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A Golden Dream
by Adam Pearlman

As he had done so many times before Billy Cranston the former Blue Ranger found himself stood at a viewpoint that allowed him to see out into space and towards the planet he called home. As with recent events his thoughts turned once more to his home town and the Power Rangers. Since he had left to stay here on Aquitar with Cestria eighteen months ago, he had barely given a thought to the Rangers or Earth.

What his friends had not realised was that one of the reasons he had left Earth was that he felt unappreciated. Not once did his friends say thank you for a device he had built that saved them or did they ask him to join them. As this happened he thought it was because they were upset that he no longer had powers.

He had his chance at that as well. The Gold Ranger attempted to give his powers to Billy when he was hurt and as Billy realised that he was about to become a Ranger once more, nothing happened the powers refused to transfer to him and someone else took his place on the team and when he had come to Aquitar for treatments for his ageing he had realised that Cestria cared for him as much as he did for her.

For sixteen months he had enjoyed her company and forgotten about Earth's Rangers. However two months ago the news of Zordon and Alpha 5 return to Earth as well of the four who had stepped down and the return to using the Zeo Crystal had made him return to Earth. When he returned the Rangers were so surprised to see him, but he saw something that he had missed. They had missed him. As Tommy had admitted he didn't really appreciate Billy until he wasn't there anymore.

Since that time he had offered his assistance to the Rangers. Recent events have returned the bitterness, Billy felt when he couldn't take the Gold Ranger Powers. A new kid Scott Crane was given the last power coin, when a clone of his had become evil. Billy felt so hurt that Zordon hadn't given him it, and when he discovered that Zordon had the coin since he had given up his powers only deepened the emptiness he felt when the Zeo Rangers went off into battle. Despite someone else getting powers Billy found himself genuinely liking the new Ranger and part of him felt as if he was appreciated.

His thoughts were interrupted by a rumble and he was thrown to the floor. Getting to his feet he ran to the control room, where he found the Alien Rangers had gathered.

Billy: What's going on?

Delphine: We are under attack.

Billy: Who by?

Aurico: Divatox that intergalactic space pirate.

Billy: Did the shield system I designed work.

Cestro: Yes, but it will not withstand much. We must call for assistance.

Tideus: Yes, perhaps someone who has knowledge of fighting Divatox.

Billy: I will contact the Power Chamber and hope the Rangers can get here in time.

Billy didn't wait for acknowledgement, instead he headed for the console and sent out the message. Several light years distant on the planet Earth in the city of Stone Canyon the newest Ranger unaware of Billy's plight races to an appointment. Reaching the building Scott walks in and takes a seat to await the arrival of the owner. He doesn't have long to wait as Rocky DeSantos walks in.

Rocky: Sorry to keep you waiting Scott, I had a class to teach.

Scott: That's okay I was a little late anyway.

Rocky: Well, let's step into my office.

The two turned and walked into the office. Across Angel Grove and in the mountains.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. Zordon we're receiving a distress call from Aquitar.

Zordon: Let us hear it Alpha.

The droid touched several buttons and then Billy appeared on the Viewing Globe.

Billy: Zordon we need the Ranger's help, we're under attack from Divatox and we can't hold out...

Alpha: Oh no the transmission has been disrupted.

Zordon: It's meaning was clear enough. Contact the Rangers.

Alpha bent over his console and with in seconds turned back to Zordon.

Alpha: Something is blocking the other Rangers communicator's the only one I can get a message to is Scott.

Zordon: Very well contact Scott and have him teleport him at once.

Alpha: Right Zordon.

Back in Stone Canyon.

Rocky: I don't think you have anything to worry about Scott. Adam recommended you and he wouldn't have done that if you weren't good.

It was then a very familiar six tone beep was heard. Scott looked startled and then as he was about to make an excuse he saw a strange look on Rocky's face.

Rocky: Your a Ranger.

Scott: What you think I'm a Power Ranger?

Rocky: I know you are, because I used to be one and I've heard the beep so many times before.

Scott: You were the Blue Ranger before Justin.

Rocky: Correct, but you'd better answer that.

