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November 21, 1996

Well, it's official. David Yost has left the building. (Sob!) I will never again gaze into those sad hazel eyes and dream of days to come. Those eyes are forever gazing at some Aquitarian chick! Do I sound bitter? Good. This was the "peace conference" tactic to the extreme! I can just imagine the writer's meeting....

Flashback Scene:
Writer 1: Well, Dave's finally decided to leave.
Writer 2: S'about time!
Writer 3: Hey! Be nice!
Writer 2: You weren't the one who had to come up with all that techno-nonsense!
Writer 4: Hello? Can we get back to the matter at hand?
Writer 1: Which is?
Writer 4: Billy! What are we gonna do about Billy?!
Writer 3: Let's kill him.
Writer 2: This is a children's show!
Writer 3: Oh yeah. Sorry.
Writer 1: I hear the buzz on the newsgroups--
Writer 2: You read those?
Writer 1: As I was saying, the buzz on the newsgroups is that people want Billy to be happy.
Writer 3: Happy? Him? Ha!
Writer 4: They're right, though. We should give him a good sendoff.
Writer 2: The Aquitar sendoff was pretty good, but no, Mr. Yost had to ruin it by coming back.
Writer 1: Hey! That's it!
Writer 3: What?
Writer 1: We'll send him back to Aquitar!
Writer 2: Oh come on, how stupid can Cestro be?
Writer 4: What?
Writer 2: The guy can't build a device to beat a monster on his own planet, he has to go to some geek from Earth.
Writer 4: Oh yeah. That was pretty stupid, huh?
Writer 1: Well, what if he went to Aquitar for their help?
Writer 2: Go on, this is starting to sound interesting.
Writer 1: Picture this... Remember that regenerator or whatever it was? From the whole "rangers turn into kids" fiasco?
Writer 3: Yeah? What about it?
Writer 1: Something happens. He starts to age.
Writer 4: Hey, that's good! Then we wouldn't even need Dave to play Billy!
Writer 3: Yeah, we could get some random old guy who looks nothing like him!
Writer 1: Exactly! So he's aging uncontrollably, and they can't fix him, so they call on good ol' Cestro, and... oh wait....
Writer 2: Stupid Cestro gets it all wrong again.
Writer 1: Oh, I guess. Maybe the kids have come to expect his stupidity by now.
Writer 3: I know I have.
Writer 2: So they have to bring him back to Aquitar to fix him up. Fine. But what about this whole... happy... thing? And why wouldn't he come back?
Writer 1: That's where I'm stuck.
Writer 4: I got it.
Writer 1: Lay it on me, bro.
Writer 4: Aquitarian girlfriend.
Writer 2: That's disgusting!
Writer 4: But think about it! If he finds true love with some alien chick, he wouldn't want to come back.
Writer 3: I dunno... we've made the gang out to be pretty close....
Writer 1: Not Billy. Not lately, anyway. He hangs out more with Alpha that the rest of the rangers.
Writer 4: Exactly! And would you rather hang out with some little robot who's only vocabulary consists of "Ai-yi-yi!" Or would you rather stay on some random planet with a babelicious alien chick?
Writer 3: I guess I'd pick the chick.
Writer 4: Darn right you would!
Writer 2: So it's settled. We convince Dave to film a tiny little scene where we age him and replace him with the random old guy, then we send the nerd off to Aquitar.
Writer 1: Cool. Let's pitch it to Haim.

And there you have it. A behind the scenes look at Power Rangers Zeo. And so ends the best chapter of the Power Rangers series. I guess now we'll have to look for David on late night infomercials. Or who knows? Maybe that play of his will end up on Broadway.

Dedications: Fans Say Goodbye


After everything that has been said, whatever I could say would sound not original, and still not enough to express how I feel about David. All I know is that after all this time away from the Rangers, away from the screens, I still keep him on my mind. I still feel the same about him. Besides being a very handsome man, David's also a good actor. He brought Billy to life with an unique shine. He made us fall in love with sweet and shy Billy. And he made us fall in love with David himself, with those bright green eyes. He really made the difference!

