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Disclaimer: This whole thing is made up. I don't know the NKOTB so I have no idea what their personalities are like and most likely I got them all wrong, but oh well that's life. I don't own the NKOTB either, but I'm not writing this for profit so please don't sue cause I got no money.
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Thanks: My pal Sheila was a huge help in writing this; in fact, she and I wrote Episode Seven together, and then she wrote the beginning of Episode Eight when I got a really bad case of writer's block. She deserves a big fat round of applause. I got the idea for this partially from those old 70's TV shows and partially from a series of fanfics in another fandom (Monkees, but don't you dare laugh). Ms. Enola Jones wrote those, and she has some awesome ideas. Her series really helped me out with some of the descriptions of Jonathan's powers.
That is all.

The Super NKOTB
by Kittie
with help from Sheila (Thank you!)

Episode One: The Accident

"Yo, Jay, we're here, where are you?" Donnie called loudly, his voice echoing throught the seemingly empty recording studio.

"Oh, hi," Jordan greeted him casually, popping his head out from around a corner. "Hi, Danny." Danny nodded his head slightly in greeting, and waved. "Wait just a sec, okay?" Jordan didn't wait for an answer, and instead went back to whatever it was he was doing.

Donnie looked around, wrinkling his nose a bit. "Are we the only ones here?"

"Yup," Jordan answered. "Joe and Jon aren't here yet."

Donnie snorted rudely, causing Danny to turn to him quizzically. "What was that about?"

"They aren't coming, man, no way."

Danny thought about this. "You don't think Joe'll come?"

"Naw, he can't get off his ass for his own album, what makes you think he'll make it here for Jordan's?"

"I resemble that remark," came a familiar voice from the doorway.

Donnie whirled around in shock and surprise. "Joe!"

The youngest member of the group walked up to join his friends, hands jammed casually in his pockets. "So that's how you talk about me behind my back, huh? I oughta...."

"Yeah, you oughta what?"

Jordan joined them in the middle of the room, smiling slightly. "Hi Joe, thanks for coming."

"No problem, I wouldn't miss this, man. It'll be just like old times!"

"No way," Donnie said, shaking his head again. "No way Jon's coming."

"He's coming," Jordan insisted, but Donnie waved him away.

"Nope. I don't believe it. What did you promise him?"

"Nothing, I just asked him. He'll do anything for me."

Donnie was skeptical. "I don't think he'd do this."

Danny spoke up in agreement. "Actually Jordan, I can't believe he's coming either. I mean, he'd have to take off from work—"

"I had vacation days saved up," Jonathan said from behind them, causing Donnie to jump.


Jordan burst out laughing as Danny shook his head in amazement. "How about that. Two for two!"

"And that makes five," Joe said, giving Jonathan a quick hug. "Long time no see."

"Hi Joe, how's it going?"

"Oh, fine, you know.... The usual."

"Oh, well then, be sure to write me from the rehab clinic."

"Ha, ha, ha. Very funny."

"All right you guys," Jordan said loudly, trying to get everyone's attention. "We'll have plenty of time for catch-up later but I only have the studio til midnight."

"Why are we here so late anyway," Jonathan queried, trying to hold back a yawn. "It's dark out."

"I want this to be a surprise," came the answer. "Not even my management knows about this. It'll be great! An NKOTB reunion... even if it is just one song."

"And I guess you get lead again huh," Joe mock-complained, "just like old times there too."

Jordan shook his head. "Actually no. You and Jon have lead."

"Oh okay." Joe did a double-take. "Wait a minute, Jon?"

Jonathan looked insulted. "What's wong with... oh wait a minute... Me?!"

"Yes you," Jordan answered, turning to get the sheet music. "It's great, you'll love it. I wrote it with you in mind."

"I can't sing lead!"

"Sure you can. You've done it before."

"But it's your album!"

"And you're my brother, so it works out nicely."

"How do you explain Joe then?" Danny deadpanned, earning an ineffective punch in the arm from Joe.

Jordan didn't respond, he just handed out the music. "We can get this done in no time. Practice tonight and we record tomorrow night... No problem."

"You really think we can do it on such short notice?" Jonathan asked worriedly.

"He'll work us like a slave driver," Donnie answered good-naturedly. "We'll do it."

"And you'll call me 'master' while you're at it," Jordan joked.

"Ha!" Joe yelled, shaking a fist in the air. "Never!"

"C'mon," Jordan laughed, heading for the piano, "let's start this."


Three hours and countless run-throughs later, the exhausted group of friends took a break.

"Damn I'm tired," Donnie complained, taking a swig of ice water. "I'd forgotten what a pain studio work was."