Scott: Go ahead Alpha.

Alpha: Teleport to the Power Chamber we have an emergency.

Scott: On my way.

Rocky: Good luck and you've got the job.

With a smile Scott teleported out. In seconds he was at the Power Chamber.

Scott: What's up and where are the others?

Zordon: We are unable to contact them. You were the only one we could reach. You must morph and teleport to Aquitar.

Scott: Is something wrong with Billy?

Alpha: The planet is under attack from Divatox.

Scott: Who?

Zordon: Like Rita, Zedd and the Machine Empire she also desired to destroy this world, but only out of revenge for what the Turbo Rangers did.

Scott: What did they do, kill her Fiancee.

Alpha: Yes.

Scott: Oh, I can understand why she was a bit annoyed with them then. Well, I'd better get going, keep trying the others and if you can send them my way do so.

Zordon: Trey is also on his way to Aquitar, however you are closer and should be their first. Good luck Silver Ranger.

Scott: It's Morphing Time.

Scott: Silver Ranger Power.

Teleporting out Scott headed for Aquitar as fast as the teleportation beam could take him. Meanwhile near Triforia a Golden Pyramid turned around in space and headed at great speed towards Aquitar.

Trey: Hold on Aquitar, I am coming.

Back on Aquitar.

Billy: I've got bad news and I've got bad news.

Delphine: I'll take the bad news.

Billy: The shield is failing and some of Divatox's goons are through the shield and will be here any moment and the shield will go out any second totally.

Delphine: It's Morphing Time.

The five Aquitians quickly turned and called upon their morphing abilities and by the time Divatox's foot soldiers had broken into the room they were ready for them. The first of the soldiers were quickly dealt with, but the Alien Rangers early success was not to last as more of them poured into the room and the five once more took up defensive stances. It was at that moment Rygog appeared in the midst of the battle.

Rygog: Well, this looks like fun, now who's first.

No-one stepped forward and then Rygog saw Billy attempting to remaining hidden and he walked towards him.

Rygog: Well, little Aquitian prepared to die.

Billy: For your information I'm from Earth and no, I'm not prepared to die.

Rygog: Well, get prepared, because your going to die.

Billy dived out of the way of the sword stroke and kicked out and attempted to get away when he was knocked down and Rygog stood over him preparing to deliver the death blow. The sword came down and then it stopped as a hand grabbed it and stopped its downward motion.

Scott: Sorry, dismemberment is a definite no-no.

Rygog: So who are you?

Scott: I'm the Silver Ranger, Billy here is a friend of mine and I really hate seeing my friends being dismembered and besides if I let it happen certain people will kill me.

Rygog: Well, then die.

Rygog pulled his sword back and struck out at the Ranger only to find Scott wasn't were he was a moment ago.

Scott: Over here.

Turning around Rygog again charged towards Scott, only for Scott once more to move easily out of the way.

Scott: Can't you go any faster.

Rygog growled and charged towards him once more and again Scott dodged out of the way.

Scott: Guess you can't.

Suddenly Rygog teleported out and from the look on his face he was as surprised as Scott was. Turning he helped Billy to his feet.

Billy: Good timing.

Scott: That's me, Mr. Punctuality. So why did he leave so quickly.

Billy: Let's find out.

Turning to the computer Billy punched in a sensor scan of the surrounding area near Aquitar.

Billy: Divatox's Spacebase has taken off, but I can't detect anything else out there.

Aurico: So who drove Divatox off.

In a flash of Golden light Lord Trey of Triforia and the Gold Ranger appeared.

Trey: Hello Scott, Billy.

Billy: You drove her off.

Trey: All I did was appear with Pryamidas and she took off.

Scott: Thanks Trey.

Trey: Your welcome.

The Lord of Triforia then turned and faced Billy.

Trey: It is time Billy.

Billy: Time for what?

In a flash of golden light Trey demorphed and then he extended the Golden Power Staff towards Billy.

Trey: Billy are you prepared to receive the power of the Gold Ranger.

Billy: I can't, it didn't work before and why should it now.

