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Pink in Danger
by Adam Pearlman

Trembling as she stood up Kat walked over and stood in front of the Destroyer.

Destroyer: So Katherine what is your answer?

Kat: You know with Scott's life at stake I have no choice. I will be your Dark Queen but only for Scott.

Destroyer: Excellent you have made the right choice Katherine. I shall leave you to care for this piece of filth, but I will return shortly my Queen.

With that the Destroyer disappeared and Kat turned and dropped to her knees and cradled the unconscious Scott in her arms.

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers found themselves waiting for any sign of Scott or Kat.

Kim: Is there anything Billy?

Billy: No, I have tried scanning every known dimension that we know of and the surface of the planet and there is no sign of them.

Zordon: Rangers for the moment there is nothing you can do I suggest you return to Angel Grove and relax. I will call you when we find anything.

Tommy: Right Zordon.

Billy: I'll stay here and help you look for them.

Alpha: Thanks Billy.

Billy gave a smile and patted the little droid on the shoulder. Meanwhile the other Rangers and the former Rangers were now grouped together.

Alpha: Okay prepare for teleportation.

Rocky: Ready Alpha.

The ten Rangers teleported out and moments later arrived in the park and began to walk towards the Youth Centre when out of nowhere Bulk and Skull appeared.

Zack: Man where did you two come from?

Bulk: We've been waiting for you haven't we Skull.

Skull: Yeah we have.

Tanya: Why?

Bulk: Well, that should be obvious Power Rangers.

The ten stood in silence and then burst into laughter.

Justin: You think we're the Power Rangers.

Skull: Well, you are we saw you disappear.

Tommy: When?

Bulk: After you found Scott on the beach we followed you and saw you disappear.

Tommy sighed and looked at the other Rangers and then with a slight hesitation he spoke.

Tommy: Okay we are the Power Rangers. Now how did you work it out apart from seeing us teleporting?

Skull: Well as you know we tried to find out who the Power Rangers where and well we've kept it up as a little hobby, but what it was that made us suspect you were the Rangers was Scott.

Adam: Scott what about him?

Bulk: Well when he first appeared in town so did that Dark Ranger and then shortly after so did the Silver Ranger. So we thought about it as good detective's do and put all the evidence together and we realised that you might be the Power Rangers and then according to the reports two of the Rangers disappeared during the last fight and now Kat and Scott aren't with you.

Justin: I don't believe the two most incompetent detective's on the planet and they work out we're the Rangers.

Skull: Yes, we did.

Tommy: So what do you want?

Bulk: To help you.

Tanya: At the moment there is nothing you can do except pray.

Skull: So where are Kat and Scott?

Kim: We don't know.

Tommy: During our last battle Kat was thrown through a teleportation portal and Scott followed and since then we haven't had any contact with them.

Bulk: Maybe we could help you look for them?

Tanya: I don't think so.

Meanwhile back in the Destroyer's fortress in the small room that had become their prison Kat found herself increasingly worried about Scott when he suddenly opened his eye's.

Kat: Scott you're awake. How do you feel?

Scott: I feel like hell, my arm feels like it's broken.

Kat: That's because it was.

Looking over at his right arm he saw it was now in a makeshift sling made of pink and then he looked over and saw that she had torn part of her dress.

Scott: Kat your dress you didn't have to do that.

Kat: Yes, I did, it needed doing or you would just injure your arm even further.

Scott: Thanks. Is there anyway out of here?

Kat: If there is I haven't found it.

Scott: I guess we're just going to have to wait for the other's to find us.

Kat: Scott there's something I've been wanting to tell you.

Scott: What's that?

Kat looked at him and was about to blurt out her feelings for him when she suddenly decided against it.

Kat: I'm really lucky to have you as a friend and you'd better get some rest I think we're going to need all our strength to get out of this one.

Scott didn't reply and instead gave a small smile and closed his eye's and fell asleep. Brushing a lock of hair that had dropped onto his face Kat sat there thinking how stupid Scott must think she was. As she watched her friend sleep she was unaware that their entire conversation had been watched.

Cloak: These Humans are most interesting. All these complex emotions.

Destroyer: Indeed I have just come up with another idea of how to destroy the other Rangers.

Cloak: May I ask what it is?

Destroyer: You may. I am going to send Scott Crane back to his friends with the message that the Pink Ranger is now dead.

