.

Scott: Well, I did.

Mondo: Cogs destroy him.

Scott: Here goes nothing.

Even as the words were out of his mouth the group of Cogs appeared and attacked him. The fight was a short one, as even with his powers being drained, the power boost he had received earlier was compensating for the loss of power.

Gaskett: Impressive Silver Ranger. You have defeated the Cogs but can you defeat me.

Scott: So who are you?

Gaskett: I am Prince Gaskett the mightiest warrior in the Machine Empire.

Scott: Really you look like scrap to me.

The machine charged at Scott who also ran forward and met the charge. The battle continued for many minutes as Scott blocked every blow from Gaskett until he missed one and Gaskett's fist sent him flying into the air and land in a heap.

Scott: Didn't hurt one bit.

Gaskett: Really could have fooled me.

Scott: Okay so it did hurt.

Gaskett: Do you give up Ranger. Your powers are drained and in seconds you won't even have them anymore.

Even as Gaskett spoke Scott was quickly thinking to himself and then he hit upon an idea.

Scott: Okay I give up.

Gaskett: You do!!!

Scott: Yeah I do. Now come over here and take me prisoner.

Gaskett nodded and walked forward towards Scott who had now struggled back to his feet. Gloating over his victory he was unprepared as Scott grabbed him and flung him across the room straight into the machine that had been draining the energies of the Ranger from them. There was a massive explosion and then when the dust cleared the Zeo Rangers were stood beside him.

Mondo: You shall pay for this Power Rangers.

Then he was gone.

Tommy: Good work Scott. Now let's get out of here.

The seven teleported out and seconds later they reappeared in the Power Chamber. As they did Scott's legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor.

Adam: Scott you okay?

Scott: I still feel a little weak from the power drain.

Zordon: Alpha run a scan on Scott.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

Picking up a scanner, the robot ran it across Scott and then looked at Zordon.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. This is terrible all the extra energy which we gave to Scott has been drained, he is now back at his original power levels and I don't think we can try it again.

Scott: Oh well easy come, easy go. At least it helped one time.

It was then the alarm went off again.

Zordon: Rangers, Energy Drainer has reappeared in the park. You must deal with him at once. Scott please remain here. If you are needed I will let you go.

Scott: Right Zordon.

Tommy: Back to Action.

Then the six were gone leaving Scott to watch the battle in the Viewing Globe. The six quickly appeared in the park.

Drainer: Welcome Rangers to your doom.

Adam: We've heard that before and we're still here.

Drainer: Not for long. Cogs move in and destroy the Rangers.

Justin: So much for this being easy.

Trey: We can take these guys.

Then the six split up and dealt with the Cogs as they had many times before and soon the Cogs were gone.

Tommy: Okay Energy Drainer it's time for you to go down.

Kat: And hard.

Drainer: Give it your best shot Rangers.

At his invitation the six attacked the monster and even though they were now fully powered they were no match.

Drainer: Is that the best you've got.

Tommy: There is plenty more where that came from. Zeo V. Power Sword.

The sword appeared in his hand and he leapt forward and struck the monster.

Tommy: Okay guys while he's reeling. Zeo Cannon.

The Zeo Cannon appeared in the five Rangers arms and then.

All: Fire.

With the monster still reeling. Trey produced the Golden Power Staff and fired that at the monster and then the Energy Drainer finally fell.

Klank: Oh dear. I think it's time for a little height advantage.

Orbus: Right put me in Klank.

Swinging Orbus around his head the Machine Empire's foot soldier threw Orbus towards the remains of the Energy Drainer.

Energy Drainer: Now to squash you with one blow.

Tommy: That's what you think.

All: We need Zeo Megazord Power Now.

At the command the Zords appeared and formed the Megazord.

Justin: Let's take this guy out.

Adam: Time for me to butt in. Zeo IV. Battle Helmet activate.

At Adam's command he exchanged seats with Tommy and activated his battle helmet. Then taking the Megazord forward he attacked the Monster.

Justin: Now it's my turn. Zeo III. Battle Helmet activate.

Again Rangers switched places and then Justin activated the Pyramid of his battle helmet and the monster was knocked down and up and then released.

Drainer: That the best you've got, because I'm still standing.

Tommy: If that's what you want then you'll get more. Zeo Ultrazord Transformation begin.

At the command Pyramidas began the transformation and Megazord separated into its component parts and then entered the Zord along with the Red Battlezord.

All: Zeo Ultrazord Fire.

The energy struck the Energy Drainer and slammed him to the floor, but when the dust had cleared he was still standing.

Kat: Oh no what do we do now?

At the Power Chamber.

Scott: Zordon I have to help them.

Billy: Scott you're still weak from the power drain.

Scott: I can't abandon them now and I have to try.

Billy: Be careful.

Then he was gone and he reappeared moments later near the battle.

Scott: Okay I need Shogun Megazord Power Now.

At the command the Zords appeared and merged to form the Megazord.

Scott: Now, let's finish this. Shogun Megazord Sabre power up.

The sword appeared in the Megazord's hand and with one swing it struck the monster who screamed once and exploded.

On the moon another thing exploded.

Mondo: You fools, you have cost me my victory. You call yourself a warrior Gaskett you could not even defeat the Silver Ranger when he was losing his powers.

Gaskett: It shall not happen again Father.

Mondo: It most certainly will not. Next time the Power Rangers will be destroyed.

Following the defeat of Energy Drainer the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber.

Zordon: Welcome back Rangers and congratulations on a job well done.

Tommy: Thanks Zordon, but all the credit should go to Scott, he did all the work.

Scott: I might have saved you, but we owe Billy one as well. If he hadn't convinced me to live up to this responsibility I would have left you to die. He's the one should be thanking.

Zordon: Billy Cranston despite your lack of powers, you have proven that you do not need them to be a Power Ranger and I am very proud of you.

Kat: We're all very proud of you Billy.

Billy: I don't know what to say.

Tanya: You don't have to say anything Billy we know what your feeling.

Billy: Thanks guys and thank you Scott.

Scott: You don't need to thank me Billy, I owe you one for showing me that I can do this.

Tommy: Let's do it guys.

The other turned to see Tommy had extended his arm and then slowly the other put their own on top of his and then when Billy had also done so.

All: Power Rangers.

Later that same day after Scott had left the Power Chamber he heard a shout and turned to see Billy running up to him.

Scott: Hey what's up Billy?

Billy: Nothing really I just wanted to talk to you.

Scott: So what's up?

Billy: I just wanted to give you something.

It was then Scott saw that in Billy's hand was a small device.

Scott: What is it?

Billy: It's a memory device. You can record your experience's on to it. You can also use it to probe your memory and record previous experience's.

Scott: Thank you, but why are you giving it to me?

Billy: Honestly, you want the truth.

Scott: Yeah I want the truth and nothing but the truth.

Billy: Because your a friend and for making me feel like I belong again.

Scott: I'd like to think I was a friend and you do belong Billy. As Zordon said you will always be a Power Ranger.

Scott extended his hand and Billy shook it.

Scott: So if we hurry we can catch up with the others.

Billy: Where are they anyway?

Scott: Off playing basketball.

Billy: Well, let's go friend.

Scott smiled and then he and Billy set off to join their friends.

The End... for now