Trey: Are you prepared?

Billy: Yes, but it won't work.

Trey: Gift of power take flight, Billy the Golden Power Staff is now yours.

Wondering why Trey was doing this the former Ranger reached and reluctantly touched the staff. As he did he felt something he hadn't felt since the last time he had morphed and then he felt his clothing changing and instead of his normal outfit, he was the Gold Ranger.

Scott watched this astounded, from what the other's told him Billy wasn't able to take the powers and the guy who had taken them, had almost died as a result.

Billy was astounded, he felt empowered. Pulling the helmet from his head he looked at Trey.

Billy: How?

Trey: You were not ready for the powers and they were not ready for you. These powers were always destined to be yours and that time is now.

Billy: I don't know how to thank you.

Trey: There is no need. Now I must return to Triforia and rule my world. I have been away to long and I no longer yearn to be a Ranger and I shall not be again.

With that he was gone.

Scott: Well, it looks like your back Billy.

Billy: I am. Uh oh.

Scott: What is it?

Billy: Divatox's Spacebase it was head for Earth.

Scott: Let's get back then.

Billy: Cestria, I have to go and I don't know when I'll be back.

Cestria: I understand. Be careful my love.

Billy: Let's do it. Back to action.

Then in Golden and Silver light the two Rangers headed towards Earth. On Divatox's vessel Divatox observed the two streaks of light heading towards Earth.

Divatox: So they are returning to Earth. Well, they won't have much time to relax. Full speed ahead.

Back on Earth the five other Rangers along with a worried Zordon and Alpha waited for any news of their friends.

Adam: Alpha is there anything?

Alpha looked up and if he were human he would have sounded annoyed.

Alpha: No Adam there is still no contact with Scott or Billy, like there was not two minutes ago, when you last asked.

Adam: I'm sorry Alpha, I'm just worried.

Alpha: So am I Adam. Wait, our orbital sensors have detected two beings entering Earth's atmosphere and heading here.

Even as he said that the two forms appeared in the Chamber and formed into the Silver Ranger and the Gold Ranger. The Silver Ranger pulled off his helmet and grinned at his friends.

Scott: Boy, have I got a surprise for you guys.

Tommy: What have you done now?

Scott: Not me, him.

With a nod he indicated the Gold Ranger whose helmet still remained on.

Justin: Okay what's Trey done then?

Scott: Given up his powers to someone else. Now Ladies, Gentleman, Robots and Interdimensional beings, and you to Justin I present the new Gold Ranger.

Before Justin could reply, Kat put her hand over his mouth and his reply was muffled. Then Kat's hand dropped from his mouth as she gaped in amazement as the Gold Ranger lifted his helmet off and the five Rangers stood there in silence.

Billy: Isn't anyone going to say anything.

Tommy: Billy, you've got the Gold Ranger Powers.

Billy: Yeah, so.

Adam: You said you couldn't receive the powers because of anti-proton radiation.

Billy: I lied.

Tanya: Then you could have held the powers all the time.

Billy: No, when I tried to take the powers they wouldn't transfer and so I made the excuse about anti-protons so you would think it wasn't me and something that had happened to me.

Kat: Billy, you could have told us the truth. We would have understood.

Billy: Would you, when Jason came it was like I didn't exist anymore, except when you need help against a monster.

Tommy: That's not true Billy. Maybe we did take you for granted. I mean you've been involved with the Rangers since the beginning and it never occurred to us that you would feel alone or unappreciated.

Billy: I know, so I guess you're wondering if I couldn't hold the powers before, what's changed. Well, from what Trey said it was my destiny to be the Gold Ranger and before wasn't my time to be the Gold Ranger and now it was.

Tommy: Well, I think I speak for everyone here, when I say welcome back.

Billy: Thanks it feels good to be back.

It was then the alarm went off.

Zordon: Rangers, Divatox's submarine has landed nearby, and she has sent a force of her Piratrons to attack the civilians in the park.

Tanya: Time to get back in the saddle Billy.

Billy: Right.

Tommy: It's Morphing Time.

