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Dorks 'R' Us

Yes, the guys of NSYNC are all dorks. Admit it! It's part of their unique charm.

*N The Mix: Their first home video. Undeniable proof that they're all dorks.
Making the Tour: The best quotes and dorkish moments.
NSYNC Insane: A pointless unauthorized vid with 2 fun Chris quotes.
Making the Video: "It's Gonna Be Me": "If you're a doll, your career is over."
Making the Video: "Pop": Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Are we done yet?
Celebrity Review: You can call me unperfect, and then you can slap yourself in the head for not consulting a dictionary, doofus. ;)
Kittie's PopOdyssey: NSYNC and Kittie were both at RFK Stadium on August 13, 2001. Oh, the humanity.
NSYNC: The New Monkees?: Things that make you go "hmmmm...."
MMC Rocks!: Did you know that NSYNC contains a recovering pie thrower and a Pigboy? Shocking but true.
On the Line: I'm layin' it on the line to tell you how much I adored this movie. (Spoiler-free!)
Issues: Once again nothing to do with the boys being dorks. It's just me babbling about my JC issues. It amused me, so I kept it.