Fanfic NKOTB

Welcome to the NKOTB section of the Boyband Emporium. NKOTB were my first experience with all-encompassing boyband love, and as such will always have a place in my heart. These pages will not be updated often, if at all, but keep an eye on them anyway, just in case. I've been wanting to write a sequel to one of my stories for a while now, and you never know when inspirarion will strike.

I can't remember exactly when my obsession began, but I know I was in high school at the time. At first, I was definitely not a fan. I made fun of them along with the rest of the kids at school. But then I saw a picture of a guy on a motorcycle and fell immediately in love. The guy? Jonathan Rashleigh Knight. Thus began my years-long crush on "the quiet New Kid" that never entirely ended. I still get the shivers looking at some of the photos of him I collected through the years.

Now that NKOTB is disbanded and the guys have gone their separate ways, we can only look back on their glory years with nostalgia, amusement, and probably a little bit of horror. Joey Mac's new career in music is going well, and I definitely like his new sound. Jordan I'm not into so much, but I've heard good things about him. His voice was always to die for. Donnie's a legitimate movie stah, who'd've thunk it? Danny is also doing the solo music thing. I personally have not heard any of his stuff, but I wish him well! As for Jonathan? He's living a quiet life out of the spotlight, supposedly working in real estate.

I'm not listening to NKOTB music anymore, I don't collect anymore merchandise, and I'm not writing anymore fanfic. This site will probably not be updated, except for links, when people ask me to add them. But I have a bunch of pictures for you to look at, and a couple of fanfics, so please do spend a little bit of time here before moving on. And then visit my Nsync pages, they're much more current. :)