Kittie's Photo Album

This is my happy family. I doctored the photo a bit. Looks cool, doesn't it?
Page Updated: January 21, 2001

Note: all of these pictures are thumbnails, so if you click on them, you get a larger, clearer version. Enjoy!

This is me with my Dad at my baby sister's wedding. Yeah, I clean up good. ;) I met Paul Gross, who played Constable Benton Fraser on Due South, during the summer of 2000.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. (Or because I took my face and stuck it on Tyra Banks' body.) Wasn't I an adorable kid?
I made this cartoon of myself. This photo was in a brochure my college published. I'm famous now!
Me in college. Click to see the whole picture and then check out my awesome shoes! My fam in the late 70's. Weren't we cute?!
Me and my sis hammin' it up for the camera. This is me trying to do a "come hither" look and failing miserably.
Me with my late grandmother (Nana). Gosh, I was cute! What happened?
I'm all proud of myself because I built a snowman. Click to see the enlarged pic--with the snowman on prominent display.