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The Monkees and NSYNC
NSYNC: The New Monkees?

Someone brought up a question on a list I was on about which I initially had no opinion. The question was this: What songs would you like to see NSYNC cover? The answer came to me all of a sudden as I was listening to one of my old mix tapes on the way home from work. The Monkees recorded a song called "Riu Chiu," (.mp3, 1.75MB) which is an a capella Christmas song in, I think, Portugese. Their version is gorgeous, and it would still be gorgeous if NSYNC did it.

First of all, Chris would sound heavenly doing Micky Dolenz' high part, and Lance would have lots to do on Peter's meaty bass part. The other three have plenty to do in the middle. We'd probably actually be able to hear Joey!

Of course, once I was thinking of the guys doing "Riu Chiu," I started to compare them to The Monkees in my mind. They actually are kinda similar!

Chris= Micky Dolenz

Micky was the fun-loving, hyper, jokester of the group, and like Chris, he had (has) a high, sweet, light kind of voice. It's very soothing to listen to him, but he can rock, too, which Chris proved he could do during the Superbowl halftime show.

JC= Mike Nesmith

Mike and Peter Tork were the true musicians of The Monkees. The main difference between them was that Mike had a much better singing voice than Peter. That's why I chose him for JC. They are both very serious when it comes to their music, and both are interested in producing as well as in recording. Mike seemed to bleed music, and it showed in his guitar playing and in his voice. JC is definitely the most musically inclined of NSYNC, in my opinion, and he, too, bleeds music.

Lance= Peter Tork

This actually isn't a very good fit, except for their ranges, but it's the closest match. Both Peter and Lance come across as rather quiet, but the guys have said Lance isn't as shy as he seems. Peter, too, was not as quiet, shy, and innocent as one would think.

Justin= Davy Jones

The heartthrob. 'Nuff said.

Joey... doesn't fit.

The Monkees didn't have a Joey! He does, however, have some Micky elements to him, in that he seems like the kind of guy everybody likes. Other than that...? Sorry, Joey! No Monkee for you!

Anyhoo, this was rather pointless wasn't it? And once again, it had nothing to do with the guys being dorks. So sue me.