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Ever since I started watching MMPR, Billy has been my favorite ranger. Why? Because Billy Cranston is the sweetest little thing, that's why! And his looks don't hurt either, but I think we've been through that already. I have decided to share with you some of the other reasons I think David Yost and his practically perfect alter-ego are the best things about the show.

Billy... a Flirt? You know, there's a curious thing about Billy: he's the Ranger that had more flirts. Imagine if he wasn't a shy boy! The (lucky) girls were:

  • Marge, in Peace, Love, and Woe
  • Melissa, in Different Drum
  • Laura, in Opposites Attract and Goldar's Vice Versa
  • Tamara, from Israel, in A Monster of Global Proportions
  • Violet, in Blue Ranger Gone Bad
  • The infamous Cestria, from Aquitar, who's taken him away from all of of Billy's (girl) fans! (Contributed by Butterfly)

    Shy Guy: I couldn't help with noticing that Billy loves to keep his hands on his pockets. I've heard it's a characteristic of shy people that we can extend to David's own personality. (Contributed by Butterfly)

    The "I've been in spandex way to long" dance, where he will stand there, hold his helmet, and pick one foot bending at the knee and then do the same with the other. Or as my friends and I call it, 'The David Yost Pee-pee Dance.' :-) (Contributed by Stacey)

    The Patented David Yost "I Get to Touch a Girl" Look
    Photo contributed by Rain Fletcher
    The best version of this was in the episode called "Peace, Love, and Woe." When Billy is putting Marge's necklace back around her neck after it falls off, he gets an absolutely adorable look on his face. The eyes go wide, the eyebrows go up, and then... the blush. It was classic!

    David States the Obvious
    • Dark Warrior: "Everybody's always picking on me."
    • Peace, Love, and Woe: "It's Marge's necklace!"
    • Power Ranger Punks: "That's Jason!"
    • The Great Bookala Escape: "It's SNOWING!"

    David Cops A Quick Feel
    Photo contributed by Rain Fletcher
    • Power Ranger Punks: Kimberly's chest. They're enclosed in a forcefield and David manages to touch her chest with the back of his hand. AJJ doesn't seem to notice.
    • Crystal of Nightmares: Trini's crotch. They're outside the cave where the crystal is being kept, they get surrounded by putties, Billy retreats and stumbles into Trini, putting a hand out to steady himself. Guess where the hand lands?
    • Day of the Dumpster: When the PR are first attacked by the putties, Billy falls down with his back on the floor. After, comes Kimberly and falls down over Billy, right between his legs (!) touching each other's abdomens. (Contributed by Butterfly)
    • For Whom the Bell Trolls: When Billy and Trini are prisioners inside the bottle, look at the way Trini pulls Billy's clothes! Looks like she wants to pull them out! Ooops... forget the last line! Anyway, all of us would like to do that, wouldn't we? (Contributed by Butterfly)
    • There's No Business Like Snow Business: When Billy and Kat are in the hotel, Zordon calls and Billy stands up and slaps Kat's leg. (Contributed by Butterfly)

    The Patented Billy Handclap
    Used in only one episode, "I, Eye Guy". He and that kid Willie slap hands, then do that one fist on top of the other thing (you know what I mean, right?!) and then pull on their overall straps three times. It's even funnier because of the "squeaky-squeaky" noise Saban stuck in there. It was so cute they had to do it twice!

    The Original Morph
    David manages to blink three - count 'em - three times while saying the word "Triceratops!"

    The Patented David Yost "Laugh?"
    • "Huh-huh-huh." (Standard default laugh)
    • "Heh-heh-heh." (Evil, punk laugh)
    • "Hah-hah." (Variation of evil punk laugh)
    • "Nyah." (Used only once, in "Power Ranger Punks", but trust me, once is enough!)

    Episode Shrines

    Power Ranger Punks
    Power Ranger Punks

    In case you haven't figured this out yet, my favorite episode of all time is Power Ranger Punks. This epiode is chock full of great Billy moments, AND has horrible special effects to boot! Let's go over it, shall we?!

    1. The awesome outfit! Blue sunglasses, handkerchief, sleeveless denim shirt? (BICEPS!)
    2. All four of the patented David Yost "laugh?"s.
    3. A quick feel: Kim as aforementioned.
    4. States the obvious. ("That's Jason!")
    5. David masters the use of the word "yeah."
      • Kim: Get outta my face!
        Billy: Yeah, get out of 'er face!
      • Kim: No! Volleyball is for dorks!
        Billy: Yeah! And you guys are DORKS!
      • Kim: We are gonna kick your sorry buns.
        Billy: Yeah!
      • Kim: Quit STA-rin' at us!
        Billy: Yeah! Take a pit-ture. It'll last lon-GER!
      • Kim: When are we gonna get out of here?
        Billy: Yeah!
      • Kim: So you finally got us something to drink.
        Billy: Yeah! The service around here STINKS!
    6. And finally, the terrible special effects. (Not to mention the silly plot line. Come on, singing squash?!) Speaking of squash, note that when Alpha goes into the dimensional gap to fetch the squash, the floor of the set (and it really looks like a set) is covered with black plastic garbage bags. Um... low budget, Saban? Of course, this has nothing to do with Great Billy Moments, but it certainly added a nice touch to an already wonderful episode!

    For A bunch of pix from this ep, go to The David Yost Museum, there are a few there. (He's sneering in all of them, it's quite adorable.)

    Switching Places

    Switching Places is the episode for all you David Yost fans out there. David really gets a chance to exhibit his acting skills, and does a wonderful job of it. Some might say he plays Kimberly better than Amy Jo! (Or at least as-well-as.)
    It's kinda scary how easily David seemed to slip into this role. The walk, the mannerisms... he even had that little "Kimberly-hair-flip" thingie down cold. Here are a few of my favorite things about the episode.

    1. Again, amazing outfit. Billy should let Kimberly dress him more often! Those tight-fitting jeans, that gorgeous golden-brown vest that really brought out his eyes.... He simply glowed.
    2. David plays it "dainty".
      Watch for the part when he's working on that kid's computer. The way he pushes the "delete button" is adorable!
    3. David sits down like a girl.
      Again, he's playing Kimberly way to well. Guys take their seats very differently than girls, and David really looks like he observed Amy Jo for quite a while. He doesn't just plop himself down in a chair like guys normally do, he glides into it. Ru-Paul, you've got competition.
    4. David gets really confused.
      Poor Kimberly can't figure out what's going on. When the rangers log on (In their Zords), she (David) says: "Kimberly here, I mean Billy, I mean-" I love him when he stutters!
    5. The unmentioned subplot.
      Okay, think about it. Two teenaged kids, one male, one female, switch bodies. Um... this really doesn't belong in a kids' show. : )

    If you'd like to contribute to this love-fest, email me with your favorite Billy/David moments