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I decided to do a poll after my good pal Gayle emailed me and asked me "Do you think Billy is cuter with or without glasses?" I thought it would be the perfect question (with a slight moderation) to ask for The Yost. So:

Do You Prefer Billy With or Without Glasses?

    Billy used to be more charming with glasses because of his character. But, without glasses, David looks more... manly...
    - Butterfly
    Cuz you can see his gorgeous face better. And his eyes are so much clearer.
    - Cait Uter
    I loved David (Billy) as he is. Heès a hunk whether he wears glasses or not.
    - Grace Tung
    He looks cute without glassses.
    - Jennifer Cary Brantley
    I think David is much sexier without glasses. He looks immature with glasses except for those ones right before he lost glasses all together. Those were alright because they were thin and barely noticeable. Besides, according to Davidès interview he liked "Billy" without glasses. Heès so much more manly and sexy. He is absolutely gorgeous.
    - Trueheart Bear
    'Cause he is much cuter without glasses, and you can see his beautiful eyes.
    - Coreniavera Bierbaum
    Even though I wear glasses and have most of my life Billy/David is a very attractive person without his glasses. He is the one and only Ranger I missed after he left the MMPR and wondered what happened and why he left.
    - Marie
    You can't truly admire his gorgeous features when they are hidden behind glasses. Plus... GLASSES SUCK. I should know, I have to wear them full time.
    - Cait
    Because if he has glasses or not he's still Billy... he sexy with and without glasses. He's also intellegant with and without glasses.
    - Rebecca
    He's gorgeous, who cares what he's wearing, as long as he dosn't do anything to that cute face of his I'm happy.
    - Al the Gal
    As the one who gave Kittie the idea for the poll, I guess it's only fair that I tie it up. Billy, to me, is just a good looking-okay, fine, he's hot-to me either way, and I love the fact that he was in glasses, and him out of glasses was awesome too. If I recall, someone wrote that you could see his great eyes better without, but he looks so adorable with them... and I have a thing for puppy dog expressions, which he does well. Either way he was-and-is extremely good looking.
    - Gayle
  12. WITH
    I like Billy with glasses because he looks so cute with them. Plus I wear them and I like them. Ièm just a little girl; most little girls in the world donèt wear them.
    - Brianna
    Okay... for one... he may look really cute and innocent with glasses... but without he can make any girl go crazy. It brings o ut his feautures a lot more... and makes him look more mature and prestentable. And not to mention sexier.
    - Brittany Marie
  14. WITH
    He just looks so innocent and sweet.
    - Kat
    He's So good looking without them.... ask him if he and the other rangers would like to come over my house and swim.
    - Kimmy
  16. WITH
    He's cuter with glasses... and I can identify with him more when he's wearing glasses because I'm nearsighted.
    - Cassandra Bel Iblis
    You can really see his handsome face better and he looks more athletic.
    - Jill
    Well... if you just look... he's cute no matter what.
    - Jessie
  19. WITH
    The glasses immediately bring you to the adorable face. It was at that stage that Billy really showed his intelligence. Billy with glasses may seem like a geek - and to some degree he was - but he kept up with the rest of the team for a majority of the time. The innocent yet smart look is the best. I mean let's face it. He didn't get those muscles overnight...he must have been hiding them.
    - Genii
    He is gorgeous.... I like him without glasses... but it doesn't really matter because he would look good in anything.... I think he would look really good on TV again, hint hint... nudge nudge
    - Tara
    I like DY with or without glasses. He's cute anyway.
    - Marina M. Terrin
  22. WITH
    David does look intellectual and oh so sexy with those glasses. Plus someone who can wear glasses with such confidence is comfortable with himself and that is the sexiest quality of all.
    - Wendy
    As much as I love the "geek" factor, there's something to be said for not looking like one as well. I prefer him without glasses (mainly because by the time he got to that point, he was more developped muscle-wise *grin*)
    - Sel
    I think Billy (David) looks great both with and without glasses cause, well, he looks H-O-T with both.
    - The Masked Writer
    I prefer Billy without glasses because you can see his beautiful eyes so much better :)
    - Movie79
  26. WITH
    I like him with glasses, definately! Why? Oh God, those little wireframes, especially when paired with the overalls, just give him this cute, innocent look. It's really very sexy when you look at him for more than, oh,... THREE SECONDS!
    - Lorraine Frost
  27. WITH
    Being someone who wears some serious coke-bottle glasses myself, I do have a bit of a bias. Granted, you might argue that anyone who fights monsters for a living (sigh, back in the day), probably shouldn't have glass right in front of his eyes. But Billy helped dispel the notion that not all people who wear glasses are geeks... Wait a minute. Hmm... maybe Jason or Kimberly would look good with glasses....
    - Jeremy Ray Logsdon
    cause he looks totally georgeous without them and you could see his face better
    Power Ranger Fan
  29. WITH
    He looks more intellectual with glasses.
    - Catherine Johnson
    Because, he's cute either way. Sometimes he looks really dorky with, and sometimes he looks too old without.... He's just a doll either way. I love my sweetie any way you dress him.
    - Melanie
    Because it shows how hot he is and how much he has grow up.
    - Anora of Eltar
    He looks cute without glassses.If he can see anything without them,I'll say go 4 it.
    - Semir
  33. WITH
    With the glasses, definitely with. He is so cute with them, I love Billy so much.

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