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable, though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more....
- Butterfly

When I first saw power rangers, my brother and I immediately became addicted. I liked Billy from the start and my brother liked Jason. He was 8. We watched the first episode. Mom thought it was a bonding thing cause me and my brother would sit down and watch it together and not fight during it. Let's just say that after that Alien chick incident, I stopped watching. I recently started watching the Power Rangers in Space series, cause no one who was ever linked to him is on it. I am a bit emotional and think he deserved a better send off. How about going to the peace conference to replace Jason?
- Tabby

Good luck, David. Your acting - your personality - and yes, your good looks too struck a chord in me. I am embarrassed at the fact that I am just acting like another common fan, but I believe that people don't know how much they are appreciated unless they are told. I hope to see you perform more - whether on TV, in movies, or on stage. I think that you are very talented and compelling.
- Jill Knapp

I miss seeing you on the PRs shows. I think that you are really handsome looking and my favorite idol.
- Michaela Houston

When I first started watching Power Rangers, (I'm proud to say, I watched from show #1, to the point where my mother decided that the show was to violent for my little sister to watch, and therefore, out of fairness, banned it from the house entirely) I've seen a great deal of the character Billy in myself. I'm not claiming to be a genius, not by any means. But the tendency to use overlong words, the painful shyness, they were all things that I recognized in myself. I can't speak for the real person, as I have never met David Yost, but the character Billy will always be near to my heart.
I recently started watching the show again, (my sister is at an age now that my mother deems her appropriately mature enough to withstand the violence of Power Rangers without extreme psychological damage). I was disappointed that Billy was no longer a character, but I understand the need David probably felt to move on.
David, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I would like to assure you that, if you do nothing else (not that that is expected!) you will always be remembered for your wonderful job in portraying a shy, quite kid named Billy.
At least by me.
- Blue

I first got interested in watching the Power Rangers when my son (now 5 yrs. Old) starting watching it. Billy really impressed me because you can see he was shy, smart and different from the other teenagers but he didnt let that stop him from being himself. You can see the David Yost the person put alot into his character. I feel a person sees some of themselves in the person they are playing. I dont know very much about David Yost. But he is a fine actor and Im sure hes just as nice, charming and caring in person. I miss seeing him on TV but an actor with talent that David shows, Im sure he will go far in whatever career he so decides. I wish David the very best of luck with his plays, and future endenvors. I will be looking forward to seeing his plays. I know he must be busy but if he ever was to answer me, I would be very proud. All my best to you David.
- A fan of yours for good, Robbi Cappiello

Words simply cannot describe the way I feel about David Yost and Billy. It was a joy watching the character evolve from akward geek to beloved intellecual god and as much as it pains me to say this, I have to. The Circle has come to a close. It is time to move on. Forgive me David. I've fallen in love with Christopher Khayman Lee. Now that that's over with, my heart skips a beat every time I see him. I cried when he lost his powers. I cried when he left the show. But in the hearts of us fans, Billy will be kept alive.
- Liz

I don't know how many people read the fanfic "I'll Remember", but that was the first time I realized the effect that David's character "Billy" had on me. I never forgot the tiny smiles and happy twinkles in his eyes when the Power Rangers won a fight.
I couldn't help but watch "Alpha's Magical Christmas" at least fifteen, maybe a hundred times the Christmas after Billy left. The song that was done on "A Christmas to Remember" reminded me of how strong the bond is and was between the Power Rangers.

Many Friends, Many Hearts
Different Faces, Different Starts
Take My Hand, You Will See
What a Difference We Can Be
While your character was growing up, I was learning what it meant to become an adult with responsibilities. When I was working at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, I remembered the bond that you had with the other Rangers and treasured it. You, Billy, found your wolf pack while I'm still a lone colt on the plains.
- Aleria Davis (Colt Ranger)

I am a school teacher who became hooked on the Rangers about two years ago.
I kept hearing the children mention The Power Rangers and I finally decided to watch it. I immediately became hooked when I saw the Blue Ranger in action. I think the first episode that I saw was the one in which Billy was afraid of fish. I saw him overcome this fear. Sure, he seemed geeky and the effects were silly, but I just really related to his character. Since then, I have faithfully watched this program. The one constant was Billy. I was upset when the Gold Ranger turned out to be Jason. I so wanted to see Billy back in action. He gave nerds a good name. Since I was considered one throughout school, it made me feel good to see someone else go through some of the same things I went through and succeed. His character showed children how reading and questioning and scientific reasearch can be fun. I truly hope that David Yost does decide to come back. If not, I will watch for him elsewhere and I wish him the best of luck. Till then, I don't think I will bother watching the Rangers anymore. It just is not the same.
- Deianeira