Cloak: But why?

Destroyer: If you had let me finish they will take him to their base and then he will destroy it for I will not really send Scott Crane but my version of him. Summon the Magician.

Cloak: At once my Lord.

With that Cloak vanished and the Destroyer continued to stare at the image of Katherine.

Destroyer: Soon you will be mine.

The twelve teens were making their way through the park when suddenly the wind picked up and the twelve were flung to the ground.

Kim: What's going on?

Trini: I don't know.

Tommy: Look it's one of those portals. Everybody get back.

The twelve attempted to get out of the way only for them to be unable to move and then something dropped out of it.

Kim: Scott.

The twelve ran to his side.

Adam: Scott you're okay, but where's Kat.

Scott: She's dead.

Tommy: How?

Scott: The Destroyer was trying to kill me and she got in the way.

As he said that Kim buried her face in her hands and the others all paled at the thought of one of their team-mates gone.

Jason: We should go to the Power Chamber and have you checked out.

Scott didn't even nod and his expression was that of emotionless.

Tommy: Come on Bulk, Skull you should come with us.

The two teens nodded and standing closer to the eleven Rangers they found themselves being teleported from the park to a room full of technology and a small red and gold robot working at one of the consoles alongside.

Skull: Billy.

Billy: Bulk, Skull what are you doing here?

Tommy: They found out we're the Power Rangers.

Zordon: That is most unfortunate but welcome. I am Zordon the Ranger's Mentor and Friend.

Alpha: And I am Alpha Five.

Bulk: Uh hi.

Justin: Zordon we've found Scott and he told us that Kat is dead.

Billy: Oh god. Scott I am so sorry.

Scott didn't even respond again and the others shared a look of concern.

Zordon: Please run some scans on Scott on the diagnostic table.

Alpha: Right away Zordon. If you'll walk this way Scott.

Scott just turned and like a robot walked towards the table and lay down so that Alpha could begin his scans.

Tommy: Zordon we have to do something. We have to make the Destroyer pay for what he's done.

Bulk: Hey Tommy revenge is not the answer. I know you've lost a friend but going off and attacking anger will only get more people killed.

Tommy looked over at Bulk and gave him a small smile.

Tommy: You're right Bulk, but we have to take him down now for Kat's memory.

The other Rangers nodded and just then Alpha walked over to the group.

Kim: How's Scott?

Alpha: I am afraid Scott will not be any use to anyone. It appears he is some kind of state where he doesn't acknowledge the outside world and also he no longer has the Silver Power Coin or any of it's energy in his body.

Adam: How is that possible?

Billy: Alpha could they have drained all the Silver Ranger energy from his body?

Alpha: They could have but in this case there is no sign of him ever having the Silver Power Coin.

Justin: You mean that might not be Scott?

Alpha: Possibly.

Tanya: And if that isn't Scott then Kat might still be alive.

Tommy: Right so we need to determine if that is Scott and redouble our efforts to find Kat.

Billy: I can perform some discreet scans on Scott and determine if it really is him. What I will need from you is to distract him.

Tommy: We'll do our best.

The teens nodded and went to do their tasks. Meanwhile the two Rangers find themselves still awaiting the return of the Destroyer when Scott saw something happening to the wall.

Scott: Kat look at this.

Kat: What is happening to it?

Scott: It looks as if it's been broken down from the other side.

Just then part of the wall dropped out revealing a hole and a man's face.

Man: Ah there you are. Now give me your hand and I'll help you escape.

Scott: How can we trust you? How do we not know you're not one of the Destroyer's stooges playing some trick on us for his amusement.

Man: I hate the Destroyer he killed my wife and most of my people. He brought the remaining people from my race here to build his fortress. Now give me your hand or you can stay here and die.

Kat: We could be jumping from the frying pan straight into the fire, but it's better than staying here.

Scott shrugged and indicated that she should go up first. Extending her hand she allowed the man to pull her into the hole and then she turned and held out her hand for Scott to hold and she pulled him up.

Man: Glad you could join me.

Scott: Thank you. I'm Scott...

Man: No time for greetings we must go before they come to check on you.

Without another word the Man turned and started back the tunnel he had made with the two Rangers following him. Meanwhile the Destroyer followed by his lackey Cloak where making their way to the cell.