At their leaders command the five brought together their Zeonisers and were transformed into the Zeo Rangers.

Scott: When you're ready Billy.

Billy glanced over at Scott and then with the joy unmistakable in his voice.

Billy: Back to Action.

The two Rangers teleported out and seconds later reappeared alongside the others.

Elgar: Welcome Rangers. Destroy them.

Tommy: Billy in honour of your return, you get the first punch.

Billy: How nice of you!!!

The first Piratrons reached the Rangers only to be met by a unmoveable object of the Gold Ranger. As the Piratrons attacked him he felt so energised, he thought he could take on all them by himself. It was then he realised he was.

Billy: Excuse me guys. I could use a hand here.

The others looked at each other and then ran to join their friend. Where the Piratrons had stood a chance against one Ranger against seven they had none.

Scott: Well, that was fun.

Divatox: If you thought that was fun then you will enjoy this. Arise Elgartron.

The seven glanced around and then to their amazement they saw Elgar now looking completely different from before.

Elgartron: Prepare to die Rangers.

Scott: Prepare to get beaten.

The Silver Ranger launched himself forward and attacked the transformed Elgar only for him to be batted away like a fly.

Adam: Scott are you okay?

Scott: I'll live, now nail this guy.

Tommy: Everyone Zeo laser pistols.

At Tommy's command the five pulled out their Zeo laser pistols and Billy pulled the Golden Power Staff from it's pocket dimension.

Tommy: Fire.

The six fired only to watch their energy bolts not even reach Elgar.

Justin: That worked well.

Gasket: Indeed it did young Ranger.

Adam: Gaskett what are you doing here?

Gaskett: I've come to ensure your destruction.

Billy: Of course, how could I have been so stupid.

Tommy: What is it Billy?

Billy: Some of the technology Divatox used on her attack on Aquitar it was the same as what is used to construct the Cogs.

Gaskett: Correct Gold Ranger. We are working together.

On Divatox's Spacebase King Mondo and Divatox watched the confrontation.

Mondo: Excellent this is all going to plan. Cogs move in and finish the Rangers off.

Back in the park the Cogs along with Piratrons appeared around the Rangers.

Tanya: Looks like trouble guys.

Scott: Not for long. Let's take these guys.

With that Scott rushed into the fight along with the other Rangers. The fight between the Cogs and Piratrons was short and brief. Back on the submarine.

Divatox: The Ranger are still as capable as ever. Elgartron attack them.

With the remaining Cogs gone Elgartron dived towards and attacked the Rangers. The Rangers defended themselves, but with Elgar's powers enhanced by magic and technology the Rangers were no match.

Kat: We've got to retreat to the Power Chamber.

Scott: Kat's right. We need a plan to defeat this guy.

With that the Rangers teleported out leaving Divatox to watch them go.

Divatox: Run away little Rangers, you can't stop my creation.

At the Power Chamber.

Justin: That was really tough.

Adam: I know what you mean, with his powers enhanced by the Machine Empire as well as Divatox he was almost unstoppable.

Billy: I'm going to run a scan on him and see if we can find a weakness.

Scott: I hope you can, otherwise.

Tommy: We might not be able to stop him.

Whilst Billy headed for the console the Rangers gathered in small groups and talked. On the Machine Skybase.

Mondo: Excellent the Rangers have run away. After all they are no match for my monster.

Divatox: Who's monster?

Mondo: My apologies, our monster.

Sprockett: What's the next step?

Mondo: I shall send down the Cogs to draw the Rangers out once more and then we will send Elgartron in to finish the Rangers off.

Divatox: Yes, the end of the Power Rangers is near.

Mondo: Yes, and then the Earth shall be ours.

Back at the Power Chamber the six Rangers waited for Billy to conclude his analysis when the alarms went off.

Justin: What now?

Billy: Something is landing near the Power Chamber and we're receiving a message.

The seven turned to the Viewing Globe and saw Trey appear on it.

Trey: Rangers the object entering your atmosphere is Pryamidas. You have been great friends and it has been an honour to fight alongside you all.

Then the image was gone.