I don't know if any of the Ranger actors really read any of this, but I just thought I spout off a thought or two, and a wish: It is my feeling David and Billy both deserved better in the last season. I had always wanted to see David write an episode or even assist in Directing. I wanted to see Billy remain as a character, I feel the closure is quite a bit lacking, but, that could be taken as selfish....
I have the wish that David will go on to the things he really wanted in his life as I'm fairly certain Power Rangers was not it.
If anyone knows if David's play goes into production I'd like to hear the whens and wheres. If anyone follows where he goes to I'd love to hear about it. Something was mentioned about a Showtime special movie?
In any case, since this looks like 'the end', Thanks to David for staying with Saban for so long, it has to take a special care for a character to stay as long as David did since we've long heard the money is lacking.
Best wishes for the future where ever it leads.
- Mara MacLeod

To be perfectly honest, I mocked the show when it first aired 4 years ago. I was an adult. What could it possibly offer me? It wasn't until near tragedy reared its ugly head within my family last year that I, in an effort to escape, watched an episode. Surprisingly, I found it sweet and harmless. I was drawn to its innocent nature and it soon became an outlet for me, a place to visit every day where problems were solved by a giant floating head and colorful teenagers. It brought back memories of childhood and high school and it comforted me when others couldn't. The character of Billy struck me immediately above the rest. (Yes, I too join the swollen ranks of Billy/David fans everywhere.) I wasn't expecting to feel anything for the characters, it was just meant as a distraction, but then I kept catching small glimpses of subtle emotion playing across the face of Billy which spoke volumes about his pain and disappointment during the Gold Ranger saga. David's portrayal of the character became poignant. It actually touched my weary heart and I was able to forget my own pain for a time.
By renting the older episodes, I began to realize that Billy was one of the few characters that actually evolved over the course of the show from a hesitant teen to a man capable of withstanding all the blows life has to throw. The strength of a show/story is to demonstrate a growth, a sense of belief that such monumental events have an impact on the characters involved. Without that, the show merely becomes formulaic. For the most part, Power Rangers falls into that trap but then the writers/actors show us flashes of characterization, a reference to the past and one clings to the small chance that maybe there could be more. Unfortunately, Billy's complete evolution was cut short, his abrupt departure from the show disappointing. David Yost struck me as a man who cared about his character and perhaps wanted more for Billy than just maintaining the Zords and pulling the Rangers' fats from the fire. Obviously, Saban didn't agree and so David was forced to leave (one way or another.)
But he left me caring about his character, left me wanting more and that is the mark of a job well done. I now desperately crave the older episodes, wanting more insight into Billy's character but that is a world away. Maybe when the show is in syndication. Until then I take solace in the fact that this small show eased me through some troubled times. Thank you David for distracting me enough to regain control over a turbulent period in my life.
I wish you the best in all your future endeavors, and though life is fraught with emotional pain and personal hardship, remember that somewhere there is blue sky beyond the clouds of doubt. Don't ever give up.
- Susan

I will miss David Yost, who plays Billy. :-(
I think the main reason that I started watching the Power Rangers was because of him. I understand the need to move on and I wish him the best of luck in all that he does. I hope that we can keep tabs on him via this newsgroup.
The one good thing I can see about this ending is that Saban has, for the time being, left the door open for him to come back (like Jason did).
- Kat

I'm just shocked and royally peed. I already want Billy back. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was flipping through channels and saw the cute guy in the overalls. I watched a bit more and became a fan of the genius in blue. I've watched him go through so much, it just seems wrong that he's gone. :(
Gosh, I'm just at at loss for words....
- Missy

I'M GOING TO MISS YOU, DAVID! Billy was a character with great potential, as evidenced by some wonderful fanfic that's been written. I'm going to miss his presence in the Power Chamber so much. What are the rangers going to do when they need technical help now? (Probably go on their merry ways like they never needed Billy, making me even madder at Saban!
GRRRR! `:(
Anyway, I hope you will prosper in whatever you decided to do post-Rangers, David. And I have a distinct feeling Billy will be kept alive in the fan fiction realm. There are too many of us who love him too much.
- Niki

He's really gone, I didn't expect that to
This is weird... gee, well, I'll miss him a lot.
- Aaron