Destroyer: The time has come Cloak for Katherine to become my Dark Queen. Now open the door.

Cloak bowed and opened the door and the two walked into find the room empty.

Cloak: They have escaped.

Destroyer: No wonder you're my assistant, of course they have escaped. The question who helped them escape and where are they now?

Cloak: Well, we know how they got out sire. This hole was made from the outside inwards.

Destroyer: Cloak take the Putties and go down that hole and bring back my Queen and her friend. I am not bothered about his state, but she must be brought back alive or else you will die.

Cloak: Me but I.....

Destroyer: Now Cloak or I will punish you severely.

Cloak continued to protest but the look on his Master's face made him stop and summoning the Putties the group started to make their way down the hole.

Meanwhile the escaping Rangers and their rescuer had come to the hole.

Man: Here we must be cautious as there is a very long drop down into the room from which so be careful.

The two nodded and following him they saw him vanish down a slope.

Kat: After you Scott.

Scott: Sorry I was brought up to believe in Ladies first.

Kat smacked him on his left arm and turned and dropped down the hole followed quickly by Scott. When the arrived at the bottom they found themselves in what looked like storeroom and another person whom their rescuer was talking to very intensely.

Person: I did as you told I have been monitoring the transmission of the Destroyer and he has mobilised all of his forces to look for the one called Katherine.

Man: We must seal this tunnel so that they cannot find us.

Scott: How do we do that?

Man: Like this.

Pulling some kind bauble from his belt he threw it into the tunnel and that was followed by an explosion as the tunnel collapsed on itself.

Man: Now we must destroy this room.

The three followed the man out and watched as he destroyed the room. Then he picked up two large coats and passed them to the two Rangers.

Kat: What are these for?

Man: You will need these for where we are going?

Kat nodded and put the coat on and then turned to help Scott put his own on.

Scott: You know this would be a lot easier if my arm wasn't broken.

The figure they had met in the storeroom walked towards Scott and placed a hand on his arm and it began to glow and then the figure stepped back. Scott looked at the figure in amazement and then slowly pulled his arm from the makeshift sling.

Scott: My arm it doesn't hurt anymore in fact it feels healed.

Man: Our women have the power to heal injuries.

Scott: Well, thank you I am in your debt.

Figure: None is necessary I will help anyone in pain.

Turning the figure followed the Man out of the door and the two Rangers followed them out into the snow. Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber Billy had finished his tests and sharing a look with Zordon he made his way to where the others were attempting to coax any reaction out of Scott.

Billy: Hello Scott how are you feeling?

Kim: He's fine Billy. Did you find out what you needed to find?

Billy: I've completed my scans and you're not Scott so who are you?

The thing that had claimed to be Scott stood up and with a smile the image of Scott was replaced by that of the.

Zordon: Magician.

Magician: Hello Zordon it has been a while.

Zordon: It has indeed been a while old friend, but why are you serving the Destroyer and why the pretence.

Magician: My instructions from the Destroyer were for me to infiltrate you and when you brought me here to destroy your base.

Tommy: Don't even think about it.

Magician: I would not Red Ranger for unlike Cloak I serve the Destroyer not because I want to, but because I have to.

Jason: Why do you have to?

Magician: The lives of my Wife and my Children are at stake if I do not co-operate.

Adam: We can help you. Tell us where your family is and we can free them for you.

Magician: You would do that for me, why?

Tanya: We're Power Rangers we've sworn to protect the world from evil.

Magician: But I am supposed to destroy you and I lied to you.

Kim: So Kat and Scott are still alive.

Magician: Yes, they are. Before I left I checked on them and despite Scott having a broken arm they appeared to be fine.

The Ranger shared looks of relief at the news that there friends were alive and well.

Magician: But we must hurry for soon the Destroyer will take Katherine as his Queen.

Tommy: Do you know where the Destroyer's base is?

Magician: Yes, it is in the region you call Antarctica.

Zordon: Alpha begin a scan of the region and locate the fortress.

Adam: If we locate it we can go there find Scott and Kat and free your family.

Magician: How he would know that you were coming?

Billy: Not if we gave him a small distraction to keep him looking the other way as it were.

Jason: What do you have in mind Billy?

Billy: I have been working on a holographic projector that make's it's image's solid.

Justin: Like on the Holodeck in Star Trek.