Tommy: I don't think Pryamdias could have come at a better time. I think we're going to need the Ultrazord.

Billy: From my analysis we definitely will need him. From what I can see Elgartron has no weakness, but if we all attack at once maybe we can beat him.

Kat: How do you mean Billy?

Billy: Well, we were all attacking him separately and giving him a chance. If we attack as a team.

Adam: Then maybe we can stop him.

Billy: Right.

Alpha: Oh no the Cogs have reappeared in Angel Grove.

Tommy: Back to action.

The seven teleported out and reappeared near the Cogs.

Tanya: Let's nail these guys and then take out Elgartron.

Justin: Let's do it guys.

The seven charged forward and attacked the Cogs who were shortly joined by the Pirahntrons. The fight continued for almost thirty minutes and the Rangers regrouped.

Kat: Were are they all coming from?

Billy: Looks like Mondo and Divatox sent their entire armies of Cogs and Pirahntrons.

Tommy: We've got to keep fighting.

Tanya: I don't think we can hold out much longer.

Adam: Time to call on our power weapons.

The others nodded and then attacked the Cogs with renewed vigour using their weapons. The fight continued for several minutes and then when all the Cogs were gone Elgartron reappeared.

Elgartron: Time to die Rangers.

Scott: Not in this lifetime goon.

Tommy: Okay Rangers like we decided, Kat, Billy, Scott, your the first wave, Adam, Tanya and then Justin and me. Let's do it.

The seven attacked and Elgartron was sent reeling, but then he struck back and the Rangers were sent flying.

Billy: Guys, call on the Zeo Cannon, I'll follow it with the Golden Power Staff.

All: Zeo Cannon now.

The Zeo Cannon appeared among the five Zeo Rangers and they placed the energy cells within it and then fired. With the monster still reeling Billy produced the Golden Power Staff and fired.

Still the monster would not go down and as the Rangers began to despair about what to do. Scott called for the power of the Silver Ranger and struck out at Elgartron. This time after the two previous blows Elgartron fell and didn't get up.

On Divatox's sub.

Divatox: Porto fire the torpedo's

Porto acknowledged and fired two torpedo's at the park. They struck Elgartron and then he grew to a great height.

Scott: Great our problems just got bigger.

Tommy: Not for long. Ready guys.

All: We need Super Zeo Zord power now.

At the command the five Zords a gift from the original Gold Ranger appeared and the five teleported aboard. The five quickly attacked the monster both separately and together with not much effect.

Adam: It's not working. We need to form the Megazord.

Tommy: Good idea Adam. We need Super Zeo Megazord Power now.

Then were there had been five there was only one. Once more they attacked Elgartron and this time with more effect. But this too didn't stop him.

Billy: They need more power. Time to see what my Zord can do. Pryamidas power up.

At his command the mighty Zord appeared and Billy teleported aboard. The newest Ranger quickly moved his Zord into an attacking posture and Elgartron was sent reeling.

Tommy: Let's finish this. Zeo Ultrazord Transformation.

The command given the Zords came together and formed the Ultrazord. Firing a blast it Elgartron and when the dust cleared Elgar was as he had once been.

Elgar: I think this is my cue to leave.

Later on back at the Power Chamber the Rangers listened as Zordon spoke to them.

Zordon: Rangers I am very proud of you. You have defeated the combined forces of the Machine Empire and Divatox and in fact Divatox has left Earth once more. I do not think we will see her for a while.

Scott: Yeah I think she has learned her lesson.

Justin: Yeah you mess with one Ranger and you take on the whole team.

Tommy: Well, Billy how does it feel to be back?

Billy: Strange but almost like I never left. I suppose I should return to Aquitar and return my stuff to Earth. It looks like I'll be staying.

Zordon: Billy there is no need for you to return to Earth permanently we can still contact you on Aquitar if you are needed.

Billy: No Zordon, this is my home and I belong here.

Zordon: Very well Billy, it is your decision.

Kat: Let's do it guys.

The others all smiled they knew what she was talking about and the seven placed their hands on top of each other and then.

All: Power Rangers.

The End... for now