Fanfic NKOTB

Disclaimer: I don't own the New Kids, I just bought the cartoon. All sounds are the property of SMV Enterprises, DIC, and Dick Scott Entertainment. Since I recorded the sounds myself I guess they kinda-sorta belong to me too, but I don't plan on sellin'em or anything, so I guess that covers me.
Note: All of these sounds are spoken by the cartoon characters, NOT the real guys, unless otherwise noted.
Author's Request: If someone out there knows how to edit sounds and save them at smaller file sizes, please let me know. I could use your help on some of these.

Sounds from
"New Heroes On The Block"
an NKOTB cartoon

  1. The Real Joe: We have two busses and... Donnie and... Donnie Danny and myself are on one bus and then Jordan and Jon are on the blue bus. (.wav, 180K)
    I included this one 'cause it's shorter than the next one, but it's got a tiny bit of Danny's line at the end, so it's not as clean as the second one.

  2. The Real Joe: We have two busses and... Donnie and... Donnie Danny and myself are on one bus and then Jordan and Jon are on the blue bus.
    The Real Danny: We pull out of the venue after the show and we put a movie on....
    The Real Jordan: I'll be on... y'know, the... the tour bus (unintelligible), and I'll be tryin' to dance around, and the bus is shakin' and everything....
    The Real Danny: And we can never get through the opening credits 'cause everyone has fallen asleep.
    The Real Joe: Y'know there's... only so much room for what you can do, and sometimes you just wish you could... y'know, just... be somewhere else.
    The Real Donnie: A lotta times Biscuit falls asleep on the bus, and he snores real loud like this.
    The Real Biscuit: (demonstrates)
    The Real Jordan: It's crazy.
    The Real Joe: It's a blast on the road, you just have fun. All of America is your home. (.wav, 983K)

  3. Donnie: Let's bust a move!
    Biscuit: I'm wit'cha all the way! (.wav, 86K)

  4. Joe: How many fingers do you see?
    Biscuit: Can I have your autograph?
    Joe: Don't worry, he'll be okay. (.wav, 195K)

  5. Danny: My portable heath food dehydrator! Finally, it is ready! (.wav, 146K)

  6. Danny: Dig it Ijor, apples the size of peanuts, asparagus the size of toothpicks!
    Ijor: Pizzas the size of quarters!
    Danny: Pizza... I never thought of pizza.
    Donnie: Hey, hey! No fantasies with my pizza! (.wav, 420K)
    Note: This one has some extra stuff at the beginning 'cause I didn't record it properly. =( I think it actually has a whole extra line of Joe's but I didn't put it here 'cause it goes with an earlier phrase.

  7. Jorro: The impenetrable lighthouse tower. Jonathan, my brother, my valet! You are so brave to help me in my mission!
    Jonathan: Okay, I give. What are we doin' here?
    Jorro: We're here to rescue the beautiful Camille from the ugly two-headed Ogre who's holding her hostage in that lightouse tower.
    Jonathan: Lemme guess. She wrote you a fan letter and said Ogre-face won't let her out to go to our concert.
    Jorro: Mmm, something like that. It's for a good cause.
    Jonathan: Okay, but let's kick it! I'm cold, and hungry! And we didn't tell Dick where we were going.
    Jorro: Hahaha! Dear brother, where is your sense of wild adventure and romance?
    Jonathan: In our family? Obviously, you've got it all.
    Jorro: No problem. You chill out with the horses. I'll be the hero.
    Jonathan: Fine with me, it's your fantasy. (.wav, 1MB)

  8. Jorro: Whoa. First try! (.wav, 96K)

  9. The Real Jordan: Like, when I was young I always wanted to be Robin Hood and... and be in a fantasy land. (.wav, 119)

  10. Jonathan: Oh no, here we go again. (.wav, 69K)

  11. Joe: Ooohh... that's not funny! (.wav, 65K)

  12. Joe: Hi. I'm Joe Solo. Take me to your leader! Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha.... (.wav, 174K)

  13. Joe: Where do otters come from?
    Biscroid: Got me.
    Joe: Otter space! Get it? Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha.... Biscroid always laughs at that one.... (.wav, 207K)

  14. Danny: Ah, do you think Jonathan's goin' overboard again?
    Jordan, Joe, and Donnie: Uh-huh. (.wav, 119)

  15. Donnie: Posse-eth up, men. Our services are needed in the village. (.wav, 90K)

  16. Donnie: Yo, how come you're riffin' my homeboy? (.wav, 81K)

  17. Joe: This seemeth a little unfair.
    Jordan: Then let's do somefing abou' it. (.wav, 87K)

  18. Donnie: I thinketh a rap with the king is in order, hmm? Hang tough homie, I'll straighten this out, or my name isn't Donneth Hood! (.wav, 168K)

  19. Jonathan: A joust with no people to cheer? BORING! What shall I do? (.wav, 140K)

  20. Donnie: The annual joust is free! Free! Free! (.wav, 137K)

And that's all, folks!