Billy: Exactly if I were to produce a hologram of one of us and we were to hit it would feel pain.

Tommy: Billy you have just given me the best idea. We'll use the projector to produce solid images of the five of us and they along with the Alien Rangers can pretend to fight the Magician while we go and find our friends and his family.

Billy: It might not work I've never tried it with anything as large as five.

Adam: We don't have a choice if we want to save Scott and Kat.

Tommy: Adam's right we have to do it. Alpha locate the Alien Rangers and ask to come here.

Alpha: You got it Tommy.

Tommy: Magician I believe you should leave now and attack the city.

Magician: I will go at once and thank you for everything Rangers.

Tanya: It was our pleasure.

The Magician teleported out and the Alien Rangers teleported in and they began to explain the plan to them. Meanwhile the two missing Rangers and their rescuers are making their way through the frozen landscape that is Antarctica. As Scott makes his way he can barely see two metres in front of him and yet he knows that the dark shape in front of him is Kat and then she falls to one knee and he rushes to her side.

Kat: Scott I can't go on, I can't feel my legs anymore.

Scott: I'm not in the mood to sacrifice anyone in today.

Leaning down Scott picks the frozen girl up and starts to walk on but even slower than before and for a few seconds he wonders why he doesn't just lie down and give up, and then he remembers his silent promise never to let any harm come to one of his friends if he could prevent it and with that he continues on. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber Alpha scans of the area known as Antarctica have finally paid off.

Alpha: Zordon I've done it I've found the Destroyer's fortress.

Tommy: Great Alpha. Well, I think it's time to put our plan into action. Is everyone clear about what we are doing.

The other Earth Rangers and the Alien Rangers all nodded.

Delphine: Yes, we are ready Tommy. It's Morphing Time.

All: Rangers of Aquitar we need full power.

With that they were gone and then Billy turned to Trini.

Billy: Are you sure you can operate the device Trini?

Kim: Billy she is the only one who understood your explanation of how to work the device.

The five original Rangers all exchanged smiles as they remembered the many times that Trini had to translate what Billy had said.

Adam: Let's get to it guys. Remember we just find the Magician's family and Scott and Kat and we get out of there.

Tommy: Let's do it. It's Morphing Time.

Tanya: Zeo Ranger II. Yellow.

Justin: Zeo Ranger III. Blue.

Adam: Zeo Ranger IV. Green.

Tommy: Zeo Ranger V. Red.

Billy: Gold Ranger Power.

The six former Rangers watched them go each wishing them luck and wishing they could be there with them. Meanwhile in the city the five Alien Rangers had arrived to find the Magician terrorising the people in the city.

Magician: So the little Alien Rangers have come to stop me.

The Magician looked up as something caught his eye and the five holographic versions of the remaining Zeo Rangers dropped onto the floor next to the Aquitians.

Magician: Well more the merrier. Putties attack.

At his command the Putties attacked the real and fake Rangers all the while the Magician watched and hoped this trick was believed. Meanwhile somewhere in Antarctica Scott still carrying the now semi-conscious Kat have found themselves in a village.

Scott: How is this possible?

Man: The Destroyer transported the whole area and gave it a heat shield. Come step in side and you can warm yourselves.

Stepping into the nearest building Scott carefully lays Kat on the floor and places a blanket over her.

Scott: Kat we're safe can you hear me?

The young woman moans and then goes silent again and Scott stands up and offers a worried look to his rescuers.

Scott: Is there anything you can do to help her?

Man: I am afraid not all we can do is keep her warm and hope.

Scott turned to the second figure who had now removed her coat revealing a girl about the same age as Kat.

Figure: My name is Gia and before you ask I cannot help my powers do not work like that.

Scott: Wait a second there is something that can help.

Kneeling down next to Kat he gently raises her into a sitting position and begins to speak to her.

Scott: Kat you have to morph.

The girl shakes her head and clutches the blanket closer to her body.

Scott: You have to or else you will die. Kat it's Morphing Time.

Kat nods and Scott takes several steps back and watches as the girl painfully brings out her Zeonisers and then with a burst of energy she is transformed into Pink Zeo Ranger. Standing up the girl removes her helmet and her face has already regained its colour.

Scott: Kat are you okay?

Kat: Now I am thanks to you.

Scott: No charge.