Joe faked convulsions on the floor as Danny did his best not to smile. It was never good to encourage the kid when he was like this. Jonathan was at the window, staring up into the sky. "Guys, check this out," he said suddenly, motioning them over to the window.

Joe stopped in mid-convulsion. "What?"

"The sky... it looks really.... weird."

"Why, is it gonna storm," Donnie asked, not really interested.

Jordan joined his brother at the window and let out a low whistle. "Whoa. That is kinda... odd. It's all purple."

"Yeah?" Donnie joined them at the window, and Jonathan gave him a dirty look.

"Why'd you listen to him and not to me?"

"Cause you exaggerate, man," Donnie told him. "You go overboard on stuff."

"I do not!"

"You do too," Donnie insisted. "You get all worked up over nothing."

"I'll work you up," Jonathan muttered under his breath. Donnie just laughed.

Joe and Danny joined them at the window, just in time to see an explosion of light in the sky. Before anyone had time to say anything, their worlds went dark.


Jonathan woke up first. His head hurt, and there was a strange buzzing in his ears. "Owww...." he muttered, pushing his face up off the floor. "Guys...? Hey... ow."

"Oh man, my head," came Donnie's voice from somewhere to his left.

"What happened to the lights?" Danny added. "Where is everyone? Is everybody okay?"

"Yeah," Jordan answered, "I'm okay...."

"I think so," came Donnie's answer.

"I'm okay too...." Jonathan said, doing a quick check to make sure all of his body parts were intact.

Danny waited a moment. "Joe?" No answer. "Uh... Joe?"

"Where is he?" Jordan asked worriedly.

"He's right here," Donnie answered. "He's not moving."


"Right here."

"I can't see anything."

"Really? Oh wait, lemme get the lights."

There was a bit of shuffling as Donnie rose to his feet and went for the light switch. Soon, the room lit up. Joe was lying facedown on the floor near Jordan, completely limp. Jonathan quickly went over to him and rolled him over, then looked up with concern. "He's out cold."

"Well at least he's alive," Danny sighed.

"What the hell happened here?" Donnie demanded, and everyone shrugged.

"I don't know," Danny said slowly. "It might have been lightning. Does everyone else feel tingly?"

"Yeah," Jordan asnwered, shaking out his hands. "My hair's standing on end."

"Must have been lightning," Danny nodded. "It hit the window and knocked us out."

"I wonder if anyone else was in the building," Jonathan wondered. "We should find out if anyone else got hurt."

"I'll go look," Jordan volunteered. "Nope, no one's here."

"Quit fooling around, this is serious," Danny chided him.

"What? I didn't see anyone!"

"You didn't go anywhere!" Jonathan said.

"I did too! I went through the whole building!"


"Just then!"

"Then when?"

"When I said I was gonna."


"Maybe...." Danny said slowly, "He just went so fast we didn't see it."

"What?" This time it was Jordan's turn to be confused.

"Do me a favor, Jay, jog in place."


"Just do it."

Jordan shrugged and began to jog in place. "Whatever you say, Puff."

"Okay, now go faster," Danny instructed. "Speed up til you're going as fast as you can."

Jordan nodded. "Okay." And his legs vanished.

Jonathan screamed. Donnie's mouth fell open. "Holy—"

"What?" Jordan's torso floated there, a look of complete consternation on his face.

"Okay slow down," Danny told him. "Stop."

Jordan's legs gradually reappeared and he stopped jogging.

Jonathan gulped. "What the hell...."

"Something's happened here...." Danny mused.

"No shit!" Jonathan burst out, still staring at his brother in confusion.

"What?" Jordan asked again.

Danny clarified. "You're super fast,man. Light speed."

"Naw," Jordan scoffed, then looked up, his face hopeful. "Really?"

"Hey, I can see in the dark," Donnie declared.

"Really?" Jonathan asked, his voice skeptical.

"I saw Joe didn't I? And the light switch. I can see in the dark. I'm a cat, man."

"Wait a minute...." Danny sat back on the floor, indian-style. "Donnie, sit on my hand."

Jonthan and Jordan shot one another knowing looks. Donnie stepped backward. "No way! You're whacked, man!"

"I have a theory," Danny said calmly. "Just do it."

Donnie heistated, then stepped forward slowly and did as he was asked. "Well okay, but... don't try anything- WHOA!" His words turned into a yelp as Danny, from his seated position, lifted him high into the air with just the one arm. "PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN!"

Danny complied. Donnie scambled away as Jonathan and Jordan looked on, wide-eyed. "I guess I've got super strength," Danny said matter-of-factly.