I am very upset by how they ended it for Billy! We barely even got to see him. And then when they showed the credits with scenes of Billy-David Yost I felt tears falling. I KNOW, I KNOW, I am a baby! 8) I cry at the littlest things. But David and Billy were the reason I started watching the Rangers. 8( It is very sad and I know that we all will mourn. Let's have a moment of silence for Billy and David Yost.
- A very sad fan: Erika

I love gymnastics and one of the things I miss the most is seeing David (Billy) do those wonderful back flips across my screen. He was so fluid and graceful. He was to gymnastics what Johnny (Adam) is to Martial Arts. That's why I preferred the unmorphed fight scenes too. AJ and David were so neat to watch. In the morphed scenes you knew it wasn't the stars but the stunt people and you could tell the difference by the way they carried themselves and how they fought.
And I sure miss the intellect and the goodness of dear, sweet, innocent Billy. These are the attributes of a character and of people in real life that I am attracted to. It is only our very good luck that a person such as David Yost was choosen to portray him. He brought Billy to life for us and made him dear to a lot of us. I hope we see him again soon in another role that he can endear to us.
Another thing that Billy showed us was to do our best at everything, whether we are recognized for it or not--do it because it's right and you believe in what you are doing. Way to go Billy (and David)!
- Karen

I have a confession to make....
I was a Billy Thumper.
A Ranger thumper, actually, but those posters were made from that hideous Ultra-geeky Billy photo shoot that was trashed before the first episode... thankfully for David... and I thumped his picture harder than any of the others.
Then all the Green Ranger to White Ranger stuff oozed into the press. I had my curiosity tapped.
Then I saw the "This is a Test" PSA... while watching Animaniacs. I fell in love, instantly. Then I noticed Billy, and fell in love with him, too. (Pause, sigh, try to pull myself back to the point.)
I watched that first episode only interested in Billy. This was a huge episode... I was witnessing the arrival of Aisha, Rocky and Adam... I didn't know it then. I saw only Billy, and every so often, when Billy wasn't in the shot, I saw Tommy.
I grew to love that boy. I eventually grew to love each and every one of them. By the time the movie came out, I was hooked, and I adored everyone. My fanfic started, and my only reason for writing was to hook up with Billy. It's changed and evolved, but it still holds important seeds.
Gods, Billy. What they did to him. It was rotten, it was miserable. We were tortured by his hurt in giving his Powers to Tanya. We were continuously hurt by his lack of presence... he was given such a wonderfully potential plot device... him alone with Alpha and Zordon in the CC... what kind of things he learned, what kinds of skills. How much you wanna bet Zordon told him things aout history, past. And then he was given the chance the fans were waiting for. He was the only Original Ranger left, he was the only Ranger who was there from DAY ONE, and he deserved the Golden Powers.
Enter Jason. That's ALL I'm gonna say on that. No, wait. This was a total knife in Billy's heart. This was in no way cool. It was rotten, unfair, and, no offense to ASJ... I'm talking strictly character... totally Wrong. Billy never got a thank you for making those Zords, he never got appreciation.
And then his last episodes, he was just "gone to help Trey". Four words for at least four episodes. I knew we'd seen him for the last time ever. Then hacked old bits and dubbed voice for his going away. No, he didn't even get the respect of a real ending, filmed before DY left or anything. Heck, even Dr. Who Companions get better treatment than that... even the ones who were of no use but screaming.
Billy was my Knight, Billy was my reason for beginning to watch, he was my first love of the show, he was the kind, noble, pacifistic young male who had friends who were popular and kind even though he spoke "Billy-ese" and was considered a geekling. He evolved, he grew up, and I watched it. He learned to feel confident in himself with the help of his friends... that was a struggle I had to go alone in my life. He learned one could be different and still live a good, proud life doing good things. He showed a lot of kids that, too.
Billy was the best. I credit that entirely to David Yost and the fans who adore him. I do miss him, I loved seeing that hair creep slightly closer to the collar of his shirt later in the series. I adored what David put into the character. I hear he's a writer-playwright. As a writer in hopes, I am very interested in seeing what he's doing or has done. I want him to succeed. He did a great job as Billy, he did prove to me that he can act better than I thought (The Double-Billy episode was my proof... I've never seen the "evil Billy" or the "Kim and Billy switch" eps.) and I will miss him terribly.
Gods, David... Good luck, and Love always from a fan who wanted more for you...
- Carla... who is still too emotional, really.

