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Fics by Amy
Lady's Baby
Peter befriends a young girl he meets at a hospital, and she becomes a big part of his life. (Real-life Monkees)

Fics by Rachel Bloodworth
Set in 1982. Peter discovers he's in love with Michael's daughter. (Real-life Monkees)
An experimental fic set during the Civil War.

Fics by Daye
Sing Me Your Soul
"Real-life" Peter and a young girl share a very special friendship.

Fics by Dizzy Misslizzy
The Story Without A Name
This is a weird one folks, but funny as all get-out.

Fics by Erica!! and Rebecca!!
Hey, Hey, It's the Simpsons!
The Monkees of the 60's end up in the Springfield of the 90's.... and chaos reigns.
Read other fics by Ericka!! and Rebecca!! at their website.

Fics by Erin
War of the World, Fight For Peace
A Monkees/Mighty Ducks crossover... and a musical one at that!
A Monkees fairy-tale. And this time, Mike's not a girl.
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Hi-jinks ensue when a man accuses Mike of having stolen his guitar.
Do Not Ask For Love
Davy sets Mike up on a Blind Date.

Fics by Lillian Jones
Spanish Eyes
When Mike's Spanish cousin comes and visits, is it a gain for Davy or a loss?

Fics by Lily Jones
Snow White and The Six--er--Seven Midgets
Another fairy tale.

Fics by Kittie
Dye My Eyes and Call Me Pretty
The Monkees have finally made it to the big time, but the fans don't like Mike. His management has an idea to fix that, though....
The Six-Million Dollar Monkee
Cross the Monkees with a campy 70's science fiction show and you'll come up with... this.
Father's Day
It's Father's Day in the Monkees' Pad, and three of them have a big surprise for the fourth....
What would happen if Michael and Mike Nesmith mysteriously switched places? How will Michael fare in Monkee-land, and can Mike can stay out of the looney bin long enough to find his way home...?
The Mostly Monkee
This is a fic written in response to a Halloween challenge on the Long_Title mailing list. It's done in episode format, and it's very silly. Hey, it makes me laugh!
Black-Eyed Susan
Mike befriends a damsel in distress, and the guys find themselves in a heap of trouble.
Version One
My friend Sheila and I decided it'd be fun to write a story that answered this question: What if the movie "Head" was just a really bad trip?

The Katz Series
by Kookie-Bananas
Lean On Me
Davy meets a troubled young girl and is determined to warm her sorrowful heart.
Take A Giant Step
Davy helps his love forget her past pain.

Fics by Rachel Jensen
Another Fairy Tale
Cinderella, Monkees style.
Slack Attack
Mike's spleen gets bored.

Fics by Lavonne
The Reel Deal August 27, 2000
Mayhem ensues when the boys send the wrong tape to a record exec.

Fics by Linds
A trip to an amusement park provides more excitement than just the rides.

The "You And I" Series
by Lizzabelle
Dream Girl
Davy is continuously dreaming about a girl, while on tour, but he never sees her face? Just who exactly is she?

Other Fics
by Lizzabelle
Is There a Doctor in The House?
It's the Fourth of July, but somebody's got a cold. Written in response to a "summer" story challenge on the Long_Title fanfic list.

Fics by MagBun
Mr. Muffin
Attention all Nezheads! You are in danger of self-destructing....

Fics by Lenora McCoy
Scooby Doo Meets the Monkees
When Micky suspects there's ghost in the Pad, only one special group of teenagers and their dog can help!
Multiple Monkee Personalities
Dr. Sam Beckett "leaps" into Micky Dolenz to prevent an accident on set.
You Monka Cookie, Cooka Monkee
The Quantum Leap gang once again steps in to prevent a disaster of Monkeely proportions.
Space Monkee--Micky Dolenz: Q's Quirky Quest
Micky aboard Star Trek's "Voyager?" Yeah, it could happen....

Fics by Melvin
Luck Be A Lady
Mike and Micky are involved in a car accident and begin acting very strangely....
Back In The Saddle
Davy rediscovers his love of riding and meets a special girl in the process.

