Fanfic NKOTB


Don't you ever have really weird dreams? No...? Oh. Well I do! And I found them so amusing I decided to share them with you. Don't worry, I can be sane when the need arises.

Dream1: Joe's Crisis

I was Joe in this dream, and I (as Joe) woke up one morning and my hair was straight! So I freaked out and called Donnie and was like, "D, my hair is straight!" Donnie just sighed and said, "So? You've still got the blue eyes right?" So I (Joe) went to check my eyes and they were BROWN! So I (Joe), completely freaked out, went back to the phone and said, "D, my eyes are brown!"

And Donnie goes, "Oh, well now you're screwed."

Dream2: NKOTB in Trouble

Okay in this dream there's this evil supergenius who hates the New Kids, but hates Joe the most, right, because he's so cute. So for the whole first part of the dream, he's like trying to kill Joe. (If anyone's ever seen the Beatles movie "Help," it was like that. If you haven't seen the movie, go rent it NOW!)

So anyway at the "end" of this dream, the evil supergenius has the New Kids trapped in this big warehouse-like room, and he's going on and on about how he hates Joe cause he's so cute and all, but he loves Donnie because Donnie's so outspoken, and Donnie goes, "Awww you can take that and shove it, man, that's whack." Then Jordan starts whining, "Why does everyone hate Joe, I'm cute too! Look!" and he makes his really cute face. Then Jon's all, "Shut up Jay!"

Then this other evil supergenius bursts in like, "I hate you Jordan, because you're so cute!" and Jordan's like, "Oh, okay, good." And Jon goes, "Awww shit." And the second supergenius goes, "But I like you Donnie Wahlberg, you have spunk!" and Donnie goes, "Aww man, why do all these evil supergeniuses like me so much!"

Then this third supergenius comes in and is like, "Don't worry, I hate you Donnie Walhberg," and then he looks at Jordan and waggles his eyebrows and is like, "But I like you Jordan." And Jordan, like, screams in terror (really high-pitched), and all the evil supergeniuses go to kill the New Kid they hate, only they don't want the other supergeniuses to kill the guy they like, so the supergeniuses end up killing each other.

And then I think I must have woken up.