It seems so long ago, back in 1993 when a quirky show called Power Rangers made its debut. I remember watching the premiere episode, just for laughs, not intending to even give it a second glance. But a funny thing happened. I found myself relating to the quiet, painfully awkward boy in blue. Billy reminded me of how I used to feel inside, feelings of inadequacy, of defenselessness. And I tuned in again.
I can remember with a certain fondness, every episode that put the Blue Ranger in center stage. I took heart with victories, felt the pain of his setbacks, and came to know him as a friend. I watched as three of his teammates departed, the quiet moments he shared with Kim and Trini, and the friendship that developed with Adam, another Ranger I came to admire.
We witnessed his experiences with girls, and shared the sense of wonder with his friends. Throughout all the roster changes, there was one constant: Billy.
We're gonna miss ya pal. Somehow, the Power Chamber seems empty without your calm reassuring presence. We are left with a sadness, and perhaps some anger, at the shoddy treatment which marked the end of your tenure on the show. You were a real trouper David, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. May the light you brought to so many lives, myself included, light your path to a bigger and better future in television and the movies. Billy, you were the ultimate Blue Ranger, and a good companion. Good tomorrow, old friend.
- Kevin

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at the close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light." -Dylan Thomas



You know how sometimes your favorite songs will remind you of people in your life? Well, this applies to people who... aren't exactly in your life, but have affected you life. David Yost and his alter ego, Billy, have affected the lives of tons of MMPR fans, and it shows from the great response I've gotten for this page. Following are some dedications to David from the fans who love him.

At the moment, I'm watching my best friend's collection of old season 1 and season 2 MMPR episodes just to hear David's voice and to see him again. It was about a year or so ago that David left the show, but I still miss seeing him on tv at least once every week. I'm still surprised he left even though I know he has gone on to do more of what he wants to do. 8-(
I'm working on a entertainment based website and as soon as I get everything working, I will defintely put up another website, but I will dedicate it to David. Hopefully, it will attract the attention of *someone*. 8-)
I could never help falling for Dave (or David, which ever he'd like to be called), but it's not like I could help it. Or still can.
There are so many songs that remind me of him. I think this one best describes my feelings right now.

Written and Performed by Mariah Carey
Those days of love are gone
Our time is through
Still I burn on and on
All of my life
Only for you

From now
Untill forever
And ever, my daring
You will always be the pnly one...
You will always be the only one...

As long as I shall live
I'll hold you dear
And I shall reminisce
Of our love all for through the years

From now
Until forever
And ever, my darling
You will always be the only one...
Yes You will always be the only one...

If you should ever need me
Unfailingly I will return to your arms
And unburden your heart
And if you should remember
That we belong together
Never be ashamed
Call my name
Tell me I'm the one you treasure

And ever, my darling
You will always be the only one
You will always be the only one...
contributed by The Masked Writer (Still in love w/ Billy and D.Y.)

Run To You
Performed by Whitney Houston
Written by Allen Rich and Jud Friedman
I know that when you look at me
There's so much that you just don't see
But if you'd only take the time
I know in my heart you'd find
A girl scared some times
Who isn't always strong
Can't you see the hurt in me
I feel so alone

I want to run to you I want to run to you
Won't you hold me in your arms
And keep me safe from harm
I want to run to you
But if I come to you
Tell me will you stay
Or will you run away

Each day each day I play
The role of someone in control
But at night I come and turn the key
There's no one there
No one cares for me
I've been trying hard to find your dreams
Without someone to share them with
Tell me what it means

I want to run to you I want to run to you
Won't you hold me in your arms
And keep me safe from harm
I want to run to you
But if I come to you tell me will you stay
Or will you run away

NO! I need you here
I need you here to wipe away my tears
To kiss me away from this
If you only knew how much I want to

Run to you run to you
Won't you hold me in you arms
And keep me safe from harm
I wan to run to you run to you
But if I come to you will you stay
Or will you run away
contributed by Milady Raven

You Still Got Me
Performed by Susie Hatton
From her 'Body and Soul' CD
All the lights are faded
Everyone's gone home
You just seem so empty
As you sit there all alone

I can taste your sorrow
I can see how you feel
You worry that it will all fall apart
But I will still be here

Catching all the tears you never cried
Giving all the love that you need

You still got me
I'll still be there
After all the time goes by
You still got me
Time after time standing by your side

The bottle sits there empty
And your smile is starting to fade
You're looking back to the mirror
Wondering who you're gonna be today

I can read your heart like an open book
And I just want you to see

contributed by Laurel Powell


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