Fics by Carrie Mitchell
The Adventures of SHOTGUN MAN!
Ever wonder what would happen if Mike just... went bonkers? It wouldn't be pretty.
Admiral Mike
A story of friendship, mystery, and a really bad cup of coffee.
A Must To Avoid
Mike Nesmith.... one of the most dangerous and disgusting men alive?
How Can Dr. Duck Do It?
Michael Nesmith finds out, much to his dismay, that he doesn't exist.
Setting it Straight
A nice story. No, really!
Exploding Spam on a Stick
A fic sponsored by the Committee to Prove Carrie Will Write Just About Anything ;)
Sequel: Explose?
This fic can be blamed entirely on an innocent typo in an email message.
Now Carrie is putting her own unique brand of humour in Agent Newbeau's MonkeeLove series.
A Summer Story
It's summer in Maliubu Beach.
Summer Story: Sequel
The aftermath.

The MonkeeLove Series
by Newbeau
The guys plot to get Ellen (From "Monkees on the Line") and Mike together.
A series of letters between Mike and his friend Ana give some insight into Mike's thoughts on his new relationship with Ellen.
An outing turns potentially dangerous (for their relationship) when Ellen and Mike run into some exes.
The Visit
A trip to San Fransisco complicates things like you wouldn't believe.
Changes One
Ellen makes a discovery that could move their relationship to the next level... or end it altogether.
Changes Two
Ellen makes a decision.
Changes Three
Not everyone is happy about the latest turn of events in the Mike-and-Ellen saga.
Moving Day
Everything that can go wrong will as the guys prepare to move Ellen into the Pad.
Mike wishes he could go home for Christmas.
Making Up
After a devastating loss, Mike and Ellen struggle to put their lives and marriage back together.

Other Fics
by Newbeau
Halloween Story
A party at a haunted house and Mike in a dress.
Sometimes you never know someone until they're gone.
Things Past
Mike undergoes hypnotic regression.
Is She?
An old question, but what's the answer?
Rescue Me
Carrie's got Shotgun Man, so Newbeau gets his brother: Woolhat Man.
A young woman has a chance encounter with her ex-husband.
Love's First Kiss
The title says it all.

Fics by Notatracer
Mirror, Mirror
Mike and Peter learn to be careful what they wish for.

Fics by Shelly Paterala
How Shelly Got Her Blues
Mike meets a remarkable girl named Shelly.

Fics by PrairieChick
Micky's feeling insecure after being dumped by Brenda (I Was A 99lb. Weakling).

Fics by San Antonio Rose
Consider Yourself
Four very different young men come together, and the rest--as they say--is history.

Fics by Magnolia Simms
An old friend of Peter's comes to visit, just in time to help him through a crisis in his life.
While I Cry
Miscommunications and misunderstandings almost destroy Peter and Jarra's friendship.
Come Together
What happens when the TV Monkees meet the Beatles?
What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round? August 27, 2000
(Rated PG-13 for language)
Mike is forced to try to find his own killer, and it may be someone close to him. (death story)

Fics by Juliana Smith
I'll Remember You
A woman reflects on her ill-fated romance with Michael Nesmith. (Real-life Monkees)

The "Leaving Home" Series
by Mrs. Weefers
How did each the guys end up in California? This is Peter's story.
Micky's story.
Weefers' take on how the guys became a group, once they all got to California.
Early Morning Blues and Greens
How did poor Mike managed not to strangle his new roommate Micky?
Set during "Evolution."

Other Fics
by Mrs. Weefers
A Different Drum
Peter becomes infatuated with a special girl, but her ambitions threaten to keep them apart.
Father's Day
Mike helps Peter reconcile with his estranged father.
You Scratch My Back
Micky and Mike get the chicken pox.
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Fanfic World
What if the fanfic we wrote became the Monkees' actual lives in some random dimension?
The Visitation
A Monkees Halloween. Don't worry, it's harmless, unlike some others I'm still trying to recover from....
Santa Peter And The Three Wise Elves
A very cute Monkees Christmas story.

Fics by Xanira
Halloween Story
A story of a thousand-year-old curse that refuses to die.... the hunt is on.
This fic is rated 'R' for violence and Monkee-death.
A World of Horrors
A Monkee-ly horror fic from Heck.
This fic is rated 'R' for violence and Monkee-death.
Someone has a score to settle with Mike Nesmith.
This fic is rated 'R' for violence and Monkee-death.
Revenge II: Mike's Turn
Revenge can be very, very sweet.
This fic is rated 'R' for violence and mayhem.
The Play
Peter and the Wolf, Monkee-style.
More Monkee-death!
This fic is rated 'R' for violence and mayhem.
The Power of Thought
Davy is accused of murder, and it's up to the Monkees to clear his name.

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