Everyone turned to look at Jonathan.

"Uh... I don't feel any different...." he began.

"It seems like our ... powers... are based on our personal strengths," Danny said suddenly.

"How so?" Jordan asked.

"Well..." Danny thought about that for a minute. "I've always worked out, built up my strength, it just got magnified somehow. Jordan, you're pretty light on your feet, you just got faster. Or course, your reflexes will be faster too, 'cause they haveta be for the speed."

"Of course," Jordan said slowly.

"What about me?" Donnie asked.

"Well, let me think about that." Danny eyed him closely for a few seonds, and Donnie fidgeted under the scrutiny. "Do me a favor," Danny instructed, "And go look out that window."

"Why, you want me to get fried again?"

"You won't get fried, just do it."

Donnie shrugged and stepped over to the window, looking out. "Okay, I see the street. And the sky-"

"What about the building across the street?" Danny asked.

"Yeah it's still there," Donnie answered flippantly.

"Describe it?"

Donnie sighed. "Okay, on the first floor, there's—" he suddenly broke off and his eyes widened. "OH MY GOD!"

Jonathan jumped. "What?!"

"I can see EVERYTHING!"

"Everything?" Jonathan repeated.

"Like... inside the windows... I can see every little thing! Like staplers on desks and stuff!"

Danny smiled slightly. "I thought you might—"

"I'm not a cat, I'm an eagle!"Donnie burst out.

"What?" Jordan asked.

"Eagles, man, eagles! They can see little mice from like... fifty-million feet up!"

"You could see a mouse from fifty-million feet?"

"I dunno, but I can see a hell of a lot from here!" Donnie answered, and turned back to the window.

Jonathan turned to Danny. "But what does that have to do with-?"

"He's always been sharp, Jon," Danny answered calmly. "He sees things as they are and he tells you about it. I guess it just showed up physically on him."

"Shit...." Donnie muttered from the window.

"So what about me?" Jonathan asked, sounding worried.

Danny shrugged. "I dunno. Guess we'll wait and see. Maybe we'll find out by accident. And Joe...." He glanced down to Joe, still on the floor. "We'll haveta wait till he wakes up."

Jordan made a face. "He has the power to sleep through anything." He leaned down and shouted in Joe's ear. "ANYTHING!"

Jonathan grabbed his brother's shoulder. "Cut that out. Let's get him out of here, he might need medical attention."

"But what will we tell people?" Donnie asked. "About us?"

"Nothing," Danny answered quickly.

"But what about Joe?"

Danny picked Joe up and slung him over one shoulder, looking thoughtful. "I think we should just take him home. We can't take him to a hospital, we don't really know what happened. Besides, I don't think he's hurt too badly."

Jonathan looked nervous. "I don't know, Danny.... I don't like this."

"Let's make a deal then. We'll keep an eye on him, and if he seems to get worse, we'll take him to a hospital and just make something up. Deal?"

Jonathan considered that. "Okay.... I guess."

They started out of the studio. "This is so cool," Jordan enthused, a grin widening his face. "This is unreal!"

"I know," Donnie said, staring intently at the wall. "I can see the paint cells or something."

"Naw.... You can't really see cells, can you?"

"I don't know... if I squint I kinda can."

"Ooh, look at my cells!"

"I don't want to look at your cells man!"

"C'mon, describe 'em to me!"

"You guys," Jonathan moaned, "This is serious! This is just... weird!"

"Maybe we're all dreaming," Donnie hypothesized. "I'm dreaming this whole thing."

"No, it's my dream," Jordan objected. "Joe always ends up unconscious in my dreams."

Donnie let out a guffaw at that. "Okay, okay, your dream. But I don't feel like a figment of your imagination."

"Of course, we could be dead," Danny added.

"And this is the afterlife?" Jordan thought about that. "This can't be the afterlife. It just can't be!"

"There has to be some explanation," Jonathan muttered. "This just doesn't make any sense at all. And I have to work next week."

They reached Danny's car and he dumped Joe into the backset. "D, you riding back with me or you wanna go with Jordan?"

Donnie eyed Jordan and turned back to Danny. "I'll ride with you. You don't want me to look at your cells do you?"



Jordan pouted.

"Don't do that or your lip will freeze like that," Jonathan scolded, heading for his own car.

"Let's meet at Joe's place," Danny instructed.

Jordan nodded. "Okay. I wanna stop for some eats first though."

"Joe's place, in a half hour," Danny amended. "We'll try to figure this out then."

The three cars pulled out of the studio parking lot, each unaware of the eyes that watched them go.

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