Kat: So where are we?

Scott: We are in a village in Antarctica and we appear to be in friends.

Man: You are. Now why where you prisoners of the Destroyer.

Kat: We are Power Rangers we protect our planet from evil such as the Destroyer. During our last battle we were captured by him.

Scott: Yeah he seems to want Kat to be his Queen.

Gia: Most interesting but why?

Kat: I don't know.

Man: Oh you are intelligent Katherine I am sure you will work it out.

Kat: What do you mean?

Before she could even react she watched as Scott was thrown backwards by a bolt of energy emanating from the man. Turning the Pink Ranger walked towards the Man when she demorphed and then the figure before her changed into the form of the Destroyer and the room around them vanished and they were back in the cell.

Kat: It was all an illusion we never escaped and Scott's arm is still broken.

Destroyer: As I said you would work it out and now it is time for you to be my Dark Queen.

Kat started to back away from the Destroyer when suddenly she felt herself unable to move and then the Destroyer was stood directly in front of her. Then as she felt herself lose control of her mind and body her last thought was of Scott and how she wanted to scream out her feelings for him and then she felt nothing.

Meanwhile the Rangers had arrived at the Destroyer's fortress to find it almost totally deserted.

Justin: This is weird there is almost no-one about. What gives?

Tommy: Don't worry the Destroyer is here and so are Scott, Kat and the Magician's family and we're going get them out.

Just then a shout from Adam made the four run to were he was stood.

Adam: Guys this door is not only locked, but bolted shut.

Tanya: I think we've found either the Magician's family or the others.

Tommy: Well, we will know in a few minutes. Everybody Zeo Laser Pistols now.

At Tommy's orders the four produced their Laser Pistols and fired at the door causing it to cave in and when the smoke cleared revealing a woman and two very frightened looking children.

Woman: Take me just don't hurt my children.

Looking at the others Tanya turned and removed her helmet and stepped forward.

Tanya: We're not here to hurt you, your husband the Magician told us where you were and we came to free you.

Woman: Where is my husband?

Tommy: Putting on a good show for the Destroyer ma'am.

By now the two children had overcome their initial fright and cautiously were making their way towards the Rangers.

Boy: Who are you?

Billy: My name is Billy and me and my friends are the Power Rangers we protect this planet from evil.

Adam: We had better teleport them back to the Power Chamber and then go find our friends.

Tommy: Right Adam. Alpha come in this is Tommy.

Alpha: I read you loud and clear Tommy.

Tommy: We have found the Magician's family, teleport them to the Power Chamber and contact the Alien Rangers and the Magician and bring them back as well.

Alpha: I'll get right on it. Have you located Scott and Kat yet?

Tommy: No, but we will keep look until we do. Tommy out.

With that the three teleported out leaving the Rangers alone.

Tanya: Come on we had better find the other's and get out of here before anything happens.

Justin: Too late Tanya we got company.

The others turned to see that a group of Putties along with the Demon had appeared in the doorway.

Demon: Hello Rangers ready for a rematch.

Tommy: Anytime. Okay guys let's do it.

Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber an emotional reunion was going on.

Magician: I thought I would never see you again Cerna.

Cerna: But I'm here thanks to the Power Rangers.

Magician: Where are they I would really like to thank them?

Zordon: As yet they have not located our two missing Rangers and once they do they will return.

Alpha: Zordon I'm getting a strange energy reading from the Fortress.

Jason: What is it Alpha?

Alpha: I'm not sure. Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. I wish Billy were here to help me.

Zordon: Alpha you are doing fine.

Alpha: Oh it's gone, but for an instant I had a clear scan and what I detected was a lot of energy radiating from someone to another person.

Kim: Zordon what does that mean?

Zordon: If it is what I fear then the Rangers are in grave danger.

The Alien Rangers and former Rangers all exchanged worried looks and then continued to wait.

Meanwhile back in the cell Scott had finally begun to regain consciousness and his first instinct was to call out Kat's name. For a second there was no response and then a figure stepped into his view and he looked on in surprise for this was not the Kat he knew. The woman before him was now dressed entirely in black armour with no trace of pink anywhere, but it was not the clothing that disturbed Scott, but the expression of pure evil upon her face.

Scott: Kat what's happened to you?

He expected a reply but it was not what he expected as suddenly she pulled her foot back and kicked him hard in the ribs leaving him struggling for a breath of air and curled up in pain. Then she spoke in a voice dripping with malice and contempt.

Kat: You will speak only when you are spoken to Ranger..

As Scott attempted to regain control of his breathing the Destroyer stepped into view.

Destroyer: So what do you think of my Dark Queen?

Scott didn't answer and simply glared at him when Kat reached down and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up.

Kat: You will answer when your master speaks to you.

Scott: He's not my master and he isn't yours Kat.

Destroyer: Well, I am now so get used to it Silver Ranger.

Scott: I don't intend to be here that long to get used to it.

Lurching to his feet the Silver Rangers attempted to strike out at the Destroyer using his left arm when he saw Kat raise her hands and black lightning appeared from them sending him crashing backwards.

Kat: Do not try that again or next time I will kill you.

Scott: What did you do to her?

Destroyer: The mind is really an extraordinary thing. All I did was reach into her mind and block the good and placed the power of evil within her and the rest was easy. For now we shall leave you to contemplate your fate.

The two turned to leave and as they did Scott spoke with total contempt dripping from his every word.

Scott: This is not over. I will hunt you down to the ends of the universe and kill for what you have done.

Destroyer: You can try, but I think my Queen has other ideas.

Before Scott could even react Kat slammed her booted foot into his midsection and then smashed her fist into his face leaving him bleeding.

Kat: My Lord I have had an idea. Why don't we return this one to Zordon, as a message not to fight us.

Destroyer: Excellent my Queen I will disable the jamming shield allowing them to teleport him back, but before I will send the Demon out to Angel Grove to destroy the other Rangers.

With that the two left laughing in delight and leaving Scott immobile on the floor. Meanwhile somewhere in the Fortress the five Rangers were battling hard and quickly against the Putties when Zordon contacted them.

Tommy: Yes, Zordon what's wrong?

Zordon: Rangers the five of you must teleport to Angel Grove Warehouse district and call upon your Zords the Demon is on a rampage.

Tanya: Zordon what about Scott and Kat we can't leave them.

Zordon: I know Tanya, but they would not want you to let innocents die because you wanted to find them.

Tommy: We're on our way Zordon.

The five quickly teleported out and back to the city and moments later they arrived to the scene of utter devastation.

Justin: Look at this mess.

Adam: Let's take this guy down.

Tommy: We need Super Zeo Megazord power now.

At their command the Zord came and the four jumped aboard. On the ground Billy produced the Golden Power Staff and raised it to the sky and Pryamdias joined the Super Zeo Megazord.

Tommy: Okay guys we need Ultrazord Power now.

At the command the Super Zeo Megazord entered the upright Pryamidas and then.

All: Zeo Ultrazord fire.

The first shot as before sent the Demon crashing to the ground and he struggled to get back but did. However the Rangers were ready and before he could react they fired again and the Demon was obliterated.

Justin: Yes, we did it.

Adam: Now if we can only find Scott and Kat.

Tommy: Agreed let's get back to the Power Chamber.

The five teleported out and back to the Power Chamber. Meanwhile on the moon in the wreckage of the Lunar Palace something starts to move and the debris is blown apart revealing a slightly battered Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Rito and others.

Zedd: That Destroyer just made a big mistake.

Rito: Not from where I'm standing he didn't.

Zedd: Silence dolt. He did, he left us alive and now we will destroy him once and for all.

Rita: How are we going to do that?

Zedd: As much as I despise the thought we must join forces with Zordon and his Rangers.

Rita looked sickened at the thought but gave a nod. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber the five Rangers arrived hoping for some good news.

Alpha: Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi I've found one of them.

Zordon: Quickly Alpha teleport them back before we are unable to.

Alpha: Teleporting now Zordon.

Alpha pressed the controls and with a flash of Silver light Scott appeared in the Power Chamber. At the sight of him Kim gave a yelp and quickly ran to his side.

Kim: Scott what happened to you where is Kat?

Reaching up Scott grabbed Tommy's arm and attempted to speak.

Scott: Kat... Kat.

Tommy: Kat what Scott. Where is she? Is she okay?

Scott: She did this to me.

Tanya: What that's not possible.

Scott: It is the Destroyer has transformed her into the Dark Queen. As of this moment the Kat we all know and love no longer exists